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    서기문 reacted to The Librarian in Angolan newspaper praises JW's on prevention measures taken against Coronavirus (Covid-19)   
    A newspaper of Angola published praising Jehovah's Witnesses on prevention measures against coronavirus (Covid-19)..
    And the newspaper also announced that Jehovah's witnesses in all over the world have contributed a lot to the prevention of the coronavirus through its official website
    Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    And the newspaper also showed some links of how people can search on Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. , and it also mentioned the journal! N-' 6, 2016 with the theme: "Win the war on diseases".
    Source: Angola newspaper 23/04/2020
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in 2019 REGIONAL CONVENTION IN ROME, ITALY, video - Enjoy ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫   
    ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫.♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫  ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
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    서기문 reacted to Melinda Mills in ANTHONY MORRIS AT THE LIQUOR STORE   
    Well he is not shoplifting - just selecting carefully what somebody might drink.
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    For their help in cleaning up the territory, in previous years the city authorities even thanked the community of Jehovah's Witnesses.   ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤

    On the eve of his arrest in May 2017,  *Dennis Christensen*  participated in the cleansing of the traditional urban area for Jehovah's Witnesses.  Thank you,  dear Brother  DENNIS CHRISTENSEN  ❤♥☼♥❤
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    서기문 reacted to James Thomas Rook Jr. in Please Write ... even if it's only a Dollar !   
    Just a note to say I am taking at least a  one year vacation from the JW-Archive and its successors starting this Sunday night, December 30, 2018.
    I have been gathering data to write a series of Science Fiction Novels for over 30 years, and my wife will need the money after I go up the chimney.
    Besides, I have been on for something like seven years, and it has evolved GREATLY from the silly pablum it started out as, so my irritant is no longer needed.
    I will still get emails of course, when somebody posts something. 
    If Robert A. Heinlein can turn out his masterpiece "Starship Troopers" in one week, on a typewriter ... and he did  ... while infuriated by Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the table at the United Nations, I, with a word processor and Dragon Naturally Speaking voice to text software ought to, with practice, emulate that.
    I intend to "write by the pound", six hours a day, five days a week.
    I may even get up every morning, , and put on a suit and tie before sitting down at my workstations.
      Just kidding.
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    서기문 reacted to James Thomas Rook Jr. in 2019 Regional Conventions   
    I read the letter ... neither does it disprove any statement.
    The supposition that it is two days instead of three days needs proof.
    In the absence of proof, the fair assumption is that it stays the same, whether that be three days, or thirty three days, etc.
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    서기문 reacted to Jack Ryan in Religious Liberty Task Force   
    President Trump will protect religions in the USA via this new task force.
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in Anastasia Makivich says: I was baptized at our Regional Convention 2018, Saturday -7th July. I'm glad to be one of Jehovah's servants❤ (video)   
    Anastasia Makivich says: "I'm new here. I was baptized at our regional convention 2018, Saturday -7th July. It was the day I will remember forever. I'm glad to be one of Jehovah's servants
    Thank you for sharing your Video you are welcome!
    Welcome  our  dear  sister  Anastasia
     ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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    서기문 reacted to Jack Ryan in The Office at The Inside Story   
    The Office @theinsidestory exjw.mp4
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in Dream of PARADISE ❤   
    Paradise Dream........ 
    A wonderful evening is taking place in paradise and you are taking a quiet stroll after dinner. The last bit of sun rays from the sunset have scattered across the sky and you notice a young couple in love holding hands and walking in a gorgeous trail. Eager to find out more about your surroundings, you begin to walk in rock steps to explore new areas when suddenly..
    A Siberian tiger jumps out of nowhere and lands just inches from you! His paralyzing roar is so intense but so thrilling at the same time! You can hear the sound of monkeys chattering everywhere and children swinging in a tree swing above a hill. Did you ever imagine a life like this one? You continue walking with boundless energy and when you arrive at your destination, your eyes behold a spectacular panoramic view. One of your friends has built a tree house on top of a coral cliff!
    And it has a cute little rope stair so you can climb back up after enjoying a nice swim. There are so many dolphins under the crystal clear water and a big blue whale is lurking nearby. And look! There is another tree house with tiki torches by the sand and another house surrounded by palm trees! The waves are much calmer, the water is warmer, it is such a peaceful and serene environment. You greet your friend with a brief hug and both of you immediately run to the beach water!
    You swim with the dolphins and whales and you play with them over and over again, filling your heart with so much joy. It is now getting late and one by one, JehovahÂ’s beautiful army of stars begin to twinkle in the sky. A cascading waterfall coming down from a nearby mountain soothes your ears and you can see living organisms glowing in the water.
    Another unforgettable day has taken place and another day filled with thrilling memories. But just when you thought nothing could ever top the intense joy you are feeling at this moment, your friend, holding back tears, informs you that your loved ones who fell asleep in dead will finally come back to life tomorrow. When you go to bed tonight, think about the bright future that lies ahead of you. When you pull the covers up over you, see yourself in a brand New World.
    And when you begin to close your eyes and drift off to sleep, imagine spending a night like this one, admiring and enjoying Jehovah's creations for the rest of your eternal life.
    Dream of Paradise.
     ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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    Historic Korean Constitutional Court Decision: Absence of Alternative Service Declared Unconstitutional
    On June 28, 2018, for the first time in South Korea’s history, the Constitutional Court declared a section of Korea’s Military Service Act (MSA) unconstitutional, as it does not provide alternative service for conscientious objectors. The landmark ruling is the key to reversing a 65-year-old policy of imprisoning conscientious objectors under the MSA.
    Since 1953, over 19,300 of our brothers have been sentenced to a combined total of more than 36,700 years in prison. The Constitutional Court’s decision now opens the door for the Supreme Court of Korea to apply this ruling to specific cases involving conscientious objectors. In addition, Korean lawmakers are now obligated to institute alternative service for conscientious objectors by December 31, 2019.
    We all rejoice with our brothers in Korea that the foundation has been laid to end decades of injustice.—Proverbs 15:30.
                ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - OUR BIG FAMILY IN SERVICE ;-))   
     ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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    서기문 reacted to Bible Speaks in Miss You All! Jehovah Bless!   
    It’s with a Heavy Heart I close this account. Governing Body is now asking us to stay away from Social Media. I will only have a account for Education of Health and Emotional Support. Jehovah Bless!

