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  1. Furuli's disfellowshipping has been reported in a Norwegian newspaper. Furuli and one of his local elders confirm it in the article. SOURCE
  2. Reports on the internet grapevine say that his disfellowshipping was announced at his congregation's midweek Zoom meeting last week. SOURCE It was inevitable, and he knew it would end like this which, to his mind I guess, proves his point about the GB being autocratic, dictatorial, and 'disfellowshipping on the basis of human commandments' (p. 326-7). I wonder what he'll do now. Write more controversial books? Fizzle out?
  3. Sure, a person can make a judgment on how he thinks a slave is performing, but it's subjective and his view may not align with that of Jesus when the time comes. And yes, Matt 7:15-20 is pertinent. People can also get used to eating poor quality food and think it's good. That's why the Bible teaches that it's Jesus who has to judge.
  4. Furuli makes a good point after quoting from the Box on p. 25 of the July 15, 2013 WT about the hypothetical 'evil slave' and its comment, "Jesus did not say that he would appoint an evil slave." On p. 79-80 he argues, "The observations of The Watchtower accord with the grammar. And the conclusion that Jesus did not appoint an evil slave can also be applied to “the faithful and discreet slave” (literally: “the faithful slave, even the wise one”): Jesus did not appoint the “faithful and discreet slave.” In connection with both slaves, there are questions, and this shows that both situations are hypothetical. So the conclusion is that that there has never been “a faithful and discreet slave” in the sense used by the GB. But when Jesus comes as the judge in the great tribulation, there will be many individual faithful and discreet slaves who are doing their job, and who are on the watch. And similarly, there will be many individual wicked slaves who will be punished." [bold mine] As has long been argued by many before Furuli, Matt 24:45-47 is a parable that poses a question, and is not a prophecy about C.T. Russell (taught till 1927) or class of anointed remnant left on earth (taught till 2012) or an elite leadership at WTHQ (current teaching) that was appointed in 1919. If the 'evil slave' is hypothetical, so is the 'faithful and discreet slave.' Under current teaching, any declaration that the slave has been performing faithfully and discreetly (or otherwise) is a future one when Jesus 'arrives' to inspect his household and he makes that determination one way or the other. Therefore, at present, the question of 'who really is the faithful and discreet slave ...?' remains unanswered.
  5. I have worked in different schools and currently work in a school. Are you an educational consultant to know that all new syllabi teach young children 'porneia'? Or have you seized on a couple of sensationalist headlines to form a generalized opinion about what you imagine is going on?
  6. Hm. Do you find "putting girls in pants" jarring? Do kilt-wearing Scotsmen and men in kimonos disturb you too?
  7. Not in the schools in my area! And I have worked in several, as well as having had my own young children go through the school system. You must have been in a badly performing setting if that was going on. I hope you reported your concerns to senior teachers or the education authorities as this would be a serious safeguarding issue. Again, children are supposed to taught about sex and relationships in an age appropriate way (I'll bite my tongue about certain inappropriate subject matter being discussed during WT studies in front of young children at the KH), and if a school is teaching young children about more adult sexual themes, then it's a safeguarding matter and should be reported. Anyway, we're way off topic, but your alarming comments needed addressing.
  8. 😆🤣😂 Yes, Allen adeptly showed what a vivid imagination he had, how proficient he was with irrelevant c&ps (that's copy-and-pastes, Arauna), and how expertly he tossed around word salads. Be sure to give him my regards 😉 This isn't in the book itself - not that I can find. I think the redditor assumed they were from the first few pages, but I suspect they are from Furuli's summary of the book. The quote is consistent with what he does say in the book.
  9. The largest star in our solar system is ... um ... the Sun. 😆
  10. Closed? It was all open when I started here many moons ago. I see they've moved the furniture around and plastered over some doorways since I last dropped by. A little disorienting but hey, this door was still open so here I am. Never fear, the only JWs I eat for breakfast are Neil and that Allen/Wyatt Earp guy (is he still posting?). @scholar JW Hi Neil 🙂 Good to see you're still kicking around. So, how do you feel about Rolf taking a stand against the Governing Body and rejecting the current Faithful and Discreet Slave doctrine (the FDS doctrine, @Arauna)?
  11. Some of his comments and analyses of scripture echo what 'apostates' have banged on about for decades. I'm particularly thinking of his conclusion here: "The “faithful and discreet slave” refers to any Christian who is faithful and on the watch when Jesus comes as the judge in the great tribulation. It does not refer to a class that gives spiritual food during Christ’s presence." - p. 72. Yes, and don't know.
  12. @Srecko Sostar Naive? Possibly. I assume that his thinking is, if the GB rejects his approach, then at least he's abided by the direction in God's word and can take the moral/scriptural high ground, he has a clear conscience before God, etc.
  13. @TrueTomHarley It's the Awatu email address in the Reddit post (it's previewed in my OP - you can see it).

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