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  1. We call it a private pension fund in SA but it is similar to a 401k. He is almost 43...... but he wants to leave. They are planning to force private pension funds in SA to invest in governments projects- which will land up in the pockets of corrupt officials. This is just symptomatic of what is waiting for the rest of the world when lawlessness takes over....
  2. Law and order has been deteriorating but has reached fearful proportions of instability in South Africa. The criminal element is rampant and police stand by and do nothing. Transportation trucks are being burnt and looted on highways and black foreign workers are murdered daily in xenophobia while farm owners are seen as fair game for torture and murder due to them being viewed as "colonizers". The infrastructure, which has not been maintained for 20 years, is soon to collapse. It is said that soon there will only be 4 hours of electricity per day. Most water sources are now contaminated by sewerage. This will affect all business. Rioting is already rampant and it is not a safe country any more, especially if you are a white tourist. Most of the ANC leaders have stolen the wealth if the country and put it in foreign off-shore accounts. Individuals in government are constantly exposed for theft of hundreds of millions but no court cases ensue, and if they do, the perpetrators get away with it. Who has suffered the most in all of this? The poor who cannot get jobs. Whites cannot get jobs because of BEE (black economic empowerment). And blacks cannot get jobs because of BEE. Whites who start a business with staff must have a black partner who (by law) has to own 51% of the business and the staff must reflect an inordinately high quota of black people. Hence very little new businesses are started because the business is not your own and you cannot choose skilled workers because of the color quota. With so much rioting at universities where students pass with 30%..... the accreditation is non-existent and one cannot employ a worker knowing they have the skills for the job. South Africa is in chaos yet the news in the West is censored to downplay the bad news about SA (South Africa). China is buying up a lot of the key resources in Africa and may buy the electricity grid in SA. The ANC leaders will pocket the money (as with all underground mineral rights) and China will annex and protect their assets with Chinese police on the ground - as they have done also in other African countries. My son got a job offer in New Zealand but the new (anti-emigration) laws cause terrible delay for leaving the country. He has not received his last month's salary and must wait 8 weeks for it. His pension which should pay out (hopefully he will get it) is so highly taxed that it will be hard to make up for the loss in a new country...... and to crown it all..... if he does manage to keep the job offer and leave the country - he will have to pay taxes in SA until he becomes a citizen of the new country. Have you seen any of this in the foreign press?
  3. The congres under obama (globalists on both sides of the isle) voted for the dollar to eventually be replaced by digital currency ( world digital currency). It was sneaked in in 2015. This means the petro- dollar will disappear and adjustments will be made to cover debt internationally. .... the american economy will not be as strong as before. There is talk of a fedcoin.... but all digital money will be intigrated internationally... they are planning a federation of blocks of nations. Euro is one and Canada, mexico and US together.... So the new world order will be a technocracy / oligarchy / plutocracy where digital companies will be doing the bidding of UN ( they are already doing the bidding of China and see China as the model to go forward)!. All humans will have to buy food with digital money - so they will know everything about you. What you buy and sell. What your opinions are etc. in Europe people are being sent to jail for saying things agains islam online and there are 2 cases where a person wrongfully called a transgender man a man - 2 years imprisonment. In sweden JWs picked up problems from EU for the convention clip which indicated we will have opposition from LGBT activists. I do not know the outcome of this. The world order is using google etc for tighter restrictions on speech. It is already Sharia compliant in many countries and transgender compliant in many countries. If they do not comply - massive fines are given by EU EU is good example of what is coming- UN behind the scenes and EU and operating in same way. Verhofstad and Junker openly say that stalin and mao se Tung were efficient leaders..... first they remove trade borders, then financial borders. And then political borders (possible without war) How are capitalists and communists working together towards one world order? Super capitalistic companies are global companies such as Monsanto, google etc. together with bankers and oligarchs. Communism and super capitalism both have super rich people with the rest of the subjects as pleps. These super rich are yearly meeting to facilitate the progress of the plan and most olugarchs are now vying for positions in the new dispensation. Who will do banking, provide food Monsanto) water etc. NGOs are already operating in USA at local levels to implement local laws in line with the UN s "Agenda 21" . They work under the guise to be "sustainable planet" companies... there is more... but i think this gives idea of how they are doing it. china is buying up large parts of the earth , especially the minerals because it will give higher value to their digital money. The bible indicates that the seven headed beast will be replaced by eighth king. Governments willingly give it its power. This has been going on behind the scenes and at the right time they will go in full power. The image of the beast is different to the previous 7 empires - do not think it has no teeth. It is already behind this loss of free speech, the suppression of news regarding migrant crimes as agreed upon last year in UN Migrant compact 2018 - signed in december by most nations ( except trump, hungary, poland, Austria ) and behind the one digital maneuvering of currency, the destruction of borders and legal autonomy etc.
