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  1. that is what I have been thinking also sister queen esther my best wishes to you also and greetings from Belgium<3
  2. I cried a lot, you don't have enough with a hanky, take the box next to you you don't have enough with a hanky, just take a box, I cried a lot Â
  3. in Belgium it's Caleb et Sophia. We are in a french congregation in Ostend. Greetings to all brothers and sisters from everywhere
  4. Normally it should be possible to download. we had our RC first week-end of July and my husband did download them, but anyway we had them in French. We are from the French congregation in Ostend- Belgium Hope you will get them also like says sister Queen Esther in your congregation. Have a nice day and a very good assembly. Josette
  5. hello, how can I do to be a follower please, I don't find the following button. Thanks Jomaminou
  6. sincere condolences to the family and friends. Phelicity was a great example of faith and courage. She was and will ever be in our minds as a beautiful sister in the Truth, and she will stay in our memories. See her in paradise because she will be there.
  7. this is a truly blessing of Jehovah so that we can help many people to know him in their own language, around the world.
  8. so glad for Silvia she met Jehovah's witnesses who helped her to know Jehovah but also showed what is a real family. May Jehovah bless her and all the other brothers and sisters around the world.
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