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  1. Chrome's turning 10, here's what's new Every time you open your browser, you have a mission to accomplish: trips to plan, emails to send, stories to read, skills to learn. We built Chrome to help you do all of those things as quickly and safely as possible. Today we celebrate Chrome’s 10th birthday, and just like a kid on the cusp of double digits, we’re constantly growing and changing. In the case of Chrome, those changes happen every six weeks to bring you new features and security updates, but our 10th birthday update is bigger than norm
  2. Six people are reported dead after torrential rainfall at Esereso Adagya in the Bosomtwi in the Ashanti region of Ghana on Thursday night. The deceased were members of the Jehovah’s Witness faith who had closed from construction works on a new Kingdom Hall project in the area and were on their way home in a saloon vehicle when the incidence occurred. According to reports, their vehicle, were washed away after the Attafuah bridge caved in as a result of the downpour. The bridge reportedly became weaker after the Ankonim River overflowed its bank. Hours after the incidence, r
  3. Le 30 août 2018, la Cour suprême de Corée du Sud tiendra une audience publique pour examiner la décision de la Cour constitutionnelle en rapport avec les objecteurs de conscience. la source
  4. Antworten auf 6 Fragen, um Gott besser kennenzulernen. Quelle
  5. Der Oberste Gerichtshof von Kanada kam zu dem Schluss, dass das Gemeinschaftsentzugsverfahren „nicht gegen das Mitglied gerichtet ist, sondern vielmehr dieses in die Versammlung (Gemeinde) zurückführen soll.“ Quelle
  6. Jehovas Zeugen in der mongolischen Hauptstadt Ulan-Bator erhielten von der Stadtverwaltung eine Urkunde über die erneute Registrierung ihrer Rechtskörperschaft. Quelle
  7. Examine answers to six questions that will help you draw close to God. Source
  8. This issue contains the study articles for February 4 to March 3, 2019. Source
  9. Découvrez les réponses à six questions qui vous aideront à vous rapprocher de Dieu. la source
  10. Wem wurden sie gegeben? Müssen Christen sich daran halten? Quelle
  11. Who were they given to? Are Christians required to keep them? Source
  12. La Cour a conclu que les procédures dÂ’excommunication « nÂ’ont pas un caractère contradictoire, mais visent plutôt la réintégration du membre dans la Congrégation ». la source
  13. À qui les Dix Commandements ont-?ils été donnés ? Les chrétiens devraient-?ils les appliquer ? la source
  14. Over 2,500 Jehovah's Witnesses members gathered for their annual convention in Flatbush this weekend. The theme of the 2018 convention is courage, whether that be in relationships, difficult decisions and in the Bible. Organizers say as traditional religions worldwide have faced dwindling numbers, Jehovah's Witnesses have attracted around 3,000 new members per year in the U.S. Organizer Henry Wilson says he thinks the growing numbers are thanks to the group's focus on applying the bible to their own lives. The convention is a free event where topics ranging from marriage, e
  15. An obsessive and controlling husband had faked a message from the police complaints body telling his wife to go to Rhyl police station to identify his body. Mark Perry, aged 46, had also turned up at a refuge with a neighbour's child claiming to be a family member and seeking the whereabouts of his wife. The story was told at Llandudno court where Perry, a Jehovah's Witness, of Sandringham Avenue, Rhyl, pleaded guilty to stalking. When he was sent for sentence at Mold crown court next month and refused bail he protested, near to tears: "I love my wife. I don't want to cause her
  16. Anyone have a question or topic suggestion(s) for an upcoming thread? I am enjoying this labor day weekend reading already.
  17. La municipalité dÂ’Oulan-Bator, capitale de la Mongolie, a délivré aux Témoins de Jéhovah un document attestant du renouvellement de leur enregistrement comme entité religieuse. la source
  18. This issue contains the study articles for February 4 to March 3, 2019. Source  Here's a link to the PDF so you can reference it:
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