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  1. Could be worse .... could be BroomHildaBeast, darling of Benghazi.
  2. Why spend 2.2 TRILLION dollars for something that kills less people than yearly influenza and flu? Almost all politicians are over 60.
  3. I don't know about everybody else ... especially after viewing the "bunker videos", where everybody is huddled together in someone's basement, just waiting for nondescript uniformed SWAT teams to break in, with automatic weapons ... but if it comes to that, I plan to stay at home, and be as "normal" as possible, if for no other reason than to discourage an officer who drools, has an eye twitch, and a can of gasoline.
  4. Our Kingdom Hall will be all celebrating the Lord's Evening Meal, with emblems, procured by each individual family, at home ... Susan and I will be making our own unleavened bread, and buying a red wine.... I may purchase some wine glasses as well. Yes it is a ritual, and as JWI pointed out so is baptism ... and these two rituals are the only ones we have, and one was COMMANDED. Here is a copy of the email that was sent out to us, yesterday " As practically everyone will be commemorating the Memorial in your own homes, here is information on the emblems. If possible we should have them present, as they help deepen our appreciation for the sacred things discussed. However, it is understood that it may not be possible for some to acquire the emblems. You do not need to put forth extraordinary efforts to acquire the emblems if no anointed ones will be present Here is some information quoted from The Watchtower to help you. They are older references that give a little more detail that is helpful. You can also look for newer references if you have questions. BREAD Bread, such as unseasoned Jewish matzoth, made only with wheat flour and water may be used. Do not use matzoth that are made with added ingredients such as salt, sugar, malt, eggs or onions. You can make your own unleavened bread using the following recipe: Mix one and a half cups of wheat flour (if unobtainable, use rice, corn or another grain flour) with one cup of water, making a moist dough. Then roll dough to wafer thickness. Place it in a baking pan and liberally fork it with small holes. Bake it in a hot oven until it is dry and crisp. (w85 2/15 p. 19, box) WINE ... red wine that could easily represent his blood...plain wine is appropriate, rather than wines fortified with brandy (such as port, sherry, or muscatel) or having spices or herbs added (vermouth, Dubonnet, or many aperitifs). We need not, though, become worried over how a wine was processed, whether some sugar was added during fermentation to make it of average taste or alcohol content or whether a little sulfur was used to prevent spoilage. Many congregations use a commercial red wine (such as Chianti, Burgundy, Beaujolais, or claret) or simple homemade red wine. The wine and the bread are merely emblems, or symbols; hence, any not used can be taken home and used later simply as other food or beverage items. (w90 2/15 p. 18 ¶11) PASSING EMBLEMS On our local Memorial program, after Brother Hardin says a prayer over the bread and again after Brother Tino says the prayer over the wine, we will allow time for those at home to pass the emblems. With small family groups it should not take too long. Here is what the Watchtower says about the procedure: Enough plates will be used so that in a reasonable time, these can be passed to all present. This will not be with any elaborate ritual. A brief prayer will be offered, after which the plates will be passed in an orderly way, according to what seems practical locally. ... there will be another prayer and then ‘cups’ of red wine will be passed among all present. (w13 12/15 p. 26 ¶16, 17)" " At least any partakers will not have to drink the red wine through a coronavirus mask. and have a Batman Joker smile. I suppose one could overdo the mask thingy.
  5. I hope you realize, Isabella, that what You are doing is FULL SCALE POLITICAL ACTIVITY. ... but then again ... so is NOT saying anything.
  6. Irregardless of any story proposed ... Arauna, let's say hypothetically that half the Governing Body was caught embezzling donated funds for their own use .... who on this Earth has the ability to hold them to account? If it was common knowledge, and the proof was self evident, splashed all over the news media of the world ... we would NEVER hear about it from the platform, in the Watchtower .... not a word. AND ... there is, to the best of what I know, there is NO ONE to call them to account. We have the example of the Old Testament accounts of Jehovah's patience being VERY LONG as regards graft and corruption ... until it reaches a tipping point ... and I suspect that is so because he waits to see how WE will handle our own affairs. So, Arauna, please tell me if, as a hypothetical example, such malfeasance and corruption by the Governing Body, is ever discovered ... who among us can do anything about it? I also suspect you disclaimed answering the question, is because you in fact do know the answer .... ..... as we all do. They are completely unaccountable. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. i MEAN ... IF the Russian Orthadox Bible is OK ... under the circumstances, use that! When I go out in field service, I take the American Standard Version, so that people who say "You JWs have your OWN crappy Bible ..." . I can show them the one I use is the American Standard Version (published by the WTB&TS, i suspect, by license?). Any JW knows the difference between what is said in any other version, and what is written in an "off-brand" version. One thing I learned when I got into fist fights in my younger years ... when fighting a stronger adversary, ... DON'T LEAN INTO THE PUNCH ! .... and do not look for a fight, if you can blend into the wall paint. Dental work is painful and expensive.
