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  1. getfvid_10000000_996363994029086_7139464706678325248_n.mp4
  2. OPPOSERS GROUPS • Jehovah’s Witnesses and Biblical Discussion Group • Loyal followers of Jehovah’s Organisation JW (please note the ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ in title) • Jehovah’s Witnesses Come Out of Her My People • Jehovah Witness End Time Prophecy • JW Preachers of God’s Kingdom • Walk With Jehovah • AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND EX-JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES (also Canadian, Portugal, New England, New York, NY Capitol Region, NORTH DAKOTA, ONTARIO, PENNSYLVANIA, Pittsburgh, RHODE ISLAND, SOUTH AFRICA, United Kingdom, U.S. Southern, WASHINGTON, ) • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES PORTUGAL AND BRAZIL • Silver Sword, New World Translation • CHRISTIAN AND JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES BIBLE DISCUSSION GROUP • Jehovah’s Witnesses History and Beliefs • YHWH JHVH Jehowah, Jehovah, Yeshuah and Jesus is God the Father • Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide (With Lex Gerald Oineseb Quibuyen as an admin) • JW Answers • JW Awake • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES HELPING THE UNEMPLOYED • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES:COMFORT IN THE DEPRESSION • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES: ONLY FOR SINGLE GROUP • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. RUSSIAN • SERVE JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES IN (ARGENTINA/SPAIN/MEXICO) • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. VIDEOS ONLY • JEHOVAH’S WINTESSES AND ISLAM • The Vast Apostate Army • Theocratic ministry school • “This Generation Will Not Pass Away’ 100 Year Anniversary • WORLD UNITED BROTHERHOOD • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. GERMANY • JHWH/YHWH • ANY group with the following people in them, either members or admins: Barry Martin Augustin Astaciao Barbara Anderson Timothy Schultz Wilbur Schultz Christian Freedom Craig Perry Mason Stevens Marina Lopez Roy Milton Sheryl Lamb Sylvia J. Smith Zecora Sparlock (also known as Captain Sparlock, or any name with Sparlock in it) Brenda Lee Jim Moon Adam Pryzblyz (or similar spelling) Mimi Doria Thomas miner Wendy Scott
  3. getfvid_20984695_117779898882559_8743179463207944192_n.mp4
  4. getfvid_10000000_729957217429163_1351122382617575424_n.mp4
  5. @Bible Speaks You do know you can remove members from your club that you do not want posting in here I hope. Here is how (look on the members tab above) Let me know if you want me to moderate on here with you.
  6. Can we just assume that almost ANY virus or bacteria can be spread by blood transfusions? Basically if I get your blood in me.. then I now have WHATEVER you had for the most part.
  7. How long did it take to come back up? No redundant systems in place?
  8. I feel sorry for Lexi. Jehovah is the final Judge of all of us. Her true motivations will become known over time. In the end we are all 'grasshoppers' before the Lord of all the Earth. In the meantime, Advertise, Advertise The King and his Kingdom! with our field ministry. 'It will not be late' 'Stand fast and watch the Salvation of Jehovah!' 'There are more of us than there are of them' @Jack Ryan you are on the wrong side. 'Get behind me me'.....
  9. Wanna bet Donald Trump tries this before the next election? LOL

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