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  1. my text went away,  sorry ;-(


    we all must be very careful  -  THE WORLD IS STRONG CHANGING !!

    your loving sister  - i missded you all  ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤ 


    1. The Librarian
    2. Doryseeker


      Field ministry ceased and Corona increases world wide. Seems it could be the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Roll on Jehovah's Kingdom.


  2. Tomb KV9 in Egypt's of the kings Powererd ( By VRTEEK )
      Hello guest!
      Hello guest!
    ( 2 different links ) Please click so often you want.... you come in deeper and deeper >>>>>>>>> You can also click for left and right side, up and down! its so phenomenal - in 3D - a cool experience ! ENJOY😀
  3. I'm very afraid of the supposedly 'importend' 5G !! I read SO bad things Who can explain more details to me? THANKS
  4. Luis Miguel - "Tengo Todo Excepto A Ti" (Video Oficial) Warner Music México 3 Mio. Abonnenten "Tengo Todo Excepto A Ti" Se ve que no te voy Se ve que no me vas Se ve que en realidad Solo me quieres Como a un amigo más Como algo de siempre. Ya ves, me equivoqué Creía que era feliz Pensaba que yo lo tenía todo Tantos amigos, caprichos Amores locos. Tengo todo excepto a ti Y el sabor de tu piel Bella como el sol de abril Que absurdo el día en que soñé Que eras para mí. Tengo todo excepto a ti Y la humedad de tu cuerpo Tu me hecho porque sí Seguir las huellas de tu olor Loco por tu amor. Se ve que no te voy Se ve que no me vas Pues tengo todo Menos tu mirada Y sin tus ojos Mis ojos ya no ven nada. Tengo todo excepto a ti Y el sabor de tu piel Bella como el sol de abril Que absurdo el día en que soñé Que eras para mí. Me sobra juventud Me muero por vivir Pero me faltas tu. Tengo todo excepto a ti Y la humedad de tu cuerpo Tu me has hecho por que si Seguir las huellas de tu olor Loco por tu amor. ( enjoy )
  5. To the Librarian / Admin.....

    PS. The new Login was me, with my new iPhone 11 -
    All okay.... just now with my iPad mini 2019 !

    My a lot posting-time in the last years I will not stop,
    but the time is coming to reduce it, so sorry😢
    It’s better for my health in our ENDTIME bec. Jehovah🙏
    We see us on and off, YES👍
    Many things are changing in our time....
    I really miss you ALL❤️ and my loving work!

    Until soon, warm regards from ‚Queen Esther‘ 🌹💖🌹

    1. Scherryl


      I miss you too!!! And Money Honey...., or was it Honey Money. I can't remember. But I miss you and her zeal for Jehovah..., Stay well thou! There are more with Us then them!

    2. Carmen Erwin

      Carmen Erwin

      I can’t wait to meet in the new system 💕

    3. Heidemarie Berger

      Heidemarie Berger

      Hallo Esther, 

      Ich werde dich auch vermissen es war immer sehr ermunternd die schönen Fotos Videointerviews und Worte aus der Bibel zur Ermunterung. Danke für alles wir haben dich lieb.


  6. Luis Miguel DVD Sevilla 1992 Amante del amor HQ AMANTE DEL AMOR : Luis Miguel Hermosa canción de amor ... Lo escuché por primera vez en 2011 y estaba atrapado, si... ❤♥☼♥❤
  7. Sorry, that login was from my new mini iPad "2019" - Roland showed me my old passwords on my Laptop....  So I tried it next day and was happy, haha :)

    Soon more time, I hope it  - Camping is over and other things too --  Importend is, the endtime is very near !

    See us soon again :x


    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Glad you had a good time. 

    2. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      I know, it was a long time....🙂

  8. Its a gift from Jehovah, NOT a promise. Nobody can be sure....
  10. Thats so simple... You also calling FATHER and NOT the right name of your dad !! ITS NOT A LIE.....
  11. Ask our Admin here - or later on our website jw.org - By the video's, copy the link ahead and put the link on your page, then you have it.... Try it, much success !
  12. ......YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND MY WORDS - not your day, right ?? @Matthew9969
  13. @James Thomas Rook Jr. Haha, x-rays are not proof, right? I spoke today with a very competent brother. For Adam, Jehovah did not need a rib... and there is no Bible passage for Eve ;-( I also heard about some contradictory biblical passages, (there are miscellaneous ..) Jesus certainly did everything right, but the later ones Writers did not always have it easy .... My feeling is very mixed - and I'm sorry! That's it for today ... Warm regards from Germany ❤♥☼♥❤
  14. I still want give you my answer today, please a little patience, my time just limited.
  15. @Witness Some things are true, the many scriptures, but miscellaneous is unclear or wrong! Satan lies constantly, that's world famous. Please do not forget : In the 1000 years after Armageddon, in which only the obedient JW are led to perfection - also the MANY Risen, which then logically have to undergo the final test! Therefore the short release of Satan - and he becomes "billions" in the last, ETERNAL DEATH consequences. This quantity is in the Bible "like sand by the sea" described .... That's it! I'm not one of the daily commentators here. Brotherly Love, Agape ❤ ♥ ☼ ♥ ❤
  16. In the labors they are able today, making nearly all they want. They only need a hear, and some less other things. Yesterday I saw in TV, they already made clone horses... Jehovah made all, also Adam & Eve. Please read, that HE needed only a little peace from his rib, that was enough and Adam had all ribs soon again. Jehovah is the best Creator of all, I won't make jokes from HIS genious Masterpeaces! 🙏❤️ ~~ I also will read that once more in my new Bible! Good night for today 😴💤💤
  18. Henry Ford with his first automobile, 1896. WOW !! I like such of cosy old-mobils... haha
  19. Oh NO..... NEVER ! What's that for a question?? What I mean is written in our Bible. We learned that all in our Bible - study
  20. It does give alot more things of that in our old world
  21. My thoughts are with the victim and family of the killed people by the terrible attacks! I pray for Sri Lanka that the situation will stabilize and something terrible will not happen again! The people of the north have not recovered from the brutal war until today! Lets pray for Sri Lanka 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  22. Satan and his demons become soon trapped for 1000 years! After that time, truly becoming EVEN smarter, they will be released for a very short time to once again take a huge part of humanity, JW, into final death. These people decide also for death - but then for Eternal !! (sorry for my not perfect English... ---)
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