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  1. Yes. The disgusting thing, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, was first related to the time when Antiochus IV put Zeus in the temple, and was therefore also related even more horrifically to the final destruction of Jerusalem's temple when the "god" Rome encroached, especially from 66 to 70 CE. So the disgusting thing is related to false worship sitting down in the Temple of God. We already have a statement from Paul that says this lawless one was already at work in the first century, and was openly revealed when the one acting as a restraint was out of the way. We generally
  2. That is correct. There are several different independent lines of evidence that all point to same conclusion: that Nebuchadnezzar's 18th year would have been 587 BCE, not 607. All the evidence that points to the time period of Cyrus part of the same evidence that shows Nebuchadnezzar's 18th year was 587/6. If you can show evidence for Cyrus ending the Neo-Babylonian dynasty in 539, then this is simply part of the same evidence that puts the destruction of Jerusalem in 587/6. I think that a lot of Witnesses don't realize that even the very idea that they can put a date on Cyrus (like 539) is th
  3. True. Partly true. By Valerian, I assume you mean Vespasian. He was sent by Nero in the spring of 67 to take over military operations, initially in Galilee. Nero's death was in the summer of 68, and three short-lived emperors tried to take over. Vespasian didn't return until a few days before 70 CE, taking over after having the last of those emperors executed on December 22, 69 CE. Vespasian didn't leave for Egypt to cut off the food supplies to Rome. Several Jews had turned to piracy, mostly out of Joppa, and interfered with commerce and navigation from Egypt t
  4. Not to repeat too much of what has already been said many times, but it has been a while so I'll answer. We got a great war in 1914 that killed more in a few years than several previous wars ever managed to kill in wars that lasted decades, or even hundreds of years. I have no problem with seeing 1914 as a very historic year for world war, and wars are often associated with pestilence and food shortages, just as they were within a few short years before and after the great war. Some great earthquakes, too, were notable less than 10 years prior to 1914, and less than 10 years after 1914. S
  5. To keep things straight, I used color highlighting to the deportations you have enumerated and to map these deportations to both the Scholar/Theologian dates and the Watchtower dates. DEPORTATION Scholar/Theologian Dates (ST) WT Dates (WT) COMMENTS FIRST 607/6 BC (ST) 627 BC (WT) (Nebuchadnezzar's earliest recorded years, in the "Babylonian Chronicles" even including time when still a warrior prince under his father's reign.) The one you mention as 605 for all practical purposes, will be the same as the
  6. Wow! I am glad you responded. In spite of my strong reservations about our reasons for choosing 1914 as some Bible-derived date, I'm still looking for some reason to hang on to a piece of this. You are one of the few people here who will actually give a bone for this old dog to chew on. My opinions about the Bible-derivation have become stronger in the last couple years, and that's mostly over the doubling down on the recent generation changes, and some curious discoveries about how Furuli's research ended up being promoted in the Watchtower, and a couple of NWT translation issues. B
  7. Yes. I know. We have been through this before. It's not new. And I think that the GB would only agree up to a point. In general, the GB now teaches that many more of the verses and teachings in the Greek Scriptures that we once only applied to the Anointed can now have just as much meaning for the "other sheep." And although Galatians 5 starts out as a discussion about those led by the spirit, the GB also understand that the "fruits" of that spirit are for all of us to cultivate. But the GB would likely be very uncomfortable with a view that all of us are brothers (of Christ), and all
  8. I have never denied it. That would be like denying Jeremiah 52. Which is why you would still fail if you tried to insist that I ever denied this. I think you tried to claim this once before, and already failed when asked to find evidence for this claim. In fact, I have even "toyed" with the idea of a 4th deportation, even in discussions with you (under a couple of your previous accounts). But I don't necessarily accept a 4th deportation, as it would have been much earlier than the three major ones that Jeremiah mentions. I know of many Bible scholars who interpret only two deporta
  9. When the scriptures mention giving to the holy ones, the term actually refers to all fellow Christians. It's true that the expression could also have a special reference to the apostles and brothers in Jerusalem during Paul's day, but Paul used it more often to mean ALL Christians. It's the same as saying "you who have been sanctified in union with Christ Jesus." And even though it has a special additional meaning to those who know they are chosen for a heavenly hope, it was also demanded of the pre-Christian Jews that they "must be holy as Jehovah is holy." (Leviticus 11:45) . . .For I a
  10. Bible readers have seen three Babylonian deportations for literally THOUSANDS of years now. Can you find even one theologian who says there were only one or two? Even those who think there might have been a fourth, identify the primary three in same way that others do. They are not beginning to see something new in their Bible studies. Even the KJV, in 1611 had it right, in Jeremiah 52:28-30: 28This is the people whom Nebuchadrezzar carried away captive: in the seventh year three thousand Jews and three and twenty: 29 In the eighteenth year of Nebuchadrezzar he carried away captive
  11. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how true Christians might end up distinguishing themselves by the extent to which we give actual food even to our enemies, motivated by our love for Jehovah and Jesus Christ, and our true admiration of a kingdom based on Biblical principles: (Matthew 14:14-16) . . .When he came ashore, he saw a large crowd, and he felt pity for them, and he cured their sick ones. 15 But when evening fell, his disciples came to him and said: “The place is isolated and the hour is already late; send the crowds away, so that they may go into the villages and buy themselves f
  12. Not the usual Hebrew word for "law" but a late word borrowed from Persian, which is why they say it only shows up in Daniel and Esther (meaning law or custom). It did not come to mean ceremony/ritual until even later. In MODERN Hebrew, not Biblical Hebrew, is it also used to describe someone who is religious. From what I can tell, this is not the same word "dat" which is related to data/datum. That word "dat" is from the word "give" implying "thing" as it to "give a thing" or "any given thing." So "dat" it's really closer to the word "that" when "that" refers to a "thing."
  13. A couple of other indications that they were not discerning a sign in 1914, is that Rutherford took the 40-year harvest from 1874-1914, and shifted it to 1878-1918, bypassing the significance of 1914. 1914 hadn't even shown anything significant yet with respect to the Gentile Times, either, which is why by January 1, 1916, the Watchtower had shifted the End of the Gentile Times to 1915: Also, it wasn't until May 1922, that the Watchtower first reported on the idea that Russell had announced on October 1, 1914 that "The Gentile Times have ended!" It took nearly 8 years before any
  14. *** Watchtower, October 1, 1930, p.291 *** Understanding that the ''day of Christ'' began when Jesus came to the temple of God, in 1918, it appears that the rebellion must precede that day. The beginning of the falling away or rebellion against God's organization would also mark the beginning of the disclosure of the ''man of sin'', even though none of God's children then on earth understood the matter. The Revelation which God gave to Jesus Christ to show to his "servant" began to be disclosed particularly from 1914 forward, but none of God's children on earth had an understanding thereo
  15. China's pilot program is already in 4 major cities, and is as far along as Sweden's digital currency pilot program. Sweden's was designed in 2019, and is now mid-pilot (running from 2/2020 to 2/2021. China's pilot program affects a much larger economy, and they hope to have it fully available by the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. By 2018, 83% of all China's retail monetary transactions were already handled through mobile phones/devices. Only 17% by cash or bank (credit) cards. China especially wanted to do this, in 2019, in response to Facebook's Libra currency, since WeChat Pay (a
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