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  1. ..... I am not laughing at you, Witness, I am laughing at BTK(JW)46's anticipated reply.
  2. Except in Airports, where the "Clinton News Network" (CNN) pays the Airport to show their stuff, who watches CNN, anymore? Their coverage of the First "Gulf War" was magnificent ... but they quickly devolved to pablum and spittle.
  3. Sorry for the strange type style, but I am down in the basement of my Super-Yacht, in the money bin where all the gold coins are stored, with my picture on the front, and Warwick HQ on the back, trying to get the bulldozer unstuck from the escalator landing up to the pontoon helicopter landing pad/olympic swimming pool. I try to lead a simple life, but it is so hard to get good help, nowadays!
  4. Well, John, perhaps next time you and your children will be brutalized, worked to death, and ground into blood sausage, and you will be happier for it.
  5. .... and that, dear genteel souls, is why everyone reading this today are not slaves of the thousand year reign of Adolph Hitler, and his Third Reich, DAILY facing extreme hardship, deprivation, and death.
  6. One day it occurred to me that people that face extreme hardship, deprivation, and death with a sure and solid hope in the resurrection have FAR less courage and convictions than the atheist who acting on his convictions, faces extreme hardship, deprivation and death. I think I came to this realization watching a documentary in the "Battle of Britain" where the English Air force was hopelessly outnumbered by the German Luftwaffe, and as the English pilots rose into the sky to meet the enemy, they had no expectation of surviving the encounter ... and they did it anyway, because it was the right thing to do. As atheists, they knew what was the right thing to do, and in doing it THEY WOULD BE DEAD FOREVER. .... now THAT'S courage.
  7. John Butler thinks of himself as smarter than the average bear.....all of his comments are to disparage the organization and to put a "cog in the wheel"......if this is a JW site....then, where is the Knowledge ?   I am sure that were the Apostle Paul here...seeing this,  then there would be some Severe Discipling to the most of you.  ( You as in the Plural).

  8. WOW! Wahahaat a concept! 1.) ... an Earthly Class ... those of the "other sheep". 2.) ... a Heavenly Class ... those of the Anointed. 3.) ... a Corporate Class ... Watchtower Lawyers and Accountants.
  9. I agree ... here in North Carolina we also have Drag Racing, and some people think it is deliberate torture to make them run with high heels.
  10. By all means, stop sending meaningless and ignorant messages, Srecko. 😉 Since, you are not willing to accept any of your foolishness? 😋 Even by your standards, can't have it both ways, learn! 😊 Billy(Just Weasel)theKid46 .... your arrogance is only topped by your presumptuousness.
  11. ======================================================== ...as an aside .... Sir Isaac Newton knew that the core beliefs (not the 85% drivel) of Jehovah's Witnesses were correct, and could PROVE IT, just as we can ... hundreds of years before there was a Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. HE WAS ONE OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES IN HIS CORE THEOLOGY! ========================================================
  12. Sir Isaac Newton's FIRST love was theology ... and his minor obsessions were with physics, and math, etc. Arguably the smartest natural man who has ever lived. He hand wrote MILLIONS of words on theological subjects, and his collected religious works are now stored in the Hebrew National Museum, in Jerusalem. OF COURSE I have not read them, but from three large biographies about his life, it seems safe to say this about him. He never published ANYTHING without rigorous proofs, as he EXPECTED to be challenged on EVERYTHING. To the best of my knowledge he was NEVER wrong ... even though he experimented with Alchemy extensively, as the science of Chemistry did not really exist back then ... and he did what he could with what was known at the time. Even the WTB&TS alluded to the theory that he may have been one of the Anointed, and there is nothing I have ever read about him that would disprove that theory. Without getting into a 20 page thesis, it seems his considered opinion was that Armageddon would occur in the year 2060, but perhaps as early as 2032. Of course, it may occur in the next five minutes, as no one knows, or has ever known when the Great Day of Jehovah will start .... however ... I get that same feeling, looking at world events .... and Sir Isaac Newton was NEVER wrong (?), and about such things the Society (along with everybody else on Earth, for two millennia) ... have never been right. If the Society had a "theology credibility credit rating" about ANY prophetic prediction they have ever made, with the big three predominate credit rating companies here in the United States: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax ... what would their "theology credibility credit rating" be? ZERO. "In God We Trust" ... all others pay cash!
  13. Could it be that "Foreigner", the voiceless phantom who has bad opinions about, and "downvotes" EVERYBODY .... except Billy(Just Weasel)theKid46 .... is a disembodied demon from Hell, or worse, a disembodied Watchtower Lawyer resembling a protoplasmic giant hand, with the stump sitting in a chair, awkwardly manipulating a computer mouse? It's just an idea I had, based on month's and months of evidence. Nothing more ... I would ask "Foreigner" to confirm or deny, but that might prevent Billy(Just Weasel)theKid46 from weighing in on this theory. Perhaps Billy(Just Weasel)theKid46 has "Foreigner" wrapped up in duct tape, and it's the best he can do? It's just an idea I had, based on month's and months of evidence. Nothing more ...
  14. Comparing two unequal education systems makes no sense at all. It is a complex problem, as we have TRUTH, not available, anywhere else ... and that TRUTH, when not contaminated, represents freedom and life itself. There is a difference between a compendium of facts, ideas and concepts in a school or universities' science books, which cumulatively changes as more knowledge is acquired .... and someone who claims to represent God and righteousness, and supposedly getting it right as led by Holy Spirit. What is taught in schools and universities can be continually tested to see if it is true. The Bible is a FINISHED PRODUCT, but most can only be tested through the lens of common sense. Evey religion that has ever existed, or exists now, has been and is seduced into abandoning common sense ... because of "Free Money". Comparison of the two educational systems is not valid. They do NOT have the same basis. When you speak with the authority of Jehovah God ... and you are right about 15% of the time, and make up stuff out of THIN AIR, and punish others for not believing as you do ... and you are flat WRONG 85% of the time ..... who then is the apostate? Yes, I suppose prostitutes give more value for the money than lawyers, most of the time, but that is not the point. When you collect other people's money for "feel-good" made up stories ( and there is quite a list, as we have discussed here for years...) you become, not a representative of the True God, but a professional story teller with a bloodied knife for those that don't like manufactured fantasy, for MONEY! There is a very real and dramatic difference between being an apostate to the Christ, and the True God, Jehovah, and being an apostate to the clueless, opinionated, made up out of wishful thinking, arbitrary "flavor of the month". "New Light", means you .... no matter WHO you are .... are actually an apostate to what you believed and/or taught as Truth, last month. If you are at the top of the hierarchy ... you get money, real estate, unlimited free labor, status, and adulation. You NEVER go hungry, live in a dump, dress shabbily, or sleep cold. If you are at the bottom of the hierarchy, you get the knife, and are ENCOURAGED to go hungry, live in a dump, dress shabbily, and sleep cold.
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