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  1. Please send me the this meeting info

    Warm regards,

    Tennyson Naidoo


  2. Hello my sister, i have not head from you long sice. I hope you are wel. Hope to hear from you soon. Agape.

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther


  3. Please advise why I am unable to download my weekly meeting . Please advice

    Ttennyson Naidoo

  4. I  need to log in ton my weekly meeting 

    Bro T Naidoo

  5. I am unable to download the material. as you suggested. Is there any other way out 

    1. Darlene


      What about your  assembly notebook can't download yet  one BR STRONG?

    2. T.B. (Twyla)
    3. Darlene


      Perfect I was able  download the notebooks you are doing a great service to us your brothers and sisters and you put a lot of work into this notebook so this helps to be able to concentrated more on the information from the platform by having those scripture quoted thank you sooooooooooooooooMUCH 

      LOVE SISTER Hamilton  Darlene

  6. Thank you for posting. I missed them.

  7. Yes I will miss all the wisdom and encouragement posted daily and I share it with friends. Miss you. . Miss you. I want to cry.
  8. Thank you all your meeting info .this year .  Many brothers and sister benefit  from your info and we really appreciate all your effort. thank you.so much.

  9. Fantastic. Jehovah our creator and maker of all things and we are guided by is wisdom Thank you as usual . Agape
  10. Hi Just want to inquire of this pic Glass sea. There are no women angels in heaven . can you explain me and where in the bible of publication women angles are shown. I only know the sons of the true god . Brother Tennyson Naidoo
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