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  1. Why do I kick the tires on cars I am checking out? Is there a point to it?

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    2. AnonymousBrother


      If your shoe goes through the tire, make sure you get new tires before you sign.

      If the wheel falls off, don't buy the car.

    3. Cheeto


      I always thought it was just a way to say that you have to look one over carefully and test drive it. 

    4. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Yes, maybe...  hahaha

  2. The riders on this elephant will be able to tell quite a story in the future: 


  3. Volvo is still one of my favorite car companies.... just 'sayin

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      We  had  before  many  years  a  Volvo  *960*...  very  good,  alot  place !   Before,  some  diff. big  *Amis*  ;-)   very  long  and  comfortable !  Also  a  golden  Mercedes  280 SE  -  and  now  a  silver  Grand  Renault  Espace,  for  max. 7  persons  or  alternative  big  place  for  Camping !  The  next  brand,  I  don't  know,  we  shall  see....  but,  maybe  no  TSLA  -

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