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  1. Whether one believes in climate change or not. The UN Agenda 2030 will be using this a its basis to control all inventory on earth and measure its carbon output. Everything will go forward under the label of "sustainable development". This is their goal.... to control all food production, water, land use, etc and WEF is in agreement with them. "You will own nothing and be happy" is the WEF motto. The WMO with the IPCC will be selling "carbon credits" by 2030. This is like our fiat currency - just another way to make money for the rich 1% .....because it will not be ploughed back into fixing the environment. You are already paying your taxes to the FED, which is a private banking cartel since 1913, and they do not put any funds back into the infrastructure of the country. They just print more and more fiat money and our government pays the interest on the money they are lending off the printer of the currency. It is fiat - not based on silver or gold and comes from thin air. The world system is fake/fiat and all about making money for the richest of the rich. Do I believe "climate change" is real - yes. Do I believe it is man-made - yes...... The global mega companies which have been making money by ruining the earth and are the richest companies in the world have been the biggest contributors to pollution. Large gas companies such as BP, Monsanto which produced genetic crops and spread their poison over the earth (killing the natural micro-organisms in the ground necessary for healthy crops), the list goes on and on. At present they are busy destroying the meat farming industry in USA because it emits "methane"............ The truth is that "mega farms" where cows eat corn (not grass), and use antibiotics and growth hormone - these farms produce methane..... not the small organic farms with seed and animal diversity. These "global corporations" will now be in charge and will make our fake / frankenstein meat, imitation baby milk etc. Now their public spin/ propaganda is: they are all on the bandwagon to be climate (carbon and CO2) - friendly. Do I think the measures they are bringing will fix the problem - NO... it is to make them more money while the poor will have nothing and will not be able to get nutritious food and clean water (only purified urine water). The great reset will definitely benefit the rich...... but when they turn against religions (Babylon the great) in their typical totalitarian way - they will cry over their lost riches as Revelation 17 and 18 indicates. Their money and position will not save them. Jehovah will have to fix the climate and ruined earth together with those who survive the system. I guess you gather that I no longer trust any human organization or government. The foul smell of the corruption is worse than a dead corpse.
  2. United Nations loves China and they are at present doing the financial "reset" and food reset of the West - so it will go the UN way as the goals of Agenda 2030 itself is the great reset. NGOs are running the sustainable development and Blackrock and other billionaires doing their share. The bible is clear about the King of the North and so are the GB. The North is Russia with its allies which include China and Iran. All the totalitarian states (which hate the true people of God and already stand in the Holy Place). True worshippers are put in prison or killed by all these regimes and most of the states close to china (which were ex-Russian states) imprison our brothers. Most have totalitarian regimes and our brothers have to be extremely careful and cannot preach on phone by using the name of Jehovah. At Armageddon they will openly start to kill us and hunt us down. UN is called the disgusting thing of DESOLATION. It will promise 'peace and security' as its spiritistic theosophist charter indicates but it will also bring great desolation to the earth and try to destroy the people of Jehovah.... and all earthly organizations which stand in its way. As I have shown here before on the forum - the UN and the WEF is in an agreement which gives them the financial power of the world. Control over food, water, land, energy, money, behavior etc. is the ultimate goal and they are creating havoc in the supply chain and creating companies which will control and make an inventory of everything. China is buying companies in the West and enlarging its Belton road project during this lockdown. A new totalitarian financial system - the great reset. Although some billionaires are now buying bitcoin, such as Soros, I do not actually trust his shenanigans because his past behavior has proven that he tries to destroy to gain power. He is well-known for destroying currencies. Bitcoin gives its holder independence from the global system which is on its way and almost here (UN will openly rule for one hour as Bible says). Those who do not have the mark - political agreement with them - will be outcasts and may try to use bitcoin when they cannot buy or sell with the digital currencies offered by the UN central bank or IMF. This is my speculation: they will outlaw bitcoin somehow because they do not want any person to be independent from the 'mothership'. ... or they will try to destroy the currency..... and I will not put it past Soros to maneuver something because he is a globalist and has openly been working towards this goal for 30 years with his Open Foundation. Time will tell. Gold and silver will be useless when there is no food and neither will bitcoin. Trust is the foundation of all currencies. Trust is being lost in the present system by all the gaslighting, deceit and lies and media coverups.
  3. I do not have an answer for hate-OCD - it seems to be a mental condition for which there is no cure. People have hurt the Spirit of Jehovah too much...... I will not even try to answer or help.
  4. I have been on this forum much longer than you. I recognize hate-OCD when I see it. All apostates have it and I usually do not even answer them. So I think I will ignore you from now on. ......
  5. Rather get a job where one does not need this education. Universities are a terrible place right now! The pressures on the kids are unbelievable. Satan openly ruling.... and controlling the mind of your kids. One can rather do a degree online if you feel you need a degree. The universities offer mostly generic degrees right now - which gets one into debt but will not offer a good career.
  6. Hey - do not let them intimidate you. You have a right to say what you think. They are silencing you when they do not accept solid logical reasoning from the bible. They only accept what they want from the bible and discard the rest!
