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  1. When they are good ides they cannot be refuted and then people go to ridicule... so I welcome you to pick it apart - with logic
  2. Read my answer above - reply to that in a LOGICAL way please - without the ridicule........ that is - if you are capable of answering without ridicule. Because many people use ridicule when they are ineffective. I see a confused emoji there - so I guess that is the only answer I will get.
  3. I was thinking: young men who arrived in Babylon during the first group of EXILES were about 15 years old... they were educated and lived in Babylon...... many of them (except Daniel) had died out during the 70 years of exile.... Many of the EXILED generation were born and died in Babylon and many of them were born (let us say) ten years before the return to Jerusalem with their parents. Due to their different overlapping ages, their experiences regarding the exile were different BUT they were still living in the EXilic generation. The new age groups learnt about their homeland and temple from their parents and listened to stories from their grandfathers about Jerusalem and true worship of Jehovah at the temple. This created a longing to go back in the new age groups. The EXILES returned home to Jerusalem - a home they had never seen ! They instituted pure worship after rebuilding the temple Were they called EXILES from Babylon? Yes. Did they view themselves as exiles in Babylon - even if they were born there? Yes. BUT THEY WERE NOT THE ORIGINAL EXILES......... THEY WERE PART OF THE OVERLAPPING GENERATION (THE DIFFERENT AGES) WHO MADE UP THE GENERATION who experienced different parts of the exile AND WERE CALLED EXILES! Someone who reads a lot of history understand this concept very well..... but many people do not read history. This is why we also speak of empires. Empires can last hundreds of years with a certain dynasty ruling..... but this empire usually has many individual rulers. The PERIOD is clumped together because the time is defined by many similar characteristics! And one dynasty ruling.
  4. Ridiculous... this is not a reasonable argument it is an insulting statement.... when a person cannot be logical they insult.
  5. That is 2 groups of people but living at same time and of much different ages....... this overlapping ages in one ling generation.
  6. I used my example to illustrate how 4 generations could be living at the same time and have influence on 4 generations. Your reply is an excellent example of changing the subject and using it for an excercise in mindless redicule - hate-OCD at play.....
  7. I don't understand how we could be living together with You are right... I read too fast! But say, I die and my grandchild is 10 years old.... there is enough time to have an influence in the life of that child - to teach them about jehovah.... so there is yourself, your son and his son..... three overlapping generations on earth together... and when people have children young, it can become 4 generations if the first lives long enough. And the great grandfather can have an influence on all four generations! Just as the bible says!
  8. Those who would have dropped out (even with physical attendance) would drop out. ... because it shows what motivation is in the heart. It is easier not to have to travel to meetings and many interested ones find it easier to attend online. Video's are very popular with the young ones - so adapting to the medium which suits them, is a very good idea!
  9. Says who? Because you just do not agree and it does not fit your own ideas? So explain to me how it is possible that we are living in 2021 and we have x-generation, millennials, and baby boomers (overlapping generations) living together!
  10. That is proof that different generations make up one generation. Some people were still stuck in the old ideas while the younger ones quickly adopt the new thoughts.
  11. Without going into details - we live in the X-generation at present. But this generation also comprises Baby boomers and Millennials.... so is that not overlapping?
  12. As you know, I preached amongst Muslims. The bible clearly indicates (notthe GB) that one has to accept the ransom sacrifice and have faith in the resurrection of Jesus to be raised yourself! Muslims as well as other religions do NOT accept the death of Christ. So you can decide what you think! While many of them are very sweet they do not believe in the concept of sin. They just want the mercy of god! The judgment Day is not what people think! Judgment does NOT just have the meaning of giving punishment. If you go to court- BOTH sides are heard to give a final judgment. It will be the same under Christ's kingdom. Those unrighteous ones who have a resurrection will be taught from the new scrolls that will be opened. They will be judged according to their deeds after learning the truth!. Ezekiel 9 talks about the angel with the inkpot that will mark everyone for survival through Armageddon. We are in this period right now! The winds of destruction are being held back for the 144000 to be sealed and also for the great crowd to be marked! We are marked according to our Christian personality. Most other Christian denominations are ready to fight with their guns and are ready to stand up to the government (get politically involved!) which is the mark of the beast! .......Is that displaying the "christian personality"? So you judge JWs when we say that few will be saved through Armageddon..... but the bible itself says this! The bible itself says they must have the name of the father AND the son! If you read your bible regularly you will feel guilty over any behavior that is unacceptable to Jehovah and adjust it according to the righteous standards of God - being NICE is NOT the criteria! Accepting Jehovah and his Son means that we also accept those "principles " which most people find tedious and unnecessary!
