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  1. Don't know who has had the midweek meeting yet. But the CBS this week is chapter 120 of Jesus - The Way, The Truth, The Life. The comments showed that so many were taking to heart that all of Jesus' disciples are the branches, and all should bear fruit, and this fruit is especially shown by following the commandments, and the greatest of these commandments is "love one another." Everyone was perfectly in sync with how this can and should apply to themselves. To me, this is part of the great progress we have made in applying the lessons from Jesus' teachings to everyone. And then, at the l
  2. Surely, by now, others have come into contact with brothers from Chile and have been able to confirm or deny what I was told about it. I spoke with a brother who had been there, and had relatives there. I also made lot of phone calls to various congregations (and got no response). I believe the photos are genuine. I believe that the letter content is genuine, although it still bothers me that the words SERVICE DEPARTMENT are in English. I have not been able to find another example of a letter like this. The English contents of the letter are evidently copied exactly from directives on the topi
  3. I know very well that he did this on his own. I did not link him with others, although I see that he has linked himself with others. Why did you think otherwise? If you would like to defend him, then you should do that. I try to defend his evidence where he is right, and criticize it where it is wrong. I think his writing has now provided further, consistent evidence that reflects on him personally. Also, in the way he decided to defend himself, he went to great lengths to find evidence against the current structure of the GB, and he has apparently relied on the Gilead graduation speec
  4. I have been very consistent over the years in "putting the man down," especially over the "scholastic dishonesty" in two of his previous books. And I'm not a scholar. Yet his glaring problems have been obvious even to me. Persons who are much better at evaluating Furuli's writing on questionable topics have shown just how obvious these problems were. If you had read a few more of my posts, you would know that I am constantly concerned about the CCJW, WT. (1 Corinthians 12:24-26) . . .Nevertheless, God has so composed the body, giving greater honor to the part that had a lack, 25 s
  5. I believe that when a person reads Furuli carefully they will see evidence for such traits of narcissism. And as long as I am saying this, I think that what came through in the subtext of his books also appealed to persons having similar traits. The persons who had been Furuli's most vocal defenders in the past, like a person named "scholar JW" is an example who has shown the same extreme indifference to the "counsel of evidence." Any correction provided by evidence was always thrown back as if the reputation of the sources of correction needed to be trashed and dishonored for daring to correc
  6. I think that there may be a way to understand Rolf Furuli in terms that might sound very judgmental. Of course, it's always problematic to try to put labels on people "out loud" in public, even though we can't avoid evidence that leads to such judgments that most of us keep to ourselves. So the following should be taken in the sense of trying to readjust a person who has taken a false step before he is aware of it. Or at least there is a lesson here, in 20-20 hindsight, about how such a person might have been helped had he taken to heart good spiritual counsel he may have received from ot
  7. Talk of removing him as an overseer goes a ways back, but I never heard that this was actually done. If it was done recently this could even explain a few things. But I couldn't tell for sure if this was just your opinion or a guess.
  8. This post was an allusion to a quote TTH had heard or had seen about how future historians will be asked what part of 2020 they specialized in. It was in a non-JW topic. I moved it here, because it was a question about how TTH resolves this statement with the religious beliefs of JWs. JW discussions are better suited to the JW discussion clubs.
  9. I'm no fan. To get to the top of his particular heap, he had to cut a few corners, and cut and paste a lot of video to get some of the ideas across that he wanted to promote. Some of those ideas were lies, and I'm sure this is why he had to name his 501c3, "Veritas." But there is nearly always some truth in every conspiratorial lie, and therefore I always find some hidden value in them. In the case of these latest undercover videos, the segments were long enough and not prompted by the person taking the video. So although his reasons for exposing them might be unknown (by me, at least), they
  10. I saw this too. The video comes from Oregon. Oregon, Idaho, Washington state, have already had a lot of trouble with these young white recruits to "Antifa" (which is not at all a homogeneous organization). There have been militias that feed on anti-government conspiracy theories (mixed with plenty of truth) and they end up creating self-fulfilling prophecies about how the government spies on them, infiltrates them, etc. I think some of the same people who are not ready to join an anti-US militia find it easier to release their anarchist tendencies in group (that meets in a bookshop)
  11. Yes. It's the same old record. What the WT represents here is still a possible interpretation, as I've often said. But it contradicts the most likely interpretation of several other Bible verses, and it uses unlikely definitions and interpretations of the original Greek terms. You already mentioned one of those potential contradictions, where Jesus couches all these "signs" in language about not being misled because even if you are seeing these things, the end is not yet. Of course, at some point in history, it may not be these particular signs, but there will certainly come a time when p
  12. Yes, especially the one about a CSA case JB knew about, wondering about whether some here thought he should report it. This is why I said "rarely." But I'm hoping to say no more about JB, CSA, 4J except for what might be relevant to this topic. I shouldn't have made the Beatle's joke at his expense, but 4J was the only one I thought of with a particular connection to the UK. True, and it's a shame how a movement that could have been a simple cry for human for justice, and which had prided itself on an intelligent platform, can be so easily subverted. Not just from the outside, but fro
