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  1. Yup. OK. I learned about it on another very public forum, was shocked, came here to see what people were saying about it (y'all must have heard, surely? but no), found this thread with JTR's last post and Tom's comments about JTR's estrangement from his family ("He made it all public previously," said Tom in answer to some criticism about publicizing this private matter) and Witness's link to JTR's discussion about his being disfellowshipped and reinstated a while back and, as people were already openly talking about JTR's personal life and were wondering about where he'd abruptly disappe
  2. See my response to Thinking below. It's not slander if it's true. Tom's point was misdirected as it was based on a faulty assumption, so naturally it didn't reach home. I did detect some scattered debris from a fallen straw man, however. What do you mean? What did I post that was untrue? I think many of us had a soft spot for him - me included. I didn't claim a person should be made to feel shamed if they are innocent so I couldn't have come to the conclusion you say I did. I said, "The shame is in being arrested for that crime," and asked: "Guilt
  3. It seems to me you like to shoot the messenger. Guilty or innocent, do you not think it shameful to be arrested for sexual offenses? 1. Do you not know this site at all? 2. The information I posted was true and already public. I didn't post his mugshot and allegations. I posted an embedded link to the inmate page that only signed-in members of the forum could access. Now look who's speculating. And yet you are and have been participating. Edit to add: I was referring to JTR's cryptic message and sudden absence. I think you may have read too qu
  4. How so? Not at all. Um ... what? Are you assuming his family is breezing through this unaffected? That this situation will only impact their lives if he is convicted? What planet are you living on, Tom?
  5. I disagree - as do child abuse prevention agencies. Also see this article:
      Hello guest!
    Now to JTR. We do not know the exact nature of the material or the circumstances leading to his (alleged) possession or viewing of it, and I'm not going to speculate. I will be most interested in the outcome of his futu
  6. Tom's right. He has been arrested, charged, and released on bail pending trial. The nature of his felony charges is to do with child pornography. I've been chatting with someone who knew him and his family personally. I'm not going to discuss details but I will say that, based on what this person claims s/he witnessed, JTR exhibited certain 'red flag' behaviors.
  7. Furuli's disfellowshipping has been reported in a Norwegian newspaper. Furuli and one of his local elders confirm it in the article. SOURCE
  8. Reports on the internet grapevine say that his disfellowshipping was announced at his congregation's midweek Zoom meeting last week. SOURCE It was inevitable, and he knew it would end like this which, to his mind I guess, proves his point about the GB being autocratic, dictatorial, and 'disfellowshipping on the basis of human commandments' (p. 326-7). I wonder what he'll do now. Write more controversial books? Fizzle out?
  9. Sure, a person can make a judgment on how he thinks a slave is performing, but it's subjective and his view may not align with that of Jesus when the time comes. And yes, Matt 7:15-20 is pertinent. People can also get used to eating poor quality food and think it's good. That's why the Bible teaches that it's Jesus who has to judge.
  10. Furuli makes a good point after quoting from the Box on p. 25 of the July 15, 2013 WT about the hypothetical 'evil slave' and its comment, "Jesus did not say that he would appoint an evil slave." On p. 79-80 he argues, "The observations of The Watchtower accord with the grammar. And the conclusion that Jesus did not appoint an evil slave can also be applied to “the faithful and discreet slave” (literally: “the faithful slave, even the wise one”): Jesus did not appoint the “faithful and discreet slave.” In connection with both slaves, there are questions, and this shows that both situation
  11. I have worked in different schools and currently work in a school. Are you an educational consultant to know that all new syllabi teach young children 'porneia'? Or have you seized on a couple of sensationalist headlines to form a generalized opinion about what you imagine is going on?
  12. Hm. Do you find "putting girls in pants" jarring? Do kilt-wearing Scotsmen and men in kimonos disturb you too?
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