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  1. ‘One Tree Hill’ creator Mark Schwahn accused of sexual harassment by cast and crew... https://t.co/6Ow90jxs7e

  2. BREAKING: Comedian Louis C.K. says allegations of sexual misconduct are true, expresses remorse.—... https://t.co/pbxWMqPgat

  3. 11 arrested, water cannon deployed as Orthodox Jews protest military draft in #Jerusalem... https://t.co/9ZA9D3xTr9

  4. A 56 yo foreigner arrested in Hong Kong Saturday for pushing a cleaner onto a rail track. CCTV... https://t.co/6gbEswkqrO

  5. When two generals disappear in China, it’s a signal that Xi Jinping is tightening his grip... https://t.co/KkHNaYpd4c

  6. No Visas For Turkey https://t.co/UsPH8vIOZm

  7. Vatican diplomat’s recall not unusual, but justice must be served, says expert... https://t.co/WKk3M2OLmZ

  8. The Book of Common Prayer gets a glossary https://t.co/5ecH1iaQWn https://t.co/T1kyLtktXd—... https://t.co/YnZThxtS7t

  9. Henry Kissinger https://t.co/AhlKUcEkgH

  10. Hurricane Irma: How has Trump fared in hurricane season? https://t.co/3v1anHdceC

  11. Irma ravaged St Martin & St Barthelemy spared by Hurricane José https://t.co/cVenerQ1ci

  12. North Korea's favourite anchor returns https://t.co/o6U4onzDNM

  13. This young man was drunk. And when a cop came to arrest him, he slammed him to the ground.... https://t.co/WQaUWg8tvw

  14. Spate of public lynchings in India: Mob rule the new rule? https://t.co/hss8aWgfRm

  15. Grace Mugabe Case: Zimbabwe's First Lady accused of assault on model https://t.co/7a8YWYKeKg

  16. Pres. Trump says he spoke via phone with Virginia governor and they agreed “that the hate and... https://t.co/QxGNjt7z6R

  17. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on FB murder: “Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Robert... https://t.co/Qitd3rKM2T

  18. #Pyongyang unveils submarine-based missiles at military parade marking founder’s birth (LIVE)... https://t.co/UGpzT39Lm3

  19. spiritsdancinginthenight: Women cry during the funeral for... https://t.co/oJhX0gBH8l

  20. Bolivian Ambassador Remembers The U.S. Saying Iraq Had Chemical... https://t.co/m4eT5wODP6

  21. Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation’s efforts to block inquiry squashed https://t.co/yZdVH9kMDo... https://t.co/q9FQjeu8JA

  22. Protesters set Paraguay Congress ablaze, 30 injured in clashes... https://t.co/fYAsnricp0

  23. Putin Making Alliances With ExtremistsRussian President Vladimir... https://t.co/J8MPKzXZi7

  24. Picture emerges of London attacker Khalid Masood during his school dayshttps://t.co/RlDyUWuiP8... https://t.co/oZP3TdingA

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