  13. Asking again, later that evening, a little less politely, from Air Force One.
  14. As I said, I see no problem with you or anyone else (even me!) bringing it up, and I never complained. But the complaint from others was that no matter what the topic, JB would turn it to CSA so often, you came to expect it. If it was a discussion of Trinity, JB would turn it to CSA. If the topic was about 1914, JB would turn it to CSA. etc. It's as if JB had a goal to bring it up everywhere, but he used the methods of an Internet troll to bring it up in anyone else's topic, but he rarely ever started a topic on CSA his own.
  15. JB never added things exactly out of nowhere. You always knew what was coming. And I never complained about it. But the complaint was that, no matter what the topic, you always found a way to turn it into a CSA topic. Believe me, there were plenty of others doing things like it. Sometimes a topic was very serious and suddenly 4 Dilbert cartoons would run back-to-back-back-to-back. Most of us appreciate a good diversion now and then, but they shouldn't always divert to the same old topic.
  16. I had no doubt that YOU knew it. But there are some people here from the UK, like @4Jah2me (assuming of course that he is the reincarnation of @John Butler). And, I'm not so sure that they had any groups like the Beatles over in the UK. 😉
  17. For some reason, when I remember this Beatles lyric, I belt out: "Wednesday morning at 5 PM on a Saturday." In this case, my version might work even better for Armageddon watchers. My kids never had quite the familiarity with Beatles lyrics, and never understood why I had a Beatles lyric ready for many situations, like when they bumped into me: "You're SOMEthing in the way, SO move! You attack me like your OTHer mother. BMMM! Bmmm! bmmmmm."** **Not an actual Beatles lyric. The original was: "Something in the way she moves, attracts me like no other lover. BMMM! Bmmm! b
  18. It looks like someone (perhaps TTH or admin?) moved some of the comments from the original thread to here, probably because that was a general forum, and this is a JW discussion forum. If that was the reason, I'll move the rest of the JW/religion related comments over to here.
  19. I knew I should try to keep religion completely out of this. But. . . How did Jesus know that Herod Antipas was a fox? How did Luke know that Felix was probably looking for a bribe from Paul? How do you think that the writers for the Daniel and Revelation books could try to come up with the political entities that seemed to match up to the entities and symbols found in various Bible prophecies. Outside of those flimsy excuses, you might still be right. (That I shouldn't offer my two cents.) But I did fully expect this comment from you. I wasn't sure who might attack first, though, si
  20. Wow! I saw a little notification that you had posted, and I came back from breakfast to look for that Washington Post article, and clicked send. I didn't realize that we already dovetailed on 1 John 5:19. The longer post definitely includes some assumptions, but not intended to be conspiratorial. But the recent shorter post was intended to show a relationship between "conspiracies" and "reality" which will allow persons to easily dismiss the longer post, or look at it to help explain some real and serious phenomena.
  21. I think a lot of people are surprised at the global spread of the protests and rioting. What might be even more surprising is the support by many media outlets, not just of the protests, but also supporting the rioting and destruction. MLK is quoted where he said that 'riots are the language of the oppressed.' (Which cherry-picks the quote out of MLK's context that did NOT support rioting.) It's also odd that all this happens in the midst of Covid19, which has disproportionately killed more African-Americans than police have for the last 100 years. Yet, there is no protest about the languishin
  22. And it's amazing how much heavy military equipment is being sold even to small towns over the last decade especially. I guess it makes the [recent military] recruits feel more comfortable? I suspect it also puts them in mind of how they needed to respond with heavy lethal force just a few months prior in some cases [in other countries]. Easy to imagine a new interview question when hiring police recruits: Can you fire a tank?
  23. I haven't done a political post in a while, but it is probably a good idea that I try to explain in what ways I agree with Tucker Carlson (whom I usually disagree with to such a point that I never watch more than about once a month). I will try to avoid religion in this post, although it usually creeps in. This is more of an attempt to explain what I think is going on from a completely socio-economico-political perspective. I think the recent “Black Lives Matter” protests are an outgrowth of a few specific factors. Conceptually, at least, there are the very real issues of police brutality
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