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  1. You are probably referring mostly to the attention given to a racist media tycoon (Jimmy Lai) who has been working with John Bolton, Steve Bannon, Marco Rubio, etc., (tons of documentation) to overthrow the government of Hong Kong. The United States has been caught red-handed inciting violence in Hong Kong, providing strategies that the United States has used illegally elsewhere in the world. My goal here is to help people realize how easy it is to judge a specific group with a measuring stick that one would not be apt to judge others with, and how this can sometimes be based on propag
  2. There are certain similarities to this among many religious beliefs if one considers angels and demons to fall within the category of aliens. It is curious that, years ago, initial reports about Falun Gong more often included their very odd beliefs, but once they started campaigning against the CCP in Western cities (like Paris, London, New York) and ranting about organ harvesting, then you hardly hear about their beliefs any more, as if this might interfere with their anti-CCP agenda. (stealing from a site ) : . . . Lie [founder] has the “power to cure cancer and has performed other mys
  3. Lots of species evidently became extinct long before humans. The last dinosaur probably died out about 60 to 65 million years before the first human.
  4. @Arauna , I had already seen the France 24 video. The first woman interviewed is the same woman on the PBS video, Gulbahar Jelilova. She is featured in many of the news interviews. She is believable, but that doesn't mean she's telling the whole story. I won't try to imagine what might be going on here, and I give her some benefit of the doubt, just as I give China some benefit of the doubt about what they are doing, where it matches what some non-Chinese, non-Western, non-communist sources have said. So far, there are too many parallels to what has gone on in similar situations in sever
  5. I had seen things just like it, but didn't see this one until after you mentioned it. Found the whole thing on YouTube. I only watched the Uyghurs part, but I don't trust it at all. There are thousands of Uyghurs interested in working against China politically to try to get independence for "East Turkistan." There are many well-funded Western powers who will also work with anyone to help divide China. This has been a common occurrence worldwide, and we have seen it in many countries. It has been common practice to work with divisive elements all over the world to weaken or create civil war in
  6. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" is an expression that fits a lot of situations. When I googled that phrase just now, I was reminded of dozens of such examples. For example: The TSA is one example of how crisis was used to create a police state at America airports, when its known that there are other more effective tactics which are used by other nations to avoid airliner incidents. I was listening to Al Jazeera news two days ago (Western media disguised with a non-Western name) and I noticed that after the Lebanon explosion they gave interview after interview only to people who
  7. I saw that. I don't think all of this is that new to Bart Ehrman. I caught some of this on his site. But I had never noticed before, that he now sees Jesus' actual words in pretty much the same sense that JWs believe. I gave in and subscribed to his site for a month. I think it was $5 which he claims goes to some non-religious charity. But I did it to be able to question him on his blog. There are actually several questions that must have come from JWs and several more from ex-JWs, too, on his blog. So he does have some "direct" exposure to JW beliefs. You pointed out a few of the di
  8. @TrueTomHarley, Thanks for bringing this back to the original topic. I'd like to follow up on that too, although I should probably summarize my own view on Mao, lest someone think I am just trying to do a whitewash here. One can always focus on the negatives, and as @Arauna has pointed out before, should look at people in the context of their time. And if one came out of a time filled with injustice and violence, this should not absolve anyone of their own crimes. Another one might focus only on accomplishments that were considered good. (In Mao's case he apparently got rid of opium/drugs
  9. Another important piece of context about famines in China even before Mao was in power, based on Wikipedia's list:
      Hello guest!
    1810, 1811, 1846, 1849 Unknown (45 million decrease, unknown how many emigrated or avoided census to evade taxes)[4]
  10. I appreciate the thoughtful response. You hit upon the basic problem of what we can "know" for certain, especially about a topic for which the waters have definitely been muddied. The very fact that "experts" give ranges from 10 million to 40+ million deaths, already shows there is huge margin of error involved. And the range of reasons for it are inconsistent, too. (Varying amounts of human error vs. drought, or willful disregard for life, or even murderous intent.) I put the number 4 million out there for the Great Leap Forward (1958-62) as a probable minimum. (I should have said p
  11. There's a 1960's era joke about a family in their car just pulling out of their driveway in sweltering heat with the all the windows up. The kids ask why they can't roll down the windows to get some air, and the father says: "What? And let the neighbors know we don't have air conditioning?" This reminds me of one of the claimed blunders of Mao Zedung, who continued to export wheat during a famine so as not to appear weak to the rest of the world. (And Stalin similarly wouldn't import wheat when he needed to, for about the same reason.)