  4. I saw his tomb in England.... he was killed in South Africa in a skirmish.... Sad to lose his life this way for a war that was not his. Here is some info on him: from Wikipedia: Napoléon Bonaparte, was the only child of Emperor Napoleon III and his Empress consort, Eugénie de Montijo. After his father was dethroned in 1870, he relocated with his family to England. On his father's death in January 1873, he was proclaimed by the Bonapartist faction as Napoleon IV, Emperor of the French. In England, he trained as a soldier. Keen to see action, he successfully put pressure on the British to allow him to participate in the Anglo-Zulu War. In 1879, serving with British forces, he was killed in a skirmish with a group of Zulus. His early death sent shockwaves throughout Europe, as he was the last serious dynastic hope for the restoration of the House of Bonaparte to the throne of France.
  5. Saw such toilets in Italy and in Portugal..... drain systems were quite advanced with water flowing. They washed the sponges in the little pools in front of them. I am not sure if people kept their own sponges or it was public sponges because public sponges could lead to the spread of disease. Must have been hard to come down from a 3 or 4 storey building (your rooms) to go to the toilet at night with a little oil lamp.... Thanks for modern conveniences! Yes, privacy was not cherished. The poor all had public facilities and the rich had slaves which could gape at all your private events going on.... We cannot imagine the life style...
  6. Arauna


    The transfat one is cute - sent it to my friends!
  7. This thing that has set itself up in God's temple has been around since the second century - Read matt 13 to see who sowed the weeds and when they would be pulled out....in time of end- when their fruits are fully visible. Read up about the Greek influence in the 2nd century congregation and how this philosophy influenced the congregation. While the apostles were alive they kept it in control but after john died is quickly spread until Constantine the great made it an empire who controlled kings. The one sitting in the temple of God with great power has been around for centuries not a hundred years. Babylon the Great is teaching the exact same teachings which took hold after the flood. They are not proclaiming the Kingdom as the solution for mankinds problems - and I guess neither are you because you do not belong to that nation which learns war no more in the last days.... Babylon the great teachings is the trinity and immortality of the soul etc etc. Tell me - where did you learn these teachings were false? From the very hand you are biting now? You are deluding yourself.... and I am being kind to show you this. I am not superior but I understand the scriptures and Jehovah's purpose. My confidence comes from Jehovah's Spirit. Your comments show your acidity with the GB because you have not got a special spot to shed your special light on everyone. But is it really a light/lamp from Jehovah ...or your own ideas..... You seem to have the same OCD I see with some of the others here..... always back to the same old song..... to get recognition as a true anointed but without the "land" or the holy nation..... ......Not sowing seeds of the kingdom but of division. By your fruits I know you....
