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  1. The city of Ur was a moongod city, Haran where Abraham lived until his father died was a moongod city. Sinai was also known to be a moongod region. Moon worship was as prevalent as sun worship. Many desert regions worshipped the moon because of the dew that came at night.
  2. The Pope is spearheading "sustainable development" which is part of agenda 2030 of the UN. All these celebrations are to further native culture and sustainable development. The Pope is also spearheading the Abrahamic covenant.... also promoting the plans of the UN (riding of the beast?)
  3. I knew it would soon leak out that JWs are amongst them. The world has not yet 'named' us as persecuted although other leaked stories indicate "conscientious objectors". China and other totalitarian states are part of the King of the North.... Daniel 11: 36 to the end of chapter. There is an economic pushing going on for the wealth of the earth and the opposition to Jehovah's people is unspeakably fierce. The catholic church in China have removed all icons in the churches and a arge picture of the CCP leader and two other members are worshipped. The Pope is at present renego
  4. Evidence provided by UN I suppose.......this is why I leave off talking to you: you have enough time to sit in front of your computer all day and look up articles written by PRO_UN sources and put it on these pages. I do not have that kind of time BUT I have been watching the UN for a longer time than you have and believe me - you do not want to be under their rule! Their people are as corrupt as they can come. So dominate these pages by quoting irrelevant data produced by the "right" people with the credentials YOU approve of. I have more important things to do than arguing with pe
  5. You have not said much yourself. ... except excelling in rudeness , more than I could ever wish to emulate. That seems to be your forte..... Let me quess..... your distain for the bible and your obvious distain for us comes from your 'religion' and faith in Darwinism?
  6. I doubt it. Since you think you have all the truth. Even the headline above this thread is a statement not a "seeking of truth". it creates the impression that 1914 is bogus.... so let us get truthful around here - please?
  7. Some archeologists acknowledge these 'adjustments' to get one nice uniform picture of history. (I call it doctoring because Champollion paired the wrong king of the bible with the wrong Egyptian king - and started a chronology of error. This battle in Egyptology is common knowledge because it affects the dates of all the other nations who had dealings with Egypt - especially battles! There is a massive debate in Egyptology because they have found much evidence of the Israelites in Avaris at a much earlier date. More than 300 years difference to their early time lines and then the clos
  8. The watchtower chronology does not work off these astronomical numbers alone...... You guys like to go there so you can look smart and be right (ego) and you have your lackeys here who think you are marvelous. As I said before: and you will ignore me again - the death of Cyrus is set in stone. Work from a date that does not include the stars and planets...... because there were many things happening back then in the skies. The skies were not a constant as you seem to believe. Darwinists also believe the earth was absolutely constant...... and unfortunately they are wrong in their
  9. Is it not coincidence that Cyrus the Great was confirmed as king of the four corners of the earth on Nissan 14, 538BCE. during the festival of Atiku. This was when the amnesty was announced to celebrate this occasion. No - when people like him deliberately mislead people under the guise of scholarship - when in fact it is his personal opinion because like secular scholars he only harps on the bits that suits his theories..... and he calls himself a practicing JW. it is a form pf deceit. So I call him out on this.
  10. You make it sound almost real. It is not. That date has been doctored to be in line with the Egyptian chronology. The year that Cyrus the great died is set in stone - all scholars recognize 530 BCE and he ruled for 9 years - You keep going back to the old stuff - once again because it suits your MO. Cyrus died: December 4, 530 BC, Syr Darya......this date is recognized by all scholars. Online JW library: ' The one tablet known as the “Nabunaid Chronicle” gives the date for the fall of Babylon which specialists have ascertained as being October 12-13, 539 B.C., Julian Calendar,
  11. yes - he will for once and for all in human history prove that humans cannot rule the earth successfully! ... it will be beyond reasonable doubt.... because humans will bring the worst rulership ever on earth and use the height of human discovery to oppress fellow humans and perpetrate the worst atrocities against humankind. It will stand forever as the worst kind of rulership ever!
