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  1. There's almost no liquidity in Nicaragua proper:
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    If you are patient enough, you can publish and buy advert to be settled over a local Nicaragua payment method (bank, cash in person, deposit, whatever). What you can also do, is to buy/sell over Western Union (or another international fiat channel)
  2. Two important things were not mentioned in the debate. 1. The absurdity that the government has to borrow its sovereign money from a private banking cartel. 2. That the government could instead be issued a steady flow of debt-free money to circulate the economy. Only the banking system was discussed, however. I also notice that Parliament was mostly missing from the debate .... not interested in representing such an important issue for the constituents.
  3. On Thursday 20th November 2014, for the first time in 170 years, UK parliament has debated the creation of money. Few people know that 97% of our money supply is created not by the government (or the central bank), but by commercial banks in the form of loans.
  4. Any collective belief in some approach as "the way" to solve problems is, literally, a bringing together of individuals (re = again, ligio = bond, reverence, and religare = to bind).
  5. Bitcoin adoption took another boost in South America yesterday after the Argentinian central bank announced measures to tighten controls on the movement of foreign currency. The announcement came shortly after the Argentine peso plunged over 10%, setting the long-suffering Argentinian people back further. Only 20 years ago, the Argentine peso was 1:1 with the USD, but corruption and mismanagement has seen its economy collapse and the national currency is now artificially pegged at 72:1 USD. The Board of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) justified the new measures
  6. So, a supreme court nominee up for grabs ...
  7. COVID-19 India Updates: As many as 78,761 new cases were added Sunday, the most any country has ever reported in one day, while 971 deaths were reported on Monday, pushing the Asian country past Mexico for the third-highest number of deaths worldwide.
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  8. Born the son of a single teen mom who was so strapped she couldn’t afford a phone. In 1995, Jackie and Mike Bezos plowed $245,573 into their son’s fledgling e-commerce website, according to a prospectus two years later. It was a big gamble, Mike Bezos, the stepfather of Amazon.com Inc. founder Jeff Bezos, recalled onstage during a 2015 event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.
  9. And that’s without the chart even mentioning Amazon Web Services, which is arguably the most valuable part of the Amazon brand ($35 billion in revenue in 2019)
  10. The Chinese company, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd (CATL), which supplies Tesla and Volkswagen AG, has created a battery that runs for 16 years and 1.24million miles – the equivalent of making more than 400 journeys from coast-to-coast in the US. Currently, the average EV battery’s lifespan is around 200,000 miles, according to Consumer Reports.
  11. He walked out of the hospital 5 days later holding his daughters hand and wants to race again as soon as this coronavirus stuff is over. His soon to be ex wife is happy he is alive..... There must be some drama going on there.
  12. So far 30mln initial unemployment claims out of a workforce of ~165mln = 18% or ~1/5 people in the workforce. And that number will get worse over the coming weeks/months. Things are looking very bleak... As we “reopen” in phases and attempt to resume “normal” activities, we are going to see a lot of businesses, particularly restaurants, retail and manufacturing which account for a large portion of the workforce, face the reality that the already over-leveraged and paycheck-to-paycheck consumer is nowhere to be found globally... I.e. diminished demand and spending. At that point the
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    Krajewski, whose formal title is “papal almoner,” or distributor of alms, said the sex workers most likely were undocumented, making it difficult for them to seek help from Italian state welfare offices.
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