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  1. I just made you a moderator in the large JW group so that maybe you can help me keep the conversations on topic.  Please use your powers sparingly

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    2. Anna


      Thanks, lol

    3. Anna


      Just now, when I tried to move a post to another topic I was not able to because the button does not highlight. The one I am talking about is "Jehovah's Witnesses Topics"

    4. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      You’ll need to be patient with that link once selected. 

  2. While that might be 'nice'..... for now you'll have to suffice with ... push too hard yourself and find out what triggers me to ban you.
  3. And it has to make sense (or be "justified") to you because you are...(insert impressive title here)? Let's have everyone start to use the new rule: BNBR . Be nice, Be respectful. Or at least stop calling one another names. Attack the ideas and not the person directly. That is why I banned Allen Smith who cannot seem to help himself from ad hominem attacks... and John Butler for his calling harm to be done to actual human beings (illegal).
  4. Yes... between WT, Google, Tumblr..... This has been the most stable platform yet that I have been able to land on in the last decade. Sadly though... the "archive" is in Google's hand now.... And the threads don't offer an easy way to find stuff without going through the search feature... I feel your pain. I'm open to ideas guys...
  5. I am creating this thread in response to all the non-sequitur replies all the other threads get. I will try to not care if someone responds with a Turkey recipe or True Tom spams us again. This is me throwing up my hands. Officially.
  6. I love tacos..... I'm about to give up on this entire site. Or.... Maybe there should only be one thread... called Jehovah's Witnesses .... and we have ONLY one singe topic for everybody? Let's try that.... I'll ask the @admin if we can start a club like that and freeze this one. Oh... and @TrueTomHarley aka... a million other usernames.... Could I have the address to your blog again? I seem to have misplaced it.... in EVERY SINGLE THREAD ON THIS SITE!
  7. Greetings Bro!

    please can i get a recording on the talk



    1. michael91


      Bro Please respond to this

      Thanks in ernest.

    2. The Librarian
  8. @JW Insider do we know the writer of this paragraph in the writing committee? Just curious. How did this get by the proofreaders?
  9. John Butler was banned because he went too far in calling for illegal harm to be done against some public people. Not because of his stance on the child abuse matter. Once you cross the law you are definitely banned. Billy the Kid aka Allen Smith..... I have tolerated on many occasions.. until soon thereafter he is so rude and abusive toward other members I have to ban him. He needs to find another sandbox to go play in. Not this one. I'm not saying that others don't at times get abusive..... but my tolerance with Allen Smith is very thin... he "rubs me the wrong way" every time. -----------

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