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  1. As I have mentioned on this forum before - during the 18th century there was a new craze in Europe regarding pyramids and papyri from Egypt. many Christian denominations tried to see something prophetic in the pyramids. The founder of the Mormon religion bought a papyri and pretended it was a letter from Abraham when it was a portion of a Book of the Dead which came with a mummy.. He pretended to translate the papyrus and the 'Book of Abraham' was born. many people were fascinated and listened to him. it has now been proven to be a fabrication and yet many people still believe it. Why? because the science of Egyptology only opened up when Napoleon went to Egypt - so the craze for anything Egyptian was the craze of the age. It was the new science. The Egyptian script was translated by Champollion. So if you know this history - you will see all of the above history in its historical context.......... but alas! there is a short-sightedness that no-one will be able to cure!
  2. True - I do not take you guys seriously at all. I like to learn new things all the time but for a reasonable time now there are only OCD echo's and very little to really think or talk about or learn.
  3. Of course - and it is spot-on. Most apostates suffer from this compulsive behaviour of hate for everything to do with JWs. It is totally irrational and all answers are the same.... motivated by hate.
  4. You are kind to say this! I think most here know exactly the reasons but CHOOSE to remain obtuse because they have reached a stage in life where they oppose everything to do with Jehovah and his people. They are irrational and nasty.... hence the term given to them: Hate-OCD. They do not come here to learn but to divide and conquer! .... Unfortunately not for Jehovah. They have the same spirit the Pharisees had.
  5. True - they were not called GB but they performed this important function. A group of anointed Christians were sending out letters and making centralized decisions from Jerusalem. For example, James (the brother of Jesus) presided over the meetings about circumcision and Paul specially went ack to Jerusalem to Witness about the gentiles receiving Jehovah's spirit. They made a centralized decision and sent out letters to all congregations to inform them that circumcision of gentiles was not needed. Read all about this in Acts 15.
  6. I have never seen the word "true anointed" in the bible. You are going to wait a looooooong time!
  7. Not really - we know what it will not be upbuilding - if we take account of your track record.
  8. Yehovah is the same as Jehovah - the first is hebrew and the second english - same sounds. If you know any other languages you will know that the first thing one learns is PRONUNCIATION! The Hebrew Y is the same sound as english J
  9. This woman is NOT the anointed (the bride is spoken of betrothed to christ) but this same heavenly woman is prophesied in Genesis 3:15. She would bring forth the SEED that eventually would crush Satan's head! Paul calls the main part of the seed - the Christ. So this seed christ comes from this heavenly woman. So does it refer to an earthly woman or a heavenly one? Well - since Satan also has heavenly seed - or angels who fight against the heavenly SEED of Jehovah it stands to reason an earthly woman does not have power to fight spirit beings. So this is a heavenly woman that is often spoken of in the bible as a wife of Jehovah and he is her husbandly owner. It is his heavenly organization from where Jesus came to earth.
  10. The true Christians survived - so they did not just know - but they obeyed. Some of those prophecies apply to today - so it depends how we understand (know and OBEY.
  11. No - because the wheat is the anointed and not all the anointed were collected in Jesus's time. Matthew 13 shows that the wheat and the weeds must grow together until the ' time of the end'. Then Jesus will gather the wheat out of the world and during Armageddon - he will destroy the weeds.
  12. You assume the role of supreme judge and executioner. I may believe you if you can identify any other religion which can take our place. The test? Which religion preaches the Name of Jehovah and carries the name of Jehovah.... Please answer this question without hypocracy!
  13. I did not say if their values are good or bad. It is one of the most corrupt organizations on earth. All their cultural organizations have been pushing the transgender and transhuman agendas...... satanic values.
  14. Babylon as the world empire of false religion - the beast she is riding now will turn around and attack her (The Pope is now one of the largest proponents of Agenda 2030 together the the WEF). The beast that Babylon the Great is riding will attacked her (UN). If you read Revlation 17 and 18 you will see that when the image of the beast turns against her - the world economic system will collapse. I think the are speeding up UN agenda 2030 against all costs. ... so the disastrous events may happen one after another and may pan out sooner than we think.
  15. Saw a headline today - UN working with BIG Tech to make list of all those who they deem to be enemies of the NWO, their goals and moral values.
  16. This time goes past quickly. A lot of suffering is waiting for the world. More people will die die from the virus and its associated therapies than ever imagined.. and by 2030 the UN wants its plan ( Agenda 2030) to be completed. I hope Armageddon comes quicker because a terrible tribulation is waiting for the world under a new world government which tolerates nothing except its own concept of what the new world order under their dispensation should be. These people are heartless and violent -like their aitheist God. You will not be able to buy or sell food if you do not comply. So like Habakkuk we will wish for it to be here while we suffer ..... but it will come.
  17. You did not read matthew 13. So I think our discussion is over. You speak of things you do not understand..... just judge without sufficient knowledge.... There is another name for that but I leave this here. I do not argue with a Baal stone.
  18. it is those who say they are anointed by taking the emblems whenever they feel like it in the churches..... they who sit in the place of god as judges and treating the true wheat badly. Read the last part of matthew 13: 24 - 29 the parable of the weeds...... satan sowed into the original congregation weeds - and they grew until today. Read the parable....
  19. When did this happen? When organized religion became an empire in the second and third centuries CE.
  20. We will offer bible studies and will only stop this work when we become the only target set for destruction in agreement with Ez 38 - when Gog of magog see we have no protection and attack us. When they completely are in the Holy place. This will be after the "man of lawlessness" has been exposed and Babylon the great (religion) been outlawed. When we stop bible studies/ preaching it will then be too late for anyone. No knowledge of Jehovah will no longer be available. The time when you will not find truth and darkness ruling the earth will be here. Our final message will be one the governments do not like! Before the UN declares "peace and security" we will see a totalitarian-like regime where one cannot " buy or sell " if you do not do what the authority tells you to do.
  21. No - you show hate-OCD without anyone motivating you to do so! The poison comes from your own heart! Do not use your warped psychology on me!
  22. I did not know that you wanted to own a kingdom hall? You are obsessed with money - and judgment .......
  23. They do this with everyone who speaks the truth as well. That is why corporations are ensuring that no negative things are said about the "prick in the arm -thingy" which is now being promoted as the best thing ever! Satan is running this world now with deceit and propaganda. Revelation 16:14 - 16 says that it is propaganda which leads to Armageddon. The propaganda is given is in neo-commie style. In China one may only "speak" what the state allows you to speak. Well "soft-totalitarianism" is here in the west. The governments are now working with media corporations and other corporations according to the WEF agreement made 2 years ago with the UN. They will soon cut all information which they view as "untruth". All the fact checking corporations are already under their control. People will be fed untruths all the time (crowd control). This is how they will eventually turn against Babylon the Great (all religions) when they feel safe enough to do so - when they feel they have enough control. That is why we cannot trust any political organization or any other organization that makes money in this system. They are all corrupt. Satan is openly running everything right now and all the cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork. Only Jehovah can be trusted.
  24. You said everyone had an agenda! And I said that if you follow only God then the agenda is ok. Do you mean to say I am wrong ? That one can have any agenda and be acceptable to God? Please explain yourself better!
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