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  1. No, the perception is that we are complete fools . Sending 8 million letters (x 7 letters, average) to people who would never read them did NOTHING but put approximately 57 million dollars in the Russian Treasury, from the Universal Postal Union's "Terminal Fee" arrangement where they get 70% of the face value of affixed postage from foreign mail, that was never delivered, and 11 train boxcars loaded with paper to burn in their pot-bellied stoves during the long Russian Winters.. You can buy a LOT of Vodka with 57 million dollars of free money, courtesy of the Governing Body, whose directed effort was totally useless .... except to during that winter, provide "Fuel at the proper time". It is immoral to let a fool keep his money, freedom, and property. That is how the Russians have ALWAYS thought. In America we have the right to bear arms. In Russia, they have the right to the entire bear.
  2. ...People that think they are of the Anointed, and should be in heaven, ruling, never want to listen to their "inner voice", and "get on the bus now".
  3. ..... depends on the observer .... I see them as very predictable. ... what actually happens remains to be seen.
  4. I was in NYC in the mid 1960's, during the height of the "Hippie Years", getting ready to cross the street at a traffic light, and there was a man lying in the gutter in front of me. He held up one hand, and looked at me, saying " Hey man ... call me an ambulance!". So I looked down and said "O.K., man .... you're an ambulance!"
  5. To put all this in a reasonable perspective, in NYC, EVERY DAY (2015 data), someone dies of natural causes, which there might include gunshot wounds, every 3.4 minutes, or 420 per day, excluding any coronavirus data. There are 1,440 minutes in a 24 hour day, so if 67 people died of coronavirus in that 24 hour period,, then there was a death from coronavirus every 21.5 minutes .... NOT very 9.5 minutes, as stated. In this news article there were TWO serious errors, specifically designed to sell news copy, by scaring you. "If it bleeds, it leads".
  6. No, I just understand how the real world works. I guess it is in small part by reading somewhere around 40 Isaac Asimov's books, including the Foundation Series, with the fictional mathematics professor Hari Seldon, who developed an algorithmic science he called :"Psychohistory", that effectively allowed him to predict the future probabilisticaly, mathematically analyzing social structures, and that inoculated me to a level of awareness I now have confidence in. For those late comers, I predicted over and over, here, before the fall of last year, that this year, 2020, before the end of the year, that Vladimir Putin would cause the persecution to be lifted from Jehovah's Witnesses, and their property returned to them, based on my understanding of the man, the times, the politics, and the fictional idea that psychohistory has a real basis. Also, it is no sweat off of my brow if I am wrong, as I have the best excuse ever. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and with all the terrific things we do, and are, about predicting the future, we have ALWAYS been wrong. I stand by my prediction ... and it is worth every cent you paid for it.
  7. Since I am never insulted, even when someone is trying hard to do so, when you came up with the moniker, I kinda liked it. Sorta like when BroomHilda called all those who appreciated Trump "deplorables".. They instantly (coming from her) took it as a badge of honor, and had "deplorable" Tee shirts and hats printed up. However, I did not feel at the time you were trying to insult me, and that thought did not, and would never have occurred to me. ..... and, as a Barbarian, I thought it was kinda funny!
  8. And that is why I stay one of Jehovah's Witnesses .. when I know full well the unintended evil that men do, with the very best of intentions. ...... been there... .... done that.
  9. If you really want to know what TRUE love is ... get some cord and tie a pork chop around your neck, lay on the floor on your back, and pour onto your chest a box of puppies ! It's a LOT easier than theological dissertations! That's how I got the nickname "Ol' Pork Chop".
  10. Van der Voort says it is striking how many overweight people experience respiratory problems after being infected with the coronavirus. Gommers suspects that it has to do with their “heavy chest, which makes it harder to breathe”. This can be alleviated with either medical ventilators, already in short supply, or with nipple clip helium balloons.
  11. There are two diets I know about personally: 1.) The I am broke diet where in 90 days I lost 100 pounds. 2.) The congestive heart failure diet, where I lost 27 pound in four days. There is also the "trapped on a lifeboat, and lost at sea" diet, which depends on the buddy system for a 50/50 chance of survival.

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