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  1. We are moving toward a carbon based economy. 

  2. As oil prices slump to record lows, advanced and environmentally friendly energy sources are becoming too expensive for consumers.
  3. One way to destigmatize menstrual periods may be to give women a week off every month. At least, that's what one British company hopes to achieve. Bristol-based Coexist has a largely female staff, and the company's directors say it's "unfair" for women to have to work while in pain. Director Bex Baxter told the Bristol Post, "Everyone at Coexist respects the company and gives more than 100 percent to their work, so I don't think we will have an issue with people deceiving us." This is an uncommon business practice throughout the world. In the U.S., most companies don't even offer paid maternity leave. However, several Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan offer working women the ability to take a few paid days to a week off every month during their menstrual cycle. Some activists have said allowing women to take time off for their period pain doesn't improve gender equality. For female workers at Coexist, they aren't required to take time off, it's just an option. This video includes clips from Thinx, PBS and Tampax and an image from Shattonbury~commonswiki / CC BY SA 1.0.
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  4. U.S. stocks held session highs thanks to a bounce in crude oil on Monday. Prices moved above $31 on renewed hopes over a production freeze between Russia and key members of OPEC. The S&P 500 and Dow moved out of correction territory. U.S. manufacturing activity in February slowed to its lowest level since October 2012. The data highlights recent weakness in the sector as a higher U.S. dollar dampens overseas demand. Weight Watchers (WTW) shares pulled back from Friday's rally on news a favorable academic study had been funded by the company. The study released on Friday suggested adults with prediabetes benefited from weight-loss programs such as Weight Watchers. Fox's (FOXA) 'Deadpool' dominated the weekend box office for its second week in a row.
  5. Alix Steel reviews Wal-Mart's fourth-quarter earnings report. (Source: Bloomberg)

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