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  1. Queen Esther

    Keto Food Pyramid

    This Keto Food Pyramid, alias Atkins Diet, is very unhealthy for our body. I will look for another pyramid and link , the people can thinking about and better decide, what is really good. - Thanks ! .
  2. Bonjours ma "Queen Esther "

    On dirait que le site est pourri par les apostats.....

    Quel est l'avenir de ce groupe ?

    Agapé !




      @admin  Sorry to intrude and be totally off topic BUT ADMIN, have i been locked out from commenting on JW Issues or is there a problem with this site / forum ? 

      @Administatorheere I'm in England and cannot comment on any other JW topics at all. This is the only way i can find to communicate to the forum.

      Any advice please ? Or am i not allowed on here anymore  ? 

    2. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Dear brother Alzasior Lutor,

      I will write you in private on wednesday.

      Many greetings from Germany🙏  sister 'Queen Esther' 🌹💚🌹

    3. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      @JOHN BUTLER you will first need to join the particular club you are wanting to participate in....

      See an example when you click on the top site logo

      Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 7.45.06 PM.png

  3. My dear sweet Sister, it has warmed my heart to see your name. We all have been going through something. I won’t write out a long story but I hope and pray you are doing well which is important to me. For some reason this site comes into my junk mail which means I have to go through junk mail before I can find what I need here. I love ❤️ you and I miss you so much 😘. Blanchie 

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Dear Blanchie,  I will write you this week in private here. I'm pretty okay! Thanks for your ailways so loving words. I'm thinking often to you. -  Alot is happend, yes.  See us very soon 😘

      Love❤️🙏  your sister Anke  

    2. Blanchie DeGrate

      Blanchie DeGrate

      So gooooood to here from you!!!!  Yes, write me when you can.  I will be here. Love ❤️ you and miss you 😘🌺😘

  4. Bonjour Queen Esther

    La Bible nous encourage à mettre à l’épreuve les dires d’autrui au lieu de tout prendre pour argent comptant. “ L’oreille éprouve les paroles, comme le palais goûte lorsqu’on mange. ” (Job 34:3). 
    “ Quand quelqu’un répond sur une affaire avant de l’entendre, c’est sottise chez lui et humiliation. ” Un jour, deux frères remplis de bonnes intentions sont allés voir une sœur qui avait manqué quelques réunions et l’ont mise en garde contre l’influence du monde. La sœur a été très peinée qu’ils ne lui aient même pas demandé la raison de son absence. En fait, elle venait de se faire opérer. Voilà qui illustre l’importance d’écouter avant de conseiller.   w99 15/3 16-17


    Le chrétien qui donne des conseils ne prendra aucun plaisir ni ne s’enorgueillira à reprendre quelqu’un, mais il se réjouira d’élucider une question. Il sera abordable, plein de tact ; toutefois, il ne transigera jamais sur les principes chrétiens pour éviter de froisser quelqu’un. Il ne témoignera d’aucune partialité. Il n’est ni autoritaire, ni maniaque, ni extrémiste (Marc 10:42-44 ; I Pierre 5:3). Les principes chrétiens qu’il recommande aux autres, il doit les appliquer lui-même d’une façon exemplaire. Alors, il sera en mesure de donner des conseils avec autorité et assurance, sachant que les principes bibliques sont vraiment agissants. — I Tim. 4:12.w63 582

  5. Queen Esther


    Seems to be the results of our bad sick world In many countries the same...
  6. Hello my dear friends :x

    After a serious time and one week in a hospital....  I'm back by Camping.  I had alot luck, yes.  And I hope, all is ok now.

    A great week to you all,  health and much Love from Germany❤️?



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    2. Guest


      I'm glad to hear you are back and doing better 

    3. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Thanks to you all :)  I'm very thankful to be back ! 

      I had some problems with the Internet this year by Camping and  to same time suddenly big health problems. I needed the help from a hospital here.  But I not accepted 2 special investigations, bec. I was not in the right JW hospital...  too dangerous for me. Also not accepted 3 weeks in a Reha - Clinic, NO :D  I wanted go back to Camping again and my Comp.technic,  haha

      Living more healthy now should be enough !

      Many greetings to you, I missed you, yes❤️


    4. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Oh my!!  This is the first time I have seen this news. What happened?

      Are you doing better since?

  7. Hello all my dear friends :x

    I am away for ca.8 weeks, by Camping.....

    This year some mystery difficulties with my Internet :( 

    Tmw. I buy a special  Mobile Wlan Router,  ( Hotspot, LTE, Cat 4 )

    Then I hope,  be back here on our website ! :D 

    Greetings to ALL, from our this year VERY hot North Germany....  always 30 -38' C. ???  ?☀️?

    ( more than on the Maldives... )


  8. Thanks so much, my dear Brothers and Sisters Many greetings from my last weeks very very hot North Germany☀️???? ( max.38' C.)
  9. Also thank YOU, dear Brother @Alzasior Lutor..... Many nice summer greetings to you, from our very hot North Germany☀️??? PS. My iPad Internet Flatrate is perfect, but I need my Laptop for posting here.... hope, I work it with my son's help ! Wish you a nice sunday
  10. Hello all my dear friends :x

    I am away for ca.8 weeks, by Camping.....

    This year some mystery difficulties with my Internet :( 

    Tmw. I buy a special  Mobile Wlan Router,  ( Hotspot, LTE, Cat 4 )

    Then I hope,  be back here on our website ! :D 

    Greetings to ALL, from our this year VERY hot North Germany....  always 30 -38' C. ???  ?☀️?

    ( more than on the Maldives... )


  11. Thanks for your interesting comment, dear @wii.all.4.raro.... ? Many greetings from my home country, North Germany ??? ( just now a very rare, hot summer-time )
  12. Queen Esther

    Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Ahm a gonna be RICH!

    Yes, we'we some mystery users and members here.... I also got many different mails in good 2 years ! But we can't block Members I heard, sorry
  13. You was right, @Gone Away.... my type mistake, sorry Not she, but HE Greetings from our just very hot North Germany ☀️????
  14. Setting the mind on the spirit means life and peace.—Rom. 8:6. This does not imply that a person needs to think and talk of nothing other than the Bible or his love for God and his hope for the future. Let us recall that Paul and others in the first century who pleased God were living rather normal lives in many respects. They consumed food and drink. Many married and enjoyed family life, working to support themselves. (Mark 6:3; 1 Thess. 2:9) However, those servants of God did not allow such normal aspects of life to become the center of their lives. After showing that Paul worked as a tentmaker, the record reveals what his life was centered on: He regularly gave attention to the Christian preaching and teaching work. (Acts 18:2-4; 20:20, 21, 34, 35) And those were the activities that he recommended to his brothers and sisters in Rome. Yes, Paul’s life centered on spiritual provisions and activities. The Romans needed to imitate him, and so do we.—Rom. 15:15, 16. w16.12 2:5, 15, 16 https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/dt/r1/lp-e/2018/7/22

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