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  1. Did you ever hear that one of the trapped Chilean miners was a brother? I thought I either heard or read it somewhere and am looking for the article.  

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      I do remember something to that effect ... seems like yesterday that it happened. When you do find something please post a copy under JW > South America > Chile.   Thanks.


  2. LOL ? ? ? You couldn't be further from the truth, pun intended. IF you're offended, I apologize. but note: I made no definitive statement(s).
  3. Bros. n Sis. Please be careful responding to Eoin Joyce. Prior comments and posts appear to have apostate leanings.
  4. babblings, I get your point, but the article makes two statements at the same time: 1- In fact, some appointed brothers have beards. (I, too, have never seen someone on the stage or in a publication, with the exception of character portrayals, with a beard, so I don't know where they are appointed.) 2- In other cultures or localities, beards are not the custom and are not considered acceptable for Christian ministers. In fact, having one may hinder a brother from bringing glory to God by his dress and grooming and his being irreprehensible. (This would not be the case for anywhere in
  5. The brother in that picture, as sure as my name is djsqueeze, has a shadow. (HAD TO REVISE AFTER BLOWING UP THE PIC)
  6. It is No Shave November to highlight Cancer. I'm NOT shaving. I'm itching like crazy, but I'm not shaving.
  7. VI. Analysis A. The Highwood Congregation Is Not Subject to Judicial Review [71] The Highwood Congregation is a group of people who associate together because they share common religious values. It is a private organization.[34] [72] The Highwood Congregation is like a bridge club whose members love bridge and meet on a regular basis to play the game and enjoy each other’s company. The decisions the bridge club makes – when and where to meet, the obligations of the host, the duration of a session, who may be invited as a guest when a regular is unav
  8. Nice to see the inside from TX. Been a long time since I've been "home". I went to school very close to the Assembly Hall, about 3 blocks away, before it was the Assembly site it is today.
  9. 1st pic: Bro.'s Carmouche, Sellers, and Robinson 2nd pic: Bro.'s Vasquez, Robinson, and Vasquez 3rd pic: Bro.'s Carmouche, Sellers, Robinson and Sis. Vasquez
  10. @The Librarian. It's interesting that you have the pic of our sisters outside Wal-mart. Here in Katy that is exactly one of the places my congregation does its cart witnessing.
  11. Katy South - acting out a skit based on the song Keep the Pace from JW Broadcasting April 2016 20160813_184122.mp4
  12. After having left Jehovah for almost 20yrs, I gave my first talk with a full beard in Teaneck, NJ. As an unbaptized publisher I did not shave my beard and went out in service. (I had come from NH and a few brothers up there wore beards during the winter months. So, I kept the custom, even in the summer months.) Just prior to the time for my 2nd talk one of the elders came to me and we had a discussion. I told him about the brothers in NH. He countered with both NJ not being NH and it was the summer. Then he said that I would not be allowed to give my 2nd talk unless I shaved. (Apparen
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