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  1. TheWorldNewsOrg

    John F. Kennedy Assassination

    Lee Harvey Oswald, who was only 24 when he shot Kennedy. Oswald died the day after this picture was taken:
  2. I guess I would call this the "Upper-class"
  3. TheWorldNewsOrg

    Jerry Seinfeld HBO Debut - 1981

    He never changed his style did he? ;-)
  4. TheWorldNewsOrg

    President George H.W. Bush Passes Away

    Why ask why? Drink Bud Dry haha... I had forgotten about this beer.
  5. Sadly this is too late for Michael Jackson and Prince. Fentanyl and Dilaudid are EXTRAORDINARILY DANGEROUS! Both can cause sudden respiratory arrest. Although... won't this make the price go up now? AND... China gets to keep manufacturing it? What happened to bringing jobs back to the US? Oh...so many questions.
  6. TheWorldNewsOrg

    Watch your children. Monsters do exist.

    Absolutely. Calling the cops and waiting ten minutes isn't going to get Little Johnny back alive.
  7. TheWorldNewsOrg

    Construction worker deals instant karma on car!

    Moral of the story: Don't screw with people who have enough power to crush you unless you are willing to go all the way. They learned the hard way.

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