  8. Oh dear - So the events of 1914 and the history just gets thrown out by an expert who is not truly an expert. Sorry.... I am not arguing about this. I know the history too well to be impressed by your aberrations. What you guys do not realize is that the image of the beast has already started ruling behind the scenes and the devastation will soon be upon us when the UN (the image of the beast) openly does what it wants. Will all the virgins have their lamps filled with Jehovah's spirit oil or will they have their own oil which does not burn and give light to them....... and death dealing to those who listen to them. (5 virgins are the anointed who were not ready) and war mongering because they cannot have the cake and devour it? Thanks - but no thanks..... I do not agree with you... I think a generation can be 120 years. The last generation in Noahs day was 120 years. ... and Jehovah compares the flood to the last days of this system..... Soon we will see the true face of Satan when his people openly start ruling the world. Everything is already in place while 5 virgins are sleeping....
  9. . I am sure that period did not occure during the Second world war as the WT explains. You please provide evidence to the contrary!
  10. I think you have made up your own version of what is in the bible - that is why you are at odds with the GB. The root cause of mankind's problems was the choosing of independence from Jehovah. The inability to cooperate and be part of his people we see many examples of - like Corah. He was so sure he had God's blessing! poor man. Luckily Jehovah did not put him in Gehenna - only Sheol. I understand the scriptures - so I ask you the same question..... Who has hold over you? .... the heart is treacherous and always wants to be independent....
  11. Silly - how can one provide proof of something that does not exist? In the Australian enquiry there were no other organizations who said they had records.......... or can you provide proof to the contrary?
  12. Israel fulfilled their purpose and Jehovah stayed loyal to them until this was fulfilled. Jesus only preached to the Jews - so they would have been the kings and priest promised in Exodus 19..... but Jehovah then turned to the nations to produce the Israel of God.
  13. I write from memory but as far as I remember this refers to the period after Jesus started ruling in heaven during the first world war. Mal 3 refers to the cleansing which took place in this time. The king of the fortresses after this in Daniel 11 then then stands up (Russia) and the king of the south pushes against him (cold war era). The last part of verse 40 and 41 - 44 will soon go into fulfillment. ( I also think that Russia and China have the same imperialistic goals at present). The west has almost been conquered by the cultural communistic agenda and the One World Government of the UN is starting to rule covertly as we speak. (Look at other headings on this forum such as Migrant compact 2018).They want the full Agenda 2030 to be in place by the year 2030. The Northern Seleucid king Antiochus IV put Zeus in the temple at Jerusalem and profaned it - this will happen again because they will force all religions to accept the UN god - the old god of the fortresses (UN religion will be forced on us) which will run this system of things. The morality the UN will prescribe like a bible - will be the new morality we are starting to see appearing out in the open in gender politics with transgenderism totally accepted and being indoctrinated in universities and schools. They will expect all religions to accept this as well or face the consequences....it may be at this time that priests, rabbis and imams pretend not to be religious leaders etc.....religion will be unfashionable. UN will call peace and security and then all hell will break lose.
  14. One does not have to have the experience to be able to put yourself in another persons situation. The fact you have experience can make you too judgmental and emotional and crowd out common sense. It is not always an asset to have experience of evil things. To insinuate that we do not have empathy reminds me of these transgender people who are always playing the victim card. ..... they officially, according to the new philosophy, cannot discriminate against anyone because they have suffered and been discriminated against - which is most probably the biggest lie ever told to promote transgender politics. People who have been discriminated against often become the biggest discriminators of others in other areas.... but they are blind to their own mistakes. This is not true but I am a realist - I do not expect people to simply believe allegations even if it may be true (allegations are allegations until one has proof) - one needs facts and proof to put someone out of the congregation or in jail. You obviously do not understand that this is a world-wide problem and it is a symptom of Satan ruling this world. It is to a much lesser degree amongst Jehovah's people because we do make an effort to keep the congregation clean. In other religions one can fornicate and do all kinds of things and get away with it..... I think you are so filled with bias that you cannot weigh any of the facts in a sensible way. Other denominations do not have records because they have never made an effort to keep any.... so they do not get negative publicity because they actually have tried to do the right thing. I watched a documentary recently where a prestigious Jewish school teacher was abusing children and her husband was a rabbi. The school board warned her and she fled to israel where she is receiving protection from extradition. (rabbis and their families are treated like gods). I will not even go into Islam or some of the charismatic churches.... if you are blind to these abuses which are ingrained and allowed in the religions ....and only focus on JWs who at least make an effort to keep the congregation clean - then you will remain the same and not see any good and any religions. You can just as well be an atheist - and even they do this. Because I can guarantee you it is in the whole world in every place where there are children. You do not trust Jehovah to do it at the right time? If you believe he exists and if you know that he is using this organization to do the preaching work - then surely you can believe that he will cleanse it when it needs to have a new cleanse..... he has cleansed it in the past. I agree with you that Jehovah will start with his congregation first - the people who carry his name. No one can play with the living God - Annanias and Saphira are a good example of that..... .