  7. You did not say much. Show us where we went scripturally wrong and we will listen. At least I am prepared to listen. Instead of adding something you just condemned and therefore agree with those who actually do not accept the bible as their guideline but their own ideas. The first and last Adam were both humans (not god-men). In this they were equal. Adam understood good and bad BEFORE he sinned - and so did Jesus before he died. Through his disobedient actions Adam brought sin and death; through obedience Jesus bought us life. I did not mislead anyone with this statement! Unless you think you understand it better - then give the scriptures to prove this!
  8. Hi - sorry - I quoted your clip but wrote to schreco (mentioned schreco)  because my eyes are to tired to go searching for the original clip.  Yes it happens with me.  I cannot read through all.  I just read what interests me because I save my eyes.

  9. That is your own desires speaking. The bible says so! Are you rejecting the bible? Read book of Romans. It compares Jesus to Adam saying that through one man sin entered into the world (Romans 5:12) and through one man's sacrifice we are freed from it and reconciled to god. It says so in many places! 1 Corinthians 15: 45 "So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living person.”b The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. .... Romans 12: So, then, as through one trespass the result to men of all sorts was condemnation,d so too through one act of justification the result to men of all sortse is their being declared righteous for life.f 19 For just as through the disobedience of the one man many were made sinners,g so also through the obedience of the one person many will be made righteous. In both the above scriptures it shows that jesus was a propitiatory sacrifice. What adam did was to condemn us and what jesus did was to reconcile us to god ( disobedience lead to death + obedience to God bought us life!)
  10. All universities are so compromised - they have become schools of degenerate propaganda. All these newfangled philosophies are now taught and students are forced to take the subjects - no matter what your degree. Students dare not show if they disagree with the teachers because freedom of speech is gone - they become marked. have you not heard of the professors who are leaving universities in droves because of what is going on?
  11. The anointed do subject themselves to others willingly and take responsibility in a humble spirit because they understand that one human cannot rule over another more than anyone else! We all must honor each other! The dissatisfied ones are usually those who are jealous... or want more for themselves than Jehovah is willing to give! The theme of the bible is this: humans cannot rule over themselves and decide their own good and bad. Each person is a subject of Jehovah - not of any other person! our freedom from our own weaknesses and desires come from putting Jehovah first in our lives! if we lose that wish to put jehovah first we can become corrupt and could lose everlasting life if this attitude becomes a daily practice.
  12. Actually Shreco - Each family was directly under Jehovah with the family head as the one directing the affairs of the family. Family heads were to keep the family (and extended family when death occurred) in Jehovah's worship and exercise a loving relationship in the family. As long as the family served Jehovah and went to the temple 3 times a year - they had Jehovah's protection and their crops were blessed. They lived a peaceful life. Excessive wealth and show piece buildings was not part of the Israelite culture until much later. This time period in the history of Israel was to serve as an example to other nations that each man had his property, home, stock and crops and lived peaceful as long as he served Jehovah. Humans are imperfect and so many unsatisfied Israelites brought bad events on themselves because they followed the nations around them. The priests established schools to teach the laws of Jehovah and each person gave the 10ths of their harvest to Jehovah to support the Levites. It was to be a nation of peaceful people, unharrassed by enemies and blessed. rains food etc. what else would they need? Unless they wanted the things the superstitious nations around them put value on. Elders only had power to be witnesses of legal transactions in the city gates or to litigate these written agreements and other matters according to the Mosaic law - which was absolutely clear and easy to litigate.. if they stuck to Jehovah's laws things were easy BUT when they became compromised or corrupted things did not go well. Elders and priests were not given extra ordinary powers. Jehovah has always been against " one man ruling over another" Eccl 8:9. If they took power - it was not power given them by Jehovah. Also, in the cities of refuge (accidental murder) - things went smooth if people did not compromise integrity or took more power for themselves. The bible speaks of the time when these judges were so corrupt that Jehovah would bring the exile to Babylon. This is why Samuel asked the nation why they really wanted a king like other nations? They would be conscripted to build the king's buildings and would have to fight his wars. Up until then Jehovah raised judges such as Gideon for Israel to throw off the yoke of other nations who oppressed them. They would fall under the yoke of other nations only when they worshipped other gods and worship to Jehovah was badly contaminated. They would cry to Jehovah and he would raise up a judge to free them from oppression. After they chose to have kings it went rally bad with them because it was king Jeroboam who imported the worst form of false religion into Israel and this remained with them until the 10 tribes were taken into exile by Assyria. Under the rulership of Christ we will not have people with POWER. Jesus and his co-rulers will judge us (judging in the sense of making decisions when people do wrong). Each person will follow the laws of Jehovah because the laws are in our hearts - not because we have police following us around or elders to punish us. All of us will be directly under the rule of Christ and Jehovah who can read hearts! Freedom under the laws of Jehovah! Each person will willingly follow the laws of god