  12. The disgusting thing is related to being the god in the place of the true god. UN wants to bring peace and security which is the expressed will of Jehovah when he restores this earth under His government. this is agenda 2030 : " to end poverty and hunger everywhere; to combat inequalities within and among countries; to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies; to protect human rights and promote- gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; and to ensure the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources. We resolve also to create conditions for sustainable, inc
  13. I quote agenda 2030: We+resolve,+between+now+and+2030,+to+end+poverty+and+hunger+everywhere;+to+combat+ inequalities+ within+ and+ among+ countries;+ to+ build+ peaceful,+ just+ and+ inclusive+ societies;+ to+ protect+ human+ rights+and+ promote+gender+equality+and+ the+empowerment+ of+women+and+ girls;+and+to+ensure+the+lasting+protection+of+the+planet+and+its+natural+resources.+We+resolve+ also+ to+create+conditions+ for+ sustainable,+inclusive+and+ sustained+economic+growth,+ shared+ prosperity+ and+ decent+ work+ for+ all,+ taking+ into+ account+ different+ levels+ of+ national+ deve
  14. Yes - spiritual darkness is coming because governments will not allow dissemination of the truth or the bible. We may have to go on what we have already assimilated.
  15. If they are not resurrected as they were before then it will be a clone - not be them..... Jehovah will resurrect them with the same attributes and attitudes they had before. The biggest education program of truth will ensue. What about many of the ancient Chinese who did not know about Jesus - what he did for us? What about the ancient Aztecs who did not know about Jesus as the one to heal us under his rulership. They will have to be taught about Jesus and accept the ransom sacrifice to benefit from it. Those new scrolls will do the job.! What he said makes perfect sense...... I
  16. Correct. As you know I write everything from memory..... getting older. I am not arguing over history - who is right or not. I am showing how the disgusting thing of TODAY is in its place. That was the reason for mentioning the emperor in the first place. Do you see the disgusting thing is starting to take control? It is because you approve of a 'centralized government' and control of environment to the extreme extent where all food and water will be controlled. As I said before ... you are a little blind because you do not THINK things through. HOW this will wo
  17. If she attended meeting she would be accepted back and if she requested to come back they will definitely accept her. As Deut 32 says: The Rock, perfect is his activity,cFor all his ways are justice.dA God of faithfulnesse who is never unjust;fRighteous and upright is he.g 5 They are the ones who have acted corruptly.hThey are not his children, the defect is their own.iThey are a crooked and twisted generation!" People always shift the blame for their own wickedness or their own imperfections on others. Yes - there are injustices - but nothing one cannot get over. I had a te
  18. You just throw scriptures mentioning food together without distinguishing between spiritual and physical food... While the thought is nice it is not accurate.... Going into past arguments again and who is right and wrong and .... whatever...... - old men's EGOs at play..... LOL Always going into the OLD behaviour patterns where it is comfortable.
  19. You do not see it - do you? You are wasting your time!
  20. The 'disgusting thing' only appeared in the end of the end times - Rome. Signs of wars with the terrorists were there since Antiochus 4 put Zeus in the temple..... unrest lasted a long time. It escalated badly after the death of Jesus. Rumors of war was rife and terrorist incidents. The Romans were at the end of their tether when they came to Jerusalem in 66 CE....... unfortunately Valerian had to deal with death of Nero first and left for Egypt to cut off the food supplies to Rome. Today, the disgusting thing is here and is already deciding policies. ... the world lockdown of WHO
  21. Wait until next year..... when we come out of more lockdowns and the Monetary system is reset. The stocks at present are artificially high.... but the food lines are getting longer.
  22. No - we are just glad that things are really heating up...... which means our faith has not been in vain. That is all. Yes we are uncertain but not without a ROCK to lean on. Jehovah is our fortress, our crag. In him we trust. The GB are cautious - more than ever before and rightly so. He will be in control of the final outcome.
  23. There is a German, Australian on GB and those who help them are from all over the earth. So what is your beef?
  24. Do you keep up with catholic news? I do... There is a terrible chasm......in the church. Do you know about the debauched parties at the Vatican? etc? The Man of lawlessness (false christian religion) will be revealed before the end.... those who do not adhere to Jehovah's principles/morals.
  25. That is why in the end they will turn against us.... we expect that. But we cannot sit on the fence. We take sides with Jehovah's government while being totally a-political and totally NON-violent. We are not pacifist because we promote faith in Jehovah's future government. The bible indicates that Armageddon will be against the hardened rulers who will oppose the incoming kingdom government. Read revelation 19. The sign will be there that Jesus wants to take over. We will give a warning message - even if we all are in prison....... which I hope will happen because we will strengthen
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