  15. Refers to individual persons Jehovah's people as a nation will not be annihilated because they are not unrighteous as a collective..... individuals soil the spiritual paradise. The final attack at Armageddon will be a direct attack on the anointed for sure..... There has been a cleaning of our teachings and ongoing progress of our procedures... and hardship has been like lye to wash us clean. We are imperfect people just like israel was a very imperfect nation. Nevertheless Jehovah used Israel for his purpose.... and his purpose now is the preaching work world-wide and to sound the warning and to get us all in a condition where we can live through Armageddon. They are fulfilling this commission and have stuck to this no matter what happened - through good and bad times.
  16. Soon to come my dear! Seems you know how to grab all kinds of quotes but you have not read any to make sense of it.... Do that.... you may learn something! I do not waste my time with people who just want to argue for the sake of arguing. So what do you think of Agenda 21 and UN Compact 2018? After all - this is the subject - what is your superior understanding about it?
  17. Accusations, accusations of being institutionalized problem.... make up your mind. In previous response you said you are not accusing all of us of being child molesters and condoning this.... And broadcasting will just give people like you more ammunition to dissect and accuse. As I said there - Jesus was being perfect and righteous and could not stand up to the scrutiny of the unrighteous. If you want to stone someone - you will find a stone. JWs do NOT condone child sex abuse and when we have proof they are put outside of the congregation.... and we used to keep records before any other organization did so and there was no legislation requesting this. For most part we have a peaceful and clean organization. But you are unrealistic regarding this world. I laugh at your naivety regarding this world. You are definitely very uninformed about what is going on. We are squeaky clean compared to the world. 1002 cases in 70 years? One case is too much ..... but most of these were not convicted cases and they were followed up and notes kept.... I am impressed that JWs did this when other organizations did not even 'bother' to do so. So you think a young boy of 12 who touched a girl inappropriately should be called a child molester for the rest of his life? Most people will think this young boy raped or had sex with minor girl. A lot of young boys at 17 years have consensual sex with girl of 15 years. The police often wait until they are 18 and then charge them as adult to have sex with minor..... You think this is OK justice?..... I am exposing your ignorance regarding this matter. We are not talking about drinking or drunken driving - we are talking here in this subject about having sex with minors. It is easy to judge the application of law and rules.... until you are in the judgment seat. This is why Jehovah cautions us not to judge others because then you are judging law..... few people are really wise enough with understanding of both sides to make a very sound and righteous judgment. I just looked this up on internet very quickly for james 4:11-12 (one of my favorite scriptures) This interpretation is not from a JW website but their understanding is similar to ours: james 4: 11-12 I don't get James' logic here. How is an act of judging a brother an act of judging the law? Good question. One possibility is that you are complaining that the law has not properly judged and 'punished' this brother. Think of how the elder brother begrudged his father's forgiveness of the prodigal when he returned. But I suspect we are missing something about Jewish legal interpretation here. The Law (Torah) is holy, the word of God, and by definition cannot be judged. Judging means slandering the neighbor, something the Law forbids you to do (Lev. 19), so by doing that you are "judging the law," i.e. putting yourself above the law, or as we would say "taking the law into your own hands." Be careful that you do not do this.... that is if you really care about your relationship with Jehovah.