and those who continually break them will go into second death. The princes the bible talks about will make it easier for us t o learn about jehovah and organize us to serve jehovah better and know his principles. I see them as facilitators. They will also organize and help us and plan activities - not rule over us! Human rulership will be over! ! ! jehovah's kingdom will be ruling! We do not know if angels will be the messengers or what..... but we will be under direct rulership! Adam and eve already had a conscience and already knew good from bad! They wanted more! Satan told them that they can become their own gods by deciding good and bad for themselves! he told them they would not die - a lie! People are still doing it today. They find the ways of Jehovah restrictive and not benevolent. Jehovah knows how society must function and the laws which are needed so that people do not hurt each other inadvertently or deliberately! All must follow the principles to live happy and without cares. Do you want proof that Adam knew good from bad? The bible calls Jesus the last Adam because he is the only and last one needed to prove the justness of Jehovah's good and bad. He came to earth and was the exact equivalent of Adam. He knew good from bad and maintained integrity to the laws of Jehovah until death. he was just a man like Adam. He therefore proved that Jehovah was not unfair to expect Adam to keep his moral laws. He was created perfect. Jehovah gives us all free will - this free will is the most powerful thing Jehovah gave us because we can use it correctly or abuse it. We are created in Jehovah's image with free will - except that we are bound to God in a relationship and to each other. It is like a child you love so much and one sees them break all natural laws and destroy themselves with drugs or crime. Every person is a free agent and can decide if they want to obey Jehovah in every situation they are in - or not! Jehovah is not a dictator but created us to be free but in a loving relationship with him. Some people choose to break out of this relationship and follow their own desires and to break free from jehovah and the principles which bind us to him and give our life meaning. They inevitably fall foul to the ravages of acting against the way they were created to act ! They cannot be happy. Wealth and other things cannot replace the relationship we have with Jehovah! And when this is completely restored we will all be one happy family - love each other and love jehovah they way he created us to be!
  13. Her hate-OCD has convinced me she is not a child of Christ - just as your crazy rantings and misapplication of scripture has also put you in the same category. So you love what she says - no surprise there!
  14. I speak arabic. Hebrews and Arabs write Y for the sound of the english "J".... these letters sound the same. Jehovah in english and Yehovah is Hebrew.
  15. I have a 89 year old friend who is anointed. She is humble and loving and always serving others. Now that she is older she cannot cook for others any longer ...... but she never tried to act anointed or want special attention or anything like that! The "anointed" woman, on this forum (similar to the Jezebel mentioned in Revelation in the time of John) are not anointed or if they may have been (past tense) ...... they also have not been sealed!
  16. He demanded justice - there is a LARGE difference between revenge and justice! ! !
  17. it seems to prove that you do not accept the bible and make up your own rules!
  18. A strangled animal has its blood in it......that is why it is prohibited by Jehovah. When you go to hospital and they tube-feed you - the FOOD is in a tube going into your arteries. The arteries act as a mouth for accepting nourishment. Replace the food in the tube with blood...... You are eating blood through your arteries. Drugs going into the stomach or through a needle into the arteries is still consumed by the body........ no matter how you try to reason to get out of it. ...... And your liver breaks the blood down. It takes about 30 days. If you are too weak and the liver is overwhelmed to break down the blood (consume it) and make new blood for you .....you get anaphylactic shock .....and die! Just like people who can die from a food item they are allergic to...
  19. Think again - there are new books out by hebrew scholars that show that we had the pronunciation right all the time! Jeho-ram - jeho-safat - all have Jehovah's name. It is a rare name - Moses could not have thought this one up. It comes from a rare hollow root. " Yehovah comes from the same root as Ehyeh: the hollow root HYH. Yehovah is actually a combination of three verbforms: Hayah "he was", Hoveh "he is", and Yih'yeh "he is now and will continue to be in the future". Together Hayah, Hoveh, and Yih'yeh combine into the name Yehovah.
  20. Bad argument. Xmas has direct bearing on the worship of false gods. There is a difference. If rings and bride maids had direct connection with the active worship of a false god then we can talk again. The days chosen for Xmas have to do with worship of false gods and the orgies that were held for these gods. They used to give women the mistletoe to abort babies after the celebrations.
  21. There is NO proper way of celebrating the birthday of Jesus. Christians were only instructed to commemorate his death NOT his birth. This is why there is NO accurate date for the birth of Christ in the Bible. If you know the history of how this was instituted you would know that it is a no-no to Christians - no matter how much one tries to justify it.
  22. Again painting with a broad brush! When the book of Alexander Hislop came out in 1916 it was a catalyst for many religions realizing that Xmas was pagan. This is more than 100 years ago. So you have taken just this little point out of its time context and given it a deceiving slant.
  23. Your question reminds me of the pharisees. They came to him and asked him if a women had had 7 husbands which one will she belong to in the resurrection.
  24. The proof is in the eating of the pudding. We are close to the time when all will be revealed. Pity you spend your time with so much hate. Jesus said he will find his true disciples in love and unity. With whom are you united? All the renegades?
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