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  1. i see all except the Mid-Week Meeting 2017-03-27. Where is that posted? or is it only on there at the beginning of the week?
  2. Thank you so much! I see the last two times you did not have digging for spiritual Gems on material of the last two questions! Are you not going to address this now? or are we suppose to answer this on our own. The scriptures you stated on this before was so helpful.
  3. You are a wonderful friend that Jehovah has blessed us with! We appreciate all your hard work and time! Sorry I was so impatient last week! If I lose you guys, I know I can do it by myself, but it is time consuming and its great to be able to print your material and take notes! Christian Love To All!
  4. Still not working! i once again called geek squad and they said to resend the file so i can reopen it with adobe reader or for you to tell me what program to open! i really am trying to help you with this file because i know how vital it is to all of us. Again thank you for all your hard work!
  5. Sorry but it is not working! hope you can try something else! Sorry about our complaints, its just that I am not computer minded and I think I am wrong in what I do! I truly am blessed by this information and thank you for all the time you take to help us! May Jehovah alway bless your work and understanding our problems!
  6. i called the geek squad because I thought i was doing something wrong and they told me to tell you, that you have to file another source! Because when I go back to last weeks lesson it comes up fine! It is only this file that we cannot get.
  7. It is saying we need a subscribtion for adobe acrobat reader dc or adobe id last weeks was fine but now they changed it
  8. What does it mean Email is going away!

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      I will stop sending out a mass email.

    2. Bernice Krovocheck

      Bernice Krovocheck

      So does that mean we will not get the study material for the meeting anymore? We just have to get it on the website ! I will miss this feature as it really is a reminder for me and it does come up faster to get it on email than going to website! 

    3. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      People will still share the WSM. I will just not send out an email that it has been shared. Sorry. But the cost of $240 / month to email everyone was getting too high.

  9. Hi Brother, I just want to know if you have the weekly material for March 21-27. I have a part and would like a good start on this meeting! I do not ubderstand why I do not get e-mail from the librarian anymore! i dont get this information until Sunday or sometimes Monday and my meeting is on Tuesday! I enjoy your answers and they are very helpful on the question on how we benefit from the Bible reading. If I am out of line on this please tell me!  I love this web-site, its just I need more time to prepare and go over the information. Thank you for your help and love for our brotherhood!

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