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  1. For the first time in US history, every state is under a disaster declaration simultaneously

    shocked johanna braddy GIF by HULU

  2. Blood from recovered coronavirus victims helps patient come off ventilator in just two days


    How many brothers and sisters are being confronted with this dilemma now?

    sign language blood transfusion GIF by Sign with Robert

    1. Isabella


      I read about a trial of using convalescent plasma therapy, is it working? The article I read didn't show results yet

    2. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      혈장 치료로 2명 완치...정부, 곧 치료지침 발표 It has emerged that two elderly coronavirus patients in South Korea made a full recovery after receiving blood plasma treatment. Health authorities say plasma treatment guidelines will be announced within days. Kim Hyo-sun reports. South Korean researchers have proved the effectiveness of blood plasma treatment on coronavirus patients. Doctors at Yonsei Severance Hospital in Seoul administered plasma therapy on two elderly coronavirus patients,... a 67-year-old woman and a 71-year-old man. They were treated with plasma from people who had recovered and have developed antibodies to the virus,... enabling their bodies to protect themselves from the virus' attacks. One of the patients was discharged after making a full recovery,... while the other is set to be sent home soon. "The patients continued to suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome even after antiviral treatment. Then we decided to go with plasma treatment in combination with steroids." Plasma is a yellowish blood fluid you get from centrifuging blood. It carries various nutrients including protein as well as antibodies. Antibodies,... which are Y-shaped proteins produced by the immune system,... stop intruders from harming the body. These invaders, called antigens,... can be viruses, bacteria, or other chemicals. Antibodies also enable macrophages to engulf viruses and bacteria. The South Korean government says it will soon provide detailed guidelines for the treatment,... which was also used to treat patients during the MERS outbreak. "The guidelines for plasma treatment are nearly done, and we will swiftly commence research on other means of treatment." For now, it's crucial to secure enough plasma from people who have fully recovered from COVID-19. The government also needs to prepare for possible side-effects as no large-scale clinical trials have been conducted yet. Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

    3. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Last week, the FDA tapped the Mayo Clinic to lead and coordinate the effort and evaluate the treatment’s effectiveness.

      Since then, hospital systems around the nation have registered through the Mayo Clinic to start treating patients with convalescent plasma. Texas hospitals that plan to try the treatment include Methodist Hospital Stone Oak in San Antonio, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

      Five patients at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston — part of the Baylor College of Medicine — have been treated with convalescent plasma, said Dr. Ashok Balasubramanyam, vice president of academic integration and associate dean of academic affairs at the Baylor College of Medicine. The school has also been authorized to conduct a clinical trial, expected to start within a couple of weeks.

      On Thursday, a patient in Austin received a convalescent plasma infusion, the first in the city, said Dr. Jeff Yorio, a hematologist and oncologist at Texas Oncology who helped get the program started in Austin.

  3. Is South Africa just starting with this pandemic now? Just curious.

  4. In some ways, it’s surprising that private air travel remains so dangerous, especially 👀 as flying on a commercial ✈️ is now one of the safest things you can do — safer even than even walking. In 2013, an MIT statistics professor calculated that “flying [on a passenger ✈️] has become so reliable that a traveler could fly every day for an average of 123,000 years before being in a fatal crash.” While in 2018, some 393 people were killed in civil aviation accidents across the United States, only one of those deaths was an airline passenger fatality. Worldwide, commercial airline fatalities actually fell 50 percent in 2019. Context is important, of course: Helicopters, which are a favored transport of the uber-wealthy, tend to fly at lower altitudes than airplanes and thus increase the overall chance of crashing into hillsides and buildings when compared to jets. Still, helicopters are a relatively safe mode of transportation — except when it comes to personal and private flights, which “account for just 3 percent of flight hours but more than a quarter of fatal accidents,” NPR reports.
  5. Villagers close roads and guard with knives and spears in rural areas. Desperate measures in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  6. The video doesn't match the crash site. Look at the color of the vegetation.
  7. Rumour from Wuhan that at one hospital over 70 patients died in just one hour This post says someone working in a hospital in Wuhan said that all the doctors and nurses of two departments died within 3 hours, and that over 70 died within one hour in No. 5 hospital last night. Date unknown. Rough translation of the chat (from SleepyKitto on the discord server): White: I just got through my comrade's office line W: He wailed and told me no one left from the two departments within 3 hours W: All dead W: Last night 70 something patients died in Wuhan Fifith Hospital within an hour Green: Were those doctors? W: DO NOT take this lightly W: Doctors, nurses W: Whole section department, no one left G: My god, where are the resrouces? G: (where is) the Government?
  8. Animated heatmap of confirmed nCoV2019 coronavirus cases in China over the last ~3 days. QCdZjvrxKR24ehcw4MLlIdhUxwL_rzSgHQb-_MIxr6s.gif.mp4

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