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    alecia2902 reacted to John Houston in Death of a lovely sister   
    I will not rashly say I understand what you are going through, but I have went through those very situations just here recently, and even with family it is still a heavy load to bear. But let it be known, you have those of us in this brotherhood you are aware and who send to you hugs and kisses, and will pray fervently for you and your family. The song mentioned is my very favorite. I have it on cd, in acapella, it sounds so wonderful. A cup of earl grey with lemon with the cold weather here in Kentucky. As we endure the ending of the system, watching our loved ones fall to that enemy, death. We must stay strong with our hand in Jehovah's right hand of righteousness and watch as they hear that voice and awaken to life in better condition than before, the real life! In paradise under Kingdom rule! Agape my friend, see you there!!
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    alecia2902 reacted to Blanchie DeGrate in Death of a lovely sister   
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, please allow me to share with you one of the email messages I personally received from Miss Moneypenny or Sarah Jane. You see,  I have a lot of challenges that I have to deal with on a daily basis and the depression that comes along with it, could crush an elephant. But one day when I couldn't navigate through the site by myself and I was so up set and  crying,    well,  here's  part of what she wrote to me:    My darling sister, I will not go through to the Kingdom without you!  Come on, Jehovah has your right hand and I have your left and Jehovah and I will help you stand again. Listen to Jehovah at Isaiah 43:13 : for I Jehovah your God , am grasping your right hand, the one saying: do not be afraid. I will help you.  Blanchie you are not alone, we have 8 million Brothers and Sisters world wide and we have a Unique bond between us all - LOVE.  I too sometimes feel like you do, but we cannot give up. You are in my heart and mind constantly and I wish I was in the same congregation as you as I would share my favorite Kingdom Song with you. So just for today, pretend I've come around to see you and I brought some sandwiches and cake for us to enjoy with a cup of English tea.      Her favorite song is Song 60, He Will Make You Strong. (1Peter 5:10)  I don't think she would mind me sharing this will all of you. I loved her so much and I miss her and yet...........I never physically meet her. Thank you for listening and please pray for me and my family.  I love you all. Sarah use to say:. Hugs and kisses.  So to you all, Hugs and Kisses.
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    alecia2902 reacted to admin in Death of a lovely sister   
    She would kill me if I published her photo. :-)  But rest assured she is a BIG part of the reason we are all gathered in here together.
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    alecia2902 reacted to Tennyson Naidoo in Death of a lovely sister   
    Yes es, This sister  Miss moneypenny  (Sarah-Jane) was  very active on this archive and would appreciate a photo and  appreciation of thanks for her hard work, providing us with all material weeks in advance.  Thank you     Sister Alecia      
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    alecia2902 reacted to hawaiian dano in Death of a lovely sister   
    Hi Anke,
    not the same Miss Moneypenny. Miss Moneypenny use to prepare the weekly study material for us.
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    alecia2902 reacted to Colin Thorpe in Death of a lovely sister   
    I understand that Miss moneypenny  (Sarah-Jane) has died my love to her family.
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