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  1. Maybe we can put all the meetings on youtube. They won't have to be worried about being strong armed out of meeting places or any never ending list of banned materials. I wonder if Russia will ban youtube? We can become the largest electronic internet meeting for Christians. They will wonder how we keep growing despite all their efforts to ban us.
  2. Thank everyone for you comments. My questioning was because some hospitals do now have JW members assisting in their blood loss programs or as part of their hospital board or operations. I have surgery next week and more questions lately. Things have gotten a bit sketchy between what is whole blood and what is a fraction of blood treatment. If I choose to receive a fraction of blood treatment, can I give a fraction of blood treatment? If I take a fraction of someone's blood, they would have had to take it initially from their whole blood. Did God mean no blood or fraction of blood? It took decades to maybe reason this out. If blood transfusions were part of early medicine, I suppose the early Christians would have refused or declared their wishes. I can also see the need to have a medical alert bracelet in case of an emergency which may be better than a card, since you may not always have the card with you or lose it in an accident and maybe no one can speak for your wishes. Hopefully, the family can get some answers knowing whatever answer there is will not soften the loss of a loved one.
  3. I wonder why the hospital won't turn over the records for investigation. This is really sad and may be unnecessary lost of life. We may need to get out of the blood business and let families decide for themselves what treatment they wish to receive if it's a life or death situation and let God be the judge. I also don't remember signing anything when I got baptized to declare I'm a JW, but eventually was given a blood card to sign. However, now I'm not so sure the scriptures mean absolutely no blood when we are eating some blood of the animals and accepting other treatments from whole blood. The scriptures may indicate blood of someone or something killed must return to God or the animal bled as much as possible.
  4. I think it's more a uniform style for the local kiosk branch. Somewhat like your local McDonalds, local Ace Hardware or friendly Walmart associate. When you need service or help, you know who to go to for assistance.
  5. I guess Jesus style of dress would be considered womanly in many countries today. Men can wear robes in some countries or pants. I wonder why it's frowned upon for women to do the same as long as it's modest wear? I guess we have to get with the program kicking and screaming along the way. I'm still baffled by the term "true religion"!? Quite shocking coming from those who considered religion strictly a bad word.
  6. The lyrics of an old blues song is fitting: The world is round, but crooked just the same. It seems the courts are just as crooked as the leaders, when we expected there might be some relief in sight. We put our hope and trust in the God of justice to deliver the righteous one out of the hands of the wicked. He will not fail to do all that he promises. Pray constantly.
  7. Finally some good news from one corner of the earth. May Jehovah continue to relieve the burdens of the wild beast.

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