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  1. Q ? My Dear Sister TWYLA, praying that you and your family are doing well! I just wanted to let you know how much I love ? and appreciate you and all the hard work that you do for all of us especially the older and infirm one who are suffering from sickness and pain in out older days! I know Jehovah will end this sickness in his own time: and I am praying that I can keep on enduring, sure times gets hard sometimes but I never wanna sound selfish because I know there’s a lots more people’s to have a chance to come in to Jehovah beautiful organization: I have only one son, and he’s inactive as of now I’m praying that he come back to Jehovah before it’s too late! He is such a sweetheart but after his Dad & Brother died seems like that would’ve been the time for him to keep on holding onto Jehovah hand right hand, but I cannot lingers on him I must keep focused on myself. I love ❤️ you dearly TWYLA from : GIGI BLAKE
  2. weekly lesson 06/11/2018
  3. Regina Blake

    Photo for today... Jas. 2:26. May 18. 2018

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and information! Agape ?...GiGi Blake To: My Dear Sister ~Queen~
  4. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve really thank you very much for all your help! GiGi Blake
  5. @T.B. (Twyla) pHi my dearest sister Twyla, I really do appreciate all you have done to help me out getting all of my studying done for the weeks! I’m still trying to see if my ophthalmologist will be able to do surgery on my left eye ? ! I’m constantly relaying on Jehovah God , to give me the courage to endure this battle , I know I’m not the only one that are going through so much suffering and pain! but when one have been so used to doing so much such as driving in the ministry and helping my sisters and brother’s out with many things such as providing lunches when they run short with theirs finances! that’s what I love ? doing, our CO & wife are leaving us this weekend we’re sure going to miss them, just like all the rest that have came and gone! I always try to find out where there’s next assignment will be! Just like the last couple they are serving in Bancock Thailand, I enjoy getting updates on them...well I don’t want to bore you but my sister in-law died Monday, she was suffering with {COPD} for quite some time. she was my first Bible Study ? So I have so many to see when they are resurrected in Paradise on earth ?. remember that I love ? you my sister and thanks a million. Agape always GiGi Blake
  6. Thank you so very Queen Easter! Agape love! Hopefully you’re having a great weekend... GiGi
  7. Weekly meeting for 02/12-20/2018

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    2. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Hi  sister  Regina,  here  I  send  you  the  link,  where  you  can  find  the 

       Weekly Material for WEEK OF FEBRUARY 12-18, 2018

      Von T.B. (Twyla), Donnerstag um 05:01 in Weekly Study Materials

      or  any  other  weekly  Material....   Enjoy !


    3. Regina Blake

      Regina Blake

      Hello  my dear Sister! Praying that you’re well! I’m so sorry to keep bothering you , But either my brewers are Re-directing me or due to my health problems I’m easily confused!  Would you please send me the weekly lesson for the 02/26-/03-4th of 2018.

      Thanks for your Love and patience’s 


    4. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Hello  Regina....   I  saw  you  know  the  right  page,  but  I  send  you  once  more  2 good  links  for  that :


      For  download  all  things,  for  all  weeks /  and  weekly  materials,  click  on  and  go  to  the  right  page....

       Weekly Material for WEEK OF FEBRUARY 26, 2018–MARCH 4, 2018

      Von T.B. (Twyla), Donnerstag um 07:45 in Weekly Study Materials

      Watchtower WEEK OF FEBRUARY 26, 2018–MARCH 4, 2018.doc

      Watchtower WEEK OF FEBRUARY 26, 2018–MARCH 4, 2018.pdf

      MEETING WORKBOOK week of February 26–March 4, 2018.doc

      MEETING WORKBOOK week of February 26–March 4, 2018.pdf

      MEETING WORKBOOK week of February 26–March 4, 2018 text only.doc

      MEETING WORKBOOK week of February 26–March 4, 2018 text only.pdf

      CBS February 26–March 4, 2018.doc

      CBS February 26–March 4, 2018.pdf

      Additional Highlights-February 26–March 4, 2018.doc

      Additional Highlights-February 26–March 4, 2018.pdf


      I  hope  all  is  right ?     ENJOY  my  dear  sister  Regina :x

      Greetings  from  Germany,  Agape :)

  8. Thanks you so very much, may Jehovah God continue to bless you and the whole organization! What a wonderful God We serves...
  9. Thanks for the information! But being one of Jehovah witnesses means more than just being raised in a household where your mom or Dad are actually a baptized witness and following in Christ Jesus foot steps, and NO he is not the kind of GOD, that is behinds one winning a champion ship or no. I am not trying to judge anyone, because I was raised in a household where my mom and grandmother were actually baptized Wittness,and the school I attended would call me a Wittness,but I didn't get baptized until 1988 many years later! But the way we carried ourselves said a lot's. I just found out that many of my class mates are now Jehovah Witnesses, all because of our conduct at school! I'm so grateful to be a part of such a beautiful organization nothing like having a God who are patient and gave me a opportunity to know him and his love. Thank you very much. GIGI Blake
  10. Thanks for all the materials you allow me to receive! In the mist of loosing my eye sight due to diabetes,Jehovah peoples are so loving and helpful. Agape love GiGi
  11. so excited going to 1 day assembly tomorrow morning! Can't wait to see all my sisters and brothers. Agape love to all. your sister GiGi
  12. Regina Blake

    How do you view death?

    I view death just as the Bible tell me, the dead are in a deep sleep! Which Jehovah will awaken someday. But, out off all the deaths,I have experienced it's nothing like loosing a child,out off the blue. 01/01/15, that day the person came to my home with that news , I haven't been the same. I only had two sons, no grandchildren. I am from a large family, only three are serving Jehovah, so I need all the special prayer from all my sisters and brothers. thank you GiGi


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