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  1. Thanks for the reminder of the film. I enjoyed it, and I'm glad Amy Adams won the Golden Globe award for her part. It was good to see Jehovah's Witnesses finally presented in a reasonably good light. Yet, just to think, there is a daughter of Walter Keane (not the same name as his daughter in the film) claiming it really was Walter Keane who painted the big eyed children! She claims Margaret just copied him. Her version of a documentary on her father was scheduled to come out the same time as the film (December 2014), but fortunately never made it. Her story makes no sense.
  2. I sometimes wonder if that's simply a kangaroo court operating in Russia. There is no real justice over there... for the time being. Jehovah will step in. Just wait!
  3. I sometimes wonder if that's simply a kangaroo court operating in Russia. There is no real justice over there... for the time being. Jehovah will step in. Just wait!
  4. Wait for the announcement in your Kingdom Hall. Patience, please, my sister!
  5. According to reports I have heard from some who were at the Annual Meeting today, the new songbook has been released. It is not known if copies were distributed to those in attendance, but electronic copies will be available on jw.org Monday in English (and apparently in Haitian Creole). It will have a new title: "Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah," and some songs will have new titles, new lyrics, and some will be renumbered. It will start being used in all English congregations the week of January 2, 2017. The book will contain only 151 songs, not 154 as we were expecting. Three songs were deleted, but there was no mention of which ones. The book will be in three formats: regular edition, large print, and lyrics only. I also heard, in connection with that new songbook, that new videos of the Watchtower Chorus will be released shortly. The chorus will be singing all of the songs in the book! We’ll see. So keep your eyes open for the new songbook and other goodies on Monday on jw.org and tv.jw.org. And Monday also comes the monthly broadcast on JW Broadcasting. Ohh those servers are going to be working hard!
  6. Sorry, I don't speak Portuguese. We'll probably find out later today what happened at the Annual Meeting.
  7. I noticed a couple of other familiar faces in the Happy @ Bethel video. This sister (pictured in Happy @ Bethel)... ...also appeared in The Prodigal Returns video. (She was also in the Watchtower Chorus in the 2014 Annual Meeting program.) And this brother (from Happy @ Bethel)... ...is John Foster, who is featured in... ...the video Doing the Very Best I Can.
  8. Sorry guys. Feeling a bit mischievous this morning. The images are fakes. (or are they?!)
  9. Now this is getting weird! Look what else is in the brew... ...all the way up to... (These are not photoshopped. They are real.) What do you make of this?
  10. I have finally found the evasive song 151! Download this set of Spanish songs and you'll hear it there. (It will probably sound the same in English when we get it.) The approximate translation of the title in English is The Revelation of God’s Children. Sorry to say I don't have any lyrics.
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