  18. The broadcasting is a public forum for 'spiritual strengthening' not for diverting to personal matters. People who hate us gave more than enough twisted publicity to the Australian commission and they always left out the fact that we were the only organization to keep notes when there were no proper laws in place. In fact, ALL the media usually do not give any information on laws - they just act as if these laws were always in place. This is the weak standard of reporting these days. For our organization to defend the lies will just bring more condemnation because they will say we are defending child abuse.... or people can twist it so it looks like this. With hateful unreasonableness- one cannot win a satanic battle - whatever you do... the world system condemned Jesus, Paul. Stephen and many more and we know that Jehovah found them righteous in a very unjust world. How long ago was this? I do not know of any law which tells the elders or any spiritual organization to keep the notes for 50 - 70 years? Our organization was keeping notes when no other organization was keeping notes.... so if a person leaves the organization or stops coming to meetings would it be fitting to keep the notes? .... when there is no organization keeping notes. You expect such high standards of elders who are not 'police' with archives but merely spiritual shepherds. They are not supposed to persecute people they "think" are not good people and have not been 'convicted.' America is one of few countries which has an offenders list when peoples names are publicly on a list. So, if you did a stupid thing as a teenager you will be on this list forever until you die and your life is ruined. Does this sound like justice? Even if these people (offenders) want to change they cannot because they have to live with other offenders because they struggle to find a home which is far from children etc. It is like living with leprosy....They have to live far from the city and these people are persecuted by society. There are many individuals who are hateful and do not leave them alone to live their lives..... they persecute them and interfere in their lives so they cannot find a job or anything else.... would you like to be treated like this? What is the difference between these people and ISIS who feel they have the right to take the wrath of god into their own hands...? If you guys are so smart on justice and victims I think you are persecuting the wrong religious organization and holding this organization to an incredibly unrealistic high standard for this wicked world. I can give you the names of other religions where child sex and marriage is allowed..... and it is also allowed by the Law in western countries - for these people are now allowed by law to have their own religious leaders to judge all their cases by themselves. Ever heard of no-go zones and Sharia law?... where police do not go into the town? If you are really so worried about victims - then become a justice warrior and stand outside these other organizations and towns with a banner. I dare you and I guarantee you - I actually put a bet on it - that YOU would be taken into custody by the police.... Recently a woman who exposed a sex ring got 6 years prison in UK for islamophobia. If you think justice is in the world system forget about it - but you just love to bash Jehovah's organization because you know we are decent and we do not condone any porneia - we do have high standards but we are fallible people - not God. These very people who bash us for not doing enough are usually also the ones who condemn us when we do not speak to these people once they have been put outside of the organization. What I am demonstrating here is that we are always held at a much higher standard than any other human organization and people do not take into account that any person can drift away from Jehovah and start to fall back to old habits - like alcoholics and child offenders. I do not in any way defend this behavior - but you obviously think you know more than God because you feel that the offender should not be given any chances at all and should be persecuted for life. I think our rules for handling this matter is the best we can come up with to bring mercy and justice into the equation. That is - if one understands both sides and one understands the nature of the secrecy of the crime. I am not emotional about this at all. I just get impatient with people who CONTINUALLY accuse and accuse our organization without understanding all the issues involved. I can accuse you of getting emotional and bias against our organization. Watching a few videos on tape during the a government commission does not make one an expert on this matter...... on needs to think all issues through properly. Unfortunately you get justice warriors who think they have more righteousness than everybody else to judge the organization and to judge others on what they do when they themselves have no experience of running any organization and making decisions on very difficult matters. Yes - we have cross-examined people to try to get to the truth - but we did this in private - not with the perpetrator sitting in front of the child victim...... but the law in USA used to allow this. These methods have proved to be a second trauma for the child involved in the legal court system. Legally they only acknowledged this in 2003 law when they did not allow cross-examination of children any more.... because they could not get convictions No - the Australian commission was not about 'shaming' organizations. Yes - people used it as a nasty tool to only shame Jehovah's organization because they hold us to incredibly higher standards than anyone else. BUT - if there are no laws in place then the elders can report it until they are blue in the face and NOTHING will happen in the judicial system. Police cannot act on their feelings - they need the proper laws to refer to, to be able to build a case. This commission was to improve the laws that are in place and to cover the loopholes.