  8. To make visualization of that easier ... Imagine yourself sitting on a front porch, and you notice a lost earthworm wiggling it's way across the concrete (or wood, as the case may be ...). Now .... imagine taking the edge of a tin can lid, and cutting it into three equal parts, so it may have friends. See?
  9. To combat coronavirus I believe I need a Helicopter, to get above it all.. I really want a Helicopter. ... been wanting one since I was in High School, when I discovered the Bensen Gyrocopter, in the back of a Popular Mechanics magazine.! I suspect neither will Gordon Brown get his wants. I offer Gordon Brown a suggestion to avoid contact with people that eat a lot of bats.
  10. The air I breathe is not sterile ... heck, I have even inhaled a few insects from time to time. Yet ... somehow I still live!
  11. My Father, who was a hard-hat salvage diver during his time in the Navy, during World War II, worked in the Newport News, Virginia Shipyards and dry docks before that as a welder, constructing "Liberty Ships" to send streams of cargo for England to fight the Nazis. He told me of how the docks in England were so full of ships, and ships waiting to unload, that they radioed back to the USA to hold ships until further notice. The problem was .... to hold those ships would mean that supplies from all across America would pile up on USA docks, and they would have to tell the suppliers all across America to stop production until the supply lines overseas were not so clogged up. Once you stop a manufacturing and production line of all the stuff that needed to be sent to England, it takes MONTHS to get it started again, so nobody here wanted to do that ... as it was NECESSARY to keep all production lines of food and war supplies running full blast at all times. At night, my Father would stand on the sand at Virginia Beach, and looking out at sea, would see the flashes of light in the night, where German U-Boats were sinking the Liberty Ships he helped make by daytime., and the next day or so bodies, and acres of supplies would wash up on the Virginia beaches. So the solution was .... load the Liberty ships with all the supplies, take them 50 miles out to sea, and dump them overboard ... millions and millions of dollars of precious war supplies, sacrificed for by the American people. Then the ships would turn around, go back to port, and get another load of supplies. When fighting for your survival, against enemies seen, or in our case now, enemies unseen ...the best laid plans do not survive first contact. What happens in the "fog of war", makes what Trump does, and has done so far magnificent, and truly exceptional. It is like he was born for, and trained all his life, for this job. Those with TDS will continue to hate him, partially because he makes mistakes, but generally, he is extremely competent in everything he does. ...and yes ... I am jealous.
  12. That is like saying that it's a good thing the Airliner crashed in the Pacific Ocean, killing all aboard, so now the fuselage ( that means the airplane's body, for those in Rio Linda ..) can now be used as an artificial reef, and a home for marine life. A big hearty shout-out for the saltwater goldfish!
  13. Yeah ... I HATED that headset! Oh! Oh .... um ... head START! ...... Um .... nevermind.
  14. Ever notice queens and popes seem to become ancient before they die? Pope Benedict XVI looked like the Star Wars Emperor. I think wearing a 35 pound hat keeps them alive.
  15. Reminds me of the Comic strip PEANUTS. Lucy sat on Linus's piano, crushing it, and he ordered a replacement which came from China. The black keys were just painted on.
  16. VERY important article ! ....makes me think of what I often thought about to prevent space suits in direct sunlight in a vacuum from overheating, as a person worked in space, or on the Moon, etc. In principle, a simple beach umbrella, which in space would be weightless, and nearly so on the Moon. A high tech, ultralight version with a transparent canopy to break up the velocity of the exhalation droplets? Home Depot sells an 18volt battery powered Ryobi electric fan, that can be hand held. As you are talking with someone, just have the fan blowing into his face, and blame it on the coronavirus. Try not to laugh. If you don't mind looking like a super klutz, hang this around your neck blowing away from you to change the trajectory of all exhalation droplets.away from your mouth, nose, and eyes. .... beats dying.
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