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  1. Joy Pam GI

    2018 Regional Convention — session videos

    i have allergies to perfume,(most are wearing some, so you really cannot hide from it) so by end of day one i have a massive headache that last for at least 5 or so days(even with antihistamines and nose sprays), also my wrist is sore so i cannot write notes (also hard to with a headache). However now by the time our conv comes in mid July, I will be able to get more out of the convention instead of just being there in body, and my mind will be able to retain a lot of the info. So these videos are a huge help, so Thank You Very Much 😊👍
  2. Joy Pam GI

    JW Convention 2018 Final Video - English Version

    Hi Brother, do you have the video of the convention? I think there must be one existing by now since it's been 3 weeks since the first one. thanks. Joy