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    서기문 reacted to Bible Speaks in No one is born hated by others because of their color, their origin or religion. Say NO to Racism   
    No one is born hated by others because of their color, their origin or religion.
    Say NO to Racism
    No Reason for Racism
    With the aid of the latest advances in genetics, scientists have begun to unravel the information long hidden within man’s genetic code. What they have discovered has swept aside the traditional concepts about race, notes the French newspaper Le Figaro. Despite the seemingly infinite variety among mankind with all their visible external differences such as height, skin color, and other features, geneticists now agree that all people of the earth have undoubtedly descended from common parents and a common location in the not-so-distant past. “All the contrived explanations for advocating racism have been brought to nothing,” observes Le Figaro.
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in We are the paragons for our children ! A loving Dad we can see ❤   
    We  are  the  paragons  for  our  children !  A  loving  Dad  we  can  see
    I  read  a lot  for  my  son  -  and  he  was  able  reading  alone  before  school,
    with  ca. 5 years  -  today  he  is  a  Brother  too
    Thank  you  Jehovah
     ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in FUTURE KINGDOM BLESSINGS...... Enjoy!   
     ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in Do JW’s have Coffee ☕️ Breaks?   
    Oh yes...  always  when  we  go  in  a  group,  for  longer.  we  make  1 - 2  coffee  breaks !  Thats  so  nice  and  all  telling  from  their  experiences  etc.
    Also  we  change  after  the  first  break  all  Bro. & Sis.  and  then  go  with  a  little  child  or  with  an  older  Sister...  thats  so  nice  and  we've  all  big  joy.  -  After  ca. 3 hours  we  go  home  with  a  great  feeling.
    LOVE  THAT !
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    서기문 reacted to Bible Speaks in REGIONAL ASSEMBLY 2018 USA EXPERIENCE: a little brother of 8 years.   
    EXPERIENCE: a little brother of 8 years. They ask him what he would do if they told him he had to stop talking about Jehovah. His response was: "Well, I would have to keep talking about Jehovah, it's like breathing, if I stop breathing, I'll die.
    then he holds his breath as much as he can and begins to pant. "And if I stopped talking about Jehovah, I too would die." "On Sunday he is baptized.

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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in ISN'T THAT CUTE ? ❤ ~~~~~~~ ( different sweet animals ) step by step more ;-))   
             ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in YES, I want see you in the New World ❤ You too ? (video)   
    I  Will  See  You  In  The  New  World....
    Yes,  I  want  it  SO  much...  you  too ?
       ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in *Paradise - Place* especially for Christian people❤   
    *Paradise - Place*  especially  for  Christian  people   SO  BEAUTIFUL
         ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 
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    서기문 reacted to Bible Speaks in PRAYERS FOR NICARAGUA   
    .Due to the situation facing our country in Nicaragua and the safety of our brothers, today we had our meeting at the home of a sister. It is beautiful to see how despite the difficulties Jehovah is responsible for feeding us spiritually to continue to endure until the end. .
    Debido a la situación que enfrenta nuestro país en Nicaragua y por la seguridad de nuestros hermanos, hoy tuvimos nuestra reunión en casa de una hermana. Es hermoso ver cómo a pesar de las dificultades Jehová se encarga de alimentarnos espiritualmente para seguir aguantando hasta el final.

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    서기문 reacted to Queen Esther in ISN'T THAT CUTE ❤ ?? A tiny rescued Hummingbird, safe in 2 hands, feeding with many blossoms... (short video)   
    ISN'T  THAT  CUTE ? ??   A  tiny  rescued  Hummingbird
    safe  in  2 hands,  feeding  with  many  blossoms...  ( very  short  video... I watched it more times )
     ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
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