  19. I saw that you just accuse and accuse the GB and your knowledge is very little.... so I usually do not argue with people who think they know it all and have so little knowledge. You also seem very immature and your reasoning does not have much logic going on..... .... well. I think Anna has been patient with you and kind..... I would not be so nice... What you want is a proper witch hunt of JWs to go after a person in public and persecute him.....maybe get a newspaper article? You do not sound reasonable at all. We do our duty in the congregation and we do it in the reporting to the police (if there are legal laws in place). What else do you suggest we do? I recall Anna asking you this question and you did not answer it. If there are no legal laws for reporting the crime in place then police are not obliged to follow it up - logic conclusion heh? Does this compute? Even if there are laws in place it seems the police are too busy to do anything regarding the matter these days. The person involved must then file a civil law suit.... maybe the incentive to get a lot of money will get them to report it.... Mr Butler - It is easy to take the moral high ground and try to prove you are so righteous and justified to criticize the GB and elders....... but I do not think you have any experience in running such a large organization and you cannot even imagine it.... if you could you would have shown more reasonableness. You may find yourself one day being accused of a crime you did not commit - then you will be grateful for people showing caution to not just condemn you without proper evidence. There is two sides to every case.
  20. Yes - there were no proper laws to prosecute people back then. It is the fault of congress for not having decent laws. I was alive in the 50, 60s. It was only in the 60s when people started to talk about sex with "flower power" and the sex revolution took place. It took much longer for sexual abuse to be discussed in public. Only after this laws started to appear in some first world countries but they were very weak laws to be able to get a conviction.
  21. I just laugh at the ignorance of people on this forum - most countries do not care about child sexual abuse... only in the west in first world countries do you find this and this is now being eroded by Sharia law. So many of these kind of cases are no longer followed up. Some victims do not want to report it to the police - if they are not a minor then the elders cannot overrule the victim's request to remain silent. Of course the elders watch out for the rest of the congregation in this case if the alleged perpetrator is still there. But one must remember "alleged is not yet "found guilty". How often have I not heard them say on stage that parents should accompany their children to the bathrooms - do they listen? Not always. Do parents vet their friends in the truth? Not always...
  22. Mr Butler - all I see is a lot of whiners about sex abuse and they only have hearsay as proof - so they are not prepared to stick their own head out and do something. So if you are not prepared to do something yourself then who put you in a situation to judge others whom you feel have not done enough?
  23. While there are laws in place for reporting this crime - I know for a fact that there were child sex rings in several villages in the UK where the parent went to police and they were not followed up in UK.... just read up about Rotherham....it is only one of the places. There are also laws in place which protect lawyers and preachers from revealing confidential information.... So elders will tell the parents to report it - especially if the evidence is scant. Professionals are hopefully available at the police station to speak to the child and get evidence for a conviction. While I cannot say I like this law - the other aspect of it also gives the repentant person a chance to get their life back on track. Someone said that they may do it again....... yes the possibility is high. But if parents with children are informed about it then an eye can be kept on the perpetrator so his freedom is curtailed. Jehovah allows for repentance - so must we find them guilty before they have done it again? Is watching them person with an allegation against them not enough?
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