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  1. Pretty funny. Except that it tends to spread a false narrative about false positives. It's based on what Dom Raab said. (In the video, she mentions him right from the start.) It's explained pretty well here: Dominic Raab did not say Covid-19 tests have a 93% false positive rate
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    But the articl
  2. I suspect they would still be allowed the opportunity to pay taxes. She's not thinking it through if she really thinks that voting is "buying" the governments services. Most people think they are buying representation by paying taxes and they therefore vote as a way to try to manipulate the government to have the best chance of representing their own interests in how that tax money is spent. Yet, here we have a group of people who pay taxes but are not clamoring for special favors that one party offers over another. Also, having only partisan people among your government workers results i
  3. Quite the opposite. Orwell never lived and worked for communism. He even worked for British Intelligence for a time ratting out communists. He had some interest in democratic socialism, free health care, etc., which is a far cry from communism. But he was a confused, racist, antisemitic, conflicted man. And his issues with Stalin especially, which was the primary driver for writing "1984," were not about Stalin's communism, but about fears of Stalin's supposed capitalism. (A lot like some of the fears people have of China's market-oriented communism that you mention later in your post.)
  4. My first ever meme to call my own. I figured if I could make one here, I can make one anywhere!
  5. It's a false claim that's also contested by those who don't particularly like him, but who have noticed that there is no evidence for the claim. The claim is thoroughly debunked, whether you like the man or not. 😉
  6. Last night, I was just reading some old US newspapers on newspapers.com, for 1872, 1876, 1880, etc. This was one of the most common complaints for all the state jobs every time a new party came into power. He would reappoint all the state jobs for the new party no matter how efficient or experienced the previous person had become. This worked out to be pretty much the equivalent of sacking all the persons who voted against you.
  7. I just attended a memorial service for my uncle yesterday. At least 800 persons tried to attend through Zoom. My uncle was part of a large extended family. About 400 stayed for the comments afterward, and they lasted for more than 2.5 more hours, making the entire memorial about 3.5 hours long. There were attendees from all over the world, including Dubai and China, but mostly Californian and South Carolina. Based on statistical averages there is probably a fair chance that at least one of the other 16,700 members of this forum was also on that same Zoom call, assuming most of those members ar
  8. @Emma Rose, I copied this straight from the jw-org website and the Hebrew letters appear to be fine:
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    “The use of letters of the alphabet to represent numbers has led to some interesting consequences. Letters used in a compound numeral may accidentally spell out a word. Then the use of the nu
  9. OH! Some of what looks like water is actually "OH" not H2O, and this hydroxyl can be a real "OH-OH." The link you gave mentioned: But it was unclear whether that hydrogen was in the form of hydroxyl – the chemical that makes up drain cleaners – or in the form of H2O, or water. The NIH.gov site cites a biochemical journal about hydrogen peroxide (HOOH), which adds this: . . . to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH.) from H2O2 has been investigated . . . And all this, of course, was presented, just as a setup for the old H2O2 joke:
  10. Player 2 leaves nothing but four I's and an E in the pool. So the rest will be fairly boring. So, I'll play it out to the final HI (5). Final score 933 to 585, a blowout. O F R U M P I N G Player 1 Player 2 U A N T E A
  11. True. That's one of the most exquizit moves in Scrabble.
  12. I should have played what's below on that turn instead. F R U M P I N G S L E E P E R S O It would have been 89 points.
  13. Player 2 is reduced to low scoring letters only for 77 points with anteater 22+50. And Player one comes back with probably the last 7 tile bonus play F R U M P I N G Player 1 Player 2 A N T E A T E
  14. That's what was supposed to attract the cheaters... I'll fix it...😊
  15. For all those on the edge of their seat wondering who will win . . . Player2 played LYMPHOMA for only 29 points, which is answered with VIRULENT for 99+50=149. F R U M P I N G Player 1 Player 2
  16. Not bored. But I might be giving myself a diversion just to avoid responding. I tend to muddy the waters sometimes. Of course, I know there are probably a lot of people who want to discuss 1914 and China, maybe both under the same topic heading. 😁 I'll wait for the upcoming Neutrality talk before I say anything more on politics, though.
  17. j/k. Just a reference to that last book title TTH showed.
  18. It's his (Tom's) brother I'm trying to draw out.
  19. Followed by DISAVOWS to catch the right center Triple Word score and the 7 tile bonus for 107 points. Then PROCEED for 100 points. Then, the chance for a 9x word score if someone could find an 8 letter word --FRUMPING works-- with the remaining letters that could hit both Triple Word scores (3x3=9x). or 16x9=144 + 50=194. F R U M P I N G Player 1
  20. As I play it, I realize that it is too easy these days to look up 7 and 8 letter words. This was not so easy the last time I played this, many decades ago, through snail mail. There should be a rule against too many 50 point bonus words, or each player will have to become better at defensive plays. In the example above, only one more Triple Word score can be played with a 50 point bonus, and this leaves player 2 in a much worse position to ever try to catch up, even though more 50 point bonuses can be played in lower scoring areas. (This is why a 'handicap' scoring system should probably be wo
  21. That might work well, too. First, of course, I have to drum up some more interest. 🙂 ---------------------- KETUBOTH would also catch 2 Double Word scores, and use up more remaining high scoring letters (K B H) 17x4=68, plus 50 point bonus = 118. Followed by LONGWAYS to catch the bottom right Triple Word score and the 7 tile bonus for 107 points.
  22. Which calls for ZODIACAL. Hey this is so fun, I might just play this one out myself. 21x3=63, plus OX (9), plus DE (3), plus ID (3) = 78 plus 50 point bonus. Player 1 Player 2
  23. Just had to add FRESHLY to the above because it catches TWO Double-Word scores, so that you get 4 times the word score (4 x 16), plus QUETZALS, plus the 50 point bonus, for a total of 64+26+50=140, and most of the high scoring letters are already used up. Player 1 Player 2
  24. My edit buttons include B I U S, and the S is the strikethrough. But you don't need it. I think it's better to just erase the used tiles. Seems easier. For example, let's say I responded to QUETZAL with BANJAXED (I never knew that word before today; cheating is encouraged!). I merely erased the used letters. The problem is that it is harder to see if a mistake was made in the erasing. 0 Points - Blank tile. 1 Point - A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T and U. 2 Points - D and G. 3 Points - B, C, M and P. 4 Points - F, H, V, W and Y. 5 Points - K. 8 Points - J and X. 10 Points - Q and
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