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  1. HI, will you be posting the weekly Audio again, this is the first thing I look for in the morning, everything I need is there, please keep up the good work

  2. no pictures, just the word Foto

  3. Looking forward to the weekly Audio, It really makes my day when I see them posted.

  4. Hi Librarian, just writing to see if we can get any Audio for the lesson the week.  Thank you

  5. Will the Audio for August be out soon, I really enjoy listening to the lessons

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Yes.. I posted it yesterday.

    2. peaches60


      I think I said thank you, but if not, Thank you:D

  6. peaches60


  7. Any weekly audio's for the week of july 17th

  8. Circuit Overseer told the congregation tonight to listen only to the GB on this issue. Go to j.w.org we can find out what is true there.
  9. No weekly Audio? I love sitting back with a cup of tea and listen to the bible reading, songs, study material, I'm spoiled, I know but the weekly Audio just makes my day.

  10. A few sisters are wearing white tops and navy skirts, so what.
  11. The song is on the J.W.org site, its beautiful. I played it over and over again. You can hear it on YouTube also
  12. weekly study materials for june 27- july. Wow did I miss my food for the week, I hope not but I can't find it

  13. NO, I use Netflix everyday

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