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  1. I don't know if this happens to others, but if I try to go to "Page 2" of a topic/question that has 26+ answers, I can't just click the "Page 2" or ">>" links. The page will just hang. Yet if someone else has responded to a particular post, I can reach that post on Page 2 through the Notifications.

    I find that whether I have the posts sorted by either "Rating" or Date" that the page just "hangs" with a Loading... message on the page.

    I also found that I could swap the order of the variables/parameters in the query, however, and it would come right up.


    The above link works just fine, but you have to "hack" it manually. If I use the version of the link on the page, it will come up as


    Or without the sortby parameter if I chose "Rating" instead of "Date."


    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      I sent in a support request to the IT department.

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