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  1. Guggenheim, the global investment firm with over $295 billion in assets filed an amendment with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, saying that it’s considering investing in Bitcoin through its Macro Opportunities Fund.

    The firm would invest up to 10% of the Macro Opportunities Fund's net asset value in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

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  2. A virulent strain of avian flu that's spreading across northwestern Europe may be responsible for a series of mysterious swan deaths in the U.K., post-mortem examinations have revealed.

    In recent weeks, wildlife rescuers have spotted swans spinning in circles and bleeding from their nostrils before dying, The Guardian reported.

    David Cash, a swan rescuer from Worcester in central England where at least 25 swans have died, witnessed birds suffering from avian flu-like symptoms.



    This is going to become a massive problem. The first few farms in The Netherlands already have had all their fowls killed because avian flu was discovered.

    If it continues to spread, and it likely will, the results for this industry will be devastating.

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  3. 'I have piles of cash at home... I don't have a bank account,' says Hong Kong's Carrie Lam after US sanctions


    Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said that she has been forced to keep piles of cash around her home after she was sanctioned by the US. In an interview published on Friday, Lam told the Hong Kong International Business Channel that she was a leader "Who has no banking services made available to her."

    "I'm using cash every day. I have piles of cash at home - the government is paying me cash for my salary because I don't have a bank account."

    In October, the US Treasury Department added 11 people to its blacklist of "Specially Designated Nationals" including Lam.



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  4. "and their owners will be able to count on legal protection in the event of any illegal actions, as well as to defend their property rights in court."

    But per the article:

    "However, the current status of the local crypto ecosystem remains in doubt because the government is planning to officially ban payments in crypto in January 2021. Russian authorities also want to introduce prison terms for failing to report annual crypto transactions of about $600,000."

    So basically, "you can own it, we can tax it.... but you can't use it here to pay for anything."

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    I was reading on other forums (I know, forgive me...) and I kept seeing them call some behavior FUD.

    I had to google it.... and learned a new acronym / word:


    FUD is a disinformation strategy used by marketing and sales professionals that stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It's commonly used in the sales, marketing, polling, and public relations fields. FUD is used to influence consumer perception of a competitor's product by appealing to fear.


  5. Bitcoin has profound impacts on our understanding of how the economy works and at the same time the technology behind Bitcoin is an incredible achievement in the field of distributed systems.

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    Economics & Ethics of Bitcoin

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    Technology of Bitcoin

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    Where will Bitcoin go?

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    Final notes


    Final notes Here is a list of more sources.


    Saifedean Ammous - The Bitcoin Standard (economics)

    Andreas Antonopoulos - The Internet Of Money series (general)

    Andreas Antonopoulos - Mastering Bitcoin (technology)

    Jörg Guido Hülsmann - Ethics Of Money Production (ethics, economics)

    Austrian Economics: Hayek, Mises, Rothbard

  6. There's almost no liquidity in Nicaragua proper:


    If you are patient enough, you can publish and buy advert to be settled over a local Nicaragua payment method (bank, cash in person, deposit, whatever). What you can also do, is to buy/sell over Western Union (or another international fiat channel):


    There is a large number of traders across the globe willing to do that. In fact, Transferwise is much cheaper and faster for that purpose, but you will first need to open an account with them online:


    If it is you the publisher or the advert, you can charge a market maker fee of typically 3-5%. If you respond as a market taker to an advert, you will have to pay the maker fee to the counterparty.

    In fact, you can buy internationally and then resell locally to create local Nicaragua liquidity, which is now sorely lacking because almost nobody seems to be bothered to do it.

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