  12. Mao, while alive, had already purged Deng twice. In doing so, Mao sullied his reputation by bringing up past disloyalty and an unexplained military defection, and asked Deng to self-admit his own (Deng's) failings. He had been critical of Mao, but had also been used by Mao and the party for his leadership abilities. After Mao, the "Gang of Four" wanted to continue Mao's legacy and leadership style, and thought of Deng as a political threat to their continuance. Deng's choice to gain political power was to do unto Mao's legacy what Mao (and others) had done to him. This resulted in exaggeration
  13. There was one more point I should have highlighted from the article I referenced above. Based on the time period of the Great Leap Forward it is useful to make some comparisons with other nations around this time. Even now, I was reading in an online newspaper from India that says they count about 4,000 children a day in India who die from malnutrition. I don't know how accurate this is, but it is admitted in a globally-facing paper where one might expect a positive spin on Indian news. So I looked up a Lancet journal article which says: that malnutrition contributes to 3.1 million u
  14. Mao Zedung [1893-1976] was "Chairman" of the communist party from 1943 to 1976, and primary leader of China from 1949 to about 1976. The Great Leap Forward began in 1958. For a later time, I think I have some suggestions to help anyone who wants to get a better handle on the numbers, but for now (and tor those who don't wish to read that last linked article), here is the basic gist of Joseph Ball's counter-argument. Some of this is my paraphrase along with a few direct quotes. I'll try to italicize long direct quotes, and indent them. But even my own comments surrounding the quotes might
  15. This statement sounds fair, and it sounds like the rest of the Wikipedia articles are a fair place to start. I have not yet read the Wikipedia articles on Mao, Chinese history, or the Great Leap Forward, but I'm sure you are summarizing it well. Like Arauna, I don't trust Wikipedia either, but usually because of its strong Western bias, not a pro-Communist or pro-Chinese bias. I've seen enough evidence of pro-Western bias in several political articles. And I think there is often a lazy tendency in Wikipedia to just look for a compromise between claimed extremes, rather than a strong stand base
  16. Thanks. I won't be able to weigh in on this until Monday or so. But this should give ample opportunity for anyone who's interested to get the evidence started. Didn't want this to be TOO easy. It's not a simple topic, after all.
  17. I would love to see all these topics discussed, especially as there is a range of experience here, including people who have lived under several types of government themselves, people who have taken an deep interest in history, people who travel a lot, and who have worked or studied with people of many backgrounds. But before those additional points of interest, what about some of the original questions on China? I have plenty more details and evidence about the Uyghurs, but so far this was mostly just one set of claims against another set of claims. China has done plenty of bad, but
  18. Not to break topic, and I don't support Trump, but this new criterion "if it discredits Trump" is bigger than "if it bleeds it leads" in the media these days. It has probably driven Trump into some outrageous reactions, too, which creates the vicious [news] cycle.
  19. I moved the above post from @4Jah2me over here from a topic that wasn't really about Korea or the GB. These types of "trolling" comments were already going on over here, and hadn't yet started over on the the other topic.
  20. True. That's why I made the point about the exceptions in countries with a more recent rise in Islam. (You might still have that part, but that particular point was deleted.) True again. No specific sources should be trusted. We need to learn what we can and look where evidence leads. They are not confused at all. It was just a response to TTH about the contrast in how the West "kills them softly" when they mow them down. I just wanted to point out that the West is having more trouble maintaining that narrative. I assume you are ready to give evidence about how
  21. Yikes! I didn't delete it in time. I removed that because to explain the full point would have taken another page or two. I'll assume you got what I was driving at without needing the full explanation. Hmm. Maybe there's a lesson there in how lengthy my writing should be. Nah!
  22. This is certainly a huge problem to us. But if a country doesn't cooperate with us, and won't allow what they see as an "American" religion in their country, we still can't say this gives us the right to make false claims. I know that when you said: "In the end, the only thing that matters . . ." you were not saying the end justifies the means. [There was going to be a point here that I removed because I only had the first half here and the second half was more than half.] Yes! And I was able to make some good use locally, pointing to your "don't speak ill of the king" blog for t
  23. I realize I had skipped this question. Revelation 2 and 3 show that various congregations should at all times watch out for false teachings and that they might even go through phases of cleaning out false doctrine, immorality, and increasing their Christian "deeds." This is exactly what Russell and the WTS had tried to do, and it's being done in greater measure all the time. (Revelation 2:18-23) 18 “To the angel of the congregation in Thy·a·tiʹra write: These are the things that the Son of God says, the one who has eyes like a fiery flame and whose feet are like fine copper: 19 ‘I kn
  24. I like this explanation. I think this is the best explanation anyone ever came up with to mesh free will and predestination, both of which seem possible from Jehovah's perspective (based on certain scriptures).
  25. Above, I made a point about trying to make careful use of documents not meant to be leaked to the public. Here it is.... The Opium Wars were one way in the West said "Buy our drugs or we'll kill you!" The BMJ (British Medical Journal) has evolved into a journal that takes on a lot more social issues than just health and medicine, so one needs to be watchful of bias. But it explained very well an embarrassing large cache of internal corporate "Big Tobacco" documents made public through litigation. Turns out that the US and Britain were still intent on using both legal and illegal m
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