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  1. T.B. Thank you so much for the research info. Please continue to do so, we really appreciate it ?. 

    Question: Does jw.org have any info for the Malaysian people in our communities? Thanks. Tried looking but could not find anything, only sign language info. Any assistance would be appreciate. Thanks.  ?

  2. O thank you Sister for this video. Very encouraging. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts. ?My daughter just went in October 2016 to be a need greater. I will pass this video on to her! Take care and all the best.
  3. Thank you ? My daughter was there Sunday 16/10/16. She is there in Thailand until June 2017. Thanks again.
  4. Hello! ? When was this taken? My daughter is in Thailand! Will forward to her to see if she saw Bro. Lett. ? How do I save this photo?! Thanks.
  5. Hello! Are there any notebooks for the up coming convention? Thanks.
  6. Good day. Are there any notebooks for the kids, regarding the up coming convention? Thanks.
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