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  1. Could you please do the Watchtower scriptures in pdf form?As always, thank you kindly for all the work you do to prepare the weekly study material for us.Great;y appreciated!!?
  2. Like Nadine said we all make mistakes.Both of you have a great day and enjoy this study article!!?
  3. What a wonderful job Twyla! Beautiful notebook.I really enjoy taking notes in your notebooks at our conventions and assemblies.
  4. I would also love the ministry ptesentations if anyone has them forJan-March 2018?
  5. Twyla,your study articles each week are very helpful amd spiritual gems for each of us.
  6. Would like to know if anyone has the presentations available for Januaty thru March 2018? They are so useful while I am out in field service.
  7. Very appreciative of all your hard work and giving us all these spiritual gems as always. Stay warm everyone!

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