  13. So this is the greatest sin on earth ..... ? A record of murder, deceit, grand theft as well as moral corruption is not worse?...... Because if you want me to identify most religions on earth and what their track record is then I have quite a few interesting world religions and some off-shoots for you! .... and what their track records are. But you also have hate-OCD. You only focus your hate on one group... that is plain for all to see!
  14. Yes - manufactured by modern philosophies. Without Jehovah's standards of "good and bad" (morality) all human endeavors will fail. When I read about the Nano-science they are busy with and ready to put into us - I shudder to think that these people have not respect for life and definitely NO moral conscience. Mankind has turned evil and money and greed has made it so!
  15. He is like the man who hung next to Jesus - he will learn about everything when he gets a resurrection. Jehovah loves those who repent of their opposition to him and take a new road in life. Who bend their personalities to please his principled ways.
  16. I know my history my dear! Already early in the SECOND century (after the death of Apostle John), there were apostates coming into the congregation and creating a ruling class which culminated in the catholic church when the title of pontiff maximus was adopted by Constantine the Great when he made Catholicism the official church of the Roman empire - from there many similar churches broke away....... You start to apply this scripture only in the last century - LOL to try and prove it was Russel or JWs.....Churches ruled many countries and killed many christians! LOL. The Pope appointed European kings for almost 1000 years and was ABOVE them as an appointment from GOD! His rule was viewed as one coming down from GOD! I think YOU really think like a woman - too emotional and too little true history!
  17. If one does not "Exercise faith" in christ. That means that you must accept that Jesus lived a self-sacrificing life and died in a self-sacrificing dead. His whole anointed life replaced the sacrifices offered year after year in the tabernacle and temple. This therefore means that one must have accurate knowledge of God and christ for everlasting life John 17:3.
  18. But if your church teaches immortality of the soul ( you have been taught a lie) . But if your church has taught you that christ was immortal God and never died (because an immortal cannot die) - then you do not accept the ransom sacrifice. ... So the church you choose can mean your everlasting life or death
  19. I am reading one of the older publications at present...... but I see what I can " learn from it in the light of 2021 vision" sometimes it provides a pleasant surprise ....or just what I expected.... not full understanding at the time... BUT.. I do not critisized it with 2021 hindsight. It is the "motive " one has when one looks back. I do not indulge these people who seem to have ulterior motives... who look to the past and critisize it and do it with a pretense of not understanding......... I recall that that Satan pretended not to know when he said : is it so...... you are not to eat from ....
  20. I often watch folk music from various countries. I do not know if you know Portuguese Fado - the single singers usually have great voices! But the tradition is totally different to this! These girls come from Republic of Georgia - where I lived for one and half years! They are all musical. I went to two JW weddings and usually they have folk music and dancing. The men do the jumping dances and even the old men do it. They do not always sing with instruments - really beautiful! The Georgian woman dance as though they are floating while the men do all the acrobatic stuff. They also start singing in large groups! they also do the throat singing. and they sing without music in different voices!
  21. I am talking about her sense of justice and of context of time - she has none. That is why she is so adamant about old history - she drags it up all the time. That is why I said she will drag up old stuff even if she lived in the time of David.
  22. I do not believe it is. Historically she would have brought up all the older things he did or said - like she is now going into far back history and expecting 2021 behavior and answers
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