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  1. Twyla, from myself and family, I wanted to thank you for the time you spend in preparation of the weekly study materials. This is a gift you freely give to us, I remember when we were working and how much we appreciated the timely materials you provided. We’ve been retired 11 years in July and still appreciate your gift too us. 

    Thank You Ron & Bernice 
  2. Hello Twyla, I have been away from The Archives for a couple of years. But am again trying to expand my personal study I down loaded the study material in adobe, I do use word on my IPad I find prefer adobe. I want to thank you for years past of providing the Weekly Study Material, I know it takes effort and time on your part, could you add me to future efforts of providing Weekly study material.

    Agape, Ronald & Bernice Stucker

    Bap. 1972

    I saw my future wife’s picture while in South Viet Nam 1969, after we married in 1970, I found she had relatives, who were Jehovah’s Witnesses, about whom I had never heard of. A study of the Evolution Book then convinced me it was the truth. We’ve wondered if Jehovah directed us together, the schooling I turned down in the Army, then after the death of another Crew chief on a mission, I was infused into his Battalion to provide combat experience and where I saw four girls pictures by a door gunner who became my best friend. Though now Disabled from the effects of Agent Orange I relish every moment I’ve had for knowing Jehovah and my wife. 

    P.S. My Grandmothers name was Twyla, which make you the second Twyla I’ve heard of in almost 72 years.


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