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  1. In 1823, Con Edison’s earliest corporate predecessor, the New York Gas Light Company, was founded by a consortium of New York City investors. A year later, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1884, six gas companies combined into the Consolidated Gas Company. A sketch of an early power plant on Pearl Street The New York Steam Company began providing service in lower Manhattan in 1882. Today, Con Edison operates the largest commercial steam system in the world, providing steam service to nearly 1,600 commercial and residential establishments in Manhattan fromÂ
  2. If you have a lot of money and don't care about small fees per transaction.... Try TDAmeritrade.com which will allow you to research deeply and have access to almost every market available. If you are the average guy who does care about fees and have $15,000+ to invest .... Try Robinhood.com it is an app on your phone and now a website which is the absolute best brokerage since there are no commission fees. That is right... you heard me correctly. ZERO Commission!!! You really can't beat zero. If you are the average guy with just a small amo
  3. Iconic Australian surf brand Quiksilver is purchasing its hometown rival Billabong for $300 million. Kyles, Tylers, and Blakes everywhere are freaking out. That’s because if you didn’t wear a Billabong or Quiksilver shirt in sixth grade to complement your long hair and seashell necklace, you weren’t cool. But neither company has been especially cool lately. Billabong wiped out in 2013, admitting its brand was a thing of the past. And Quiksilver hung zero when it filed for bankruptcy in 2015. Luckily, PE shop Oaktree Capital was there to scoop up Quiksilver. And after
  4. Weinstein just keeps falling from grace. This time, the tarnished name is in the news as The Weinstein Company nears a sale for less than $500 million, roughly half of which is debt. Insult to injury: shareholders risk losing all equity. Of the 20 bids the film studio has received since December, six have made the short-list, including former Obama cabinet member Maria Contreras-Sweet. Some other contenders: production company Killer Content (supported by Abigail Disney), studio Lionsgate, and investment firm Shamrock Capital (founded by another Disney, Walt's nephew Roy). After co-c
  5. Essentially, passive income is money acquired without using your personal exertion . It’s income that is not linked to hours worked. If work is required, it is usually done one time with the money paid multiple times. There are two forms of passive income: Income derived from business and income derived from investments. Business income is the money that one receives without actually needing to work in the business. One acquires a business that is either run by someone else or is self sufficient. The profits generated are taken out by the owner thus yielding passive income.
  6. Innovation with IBM Watson The underlying fund investments in AIEQ are based on the results of proprietary quantitative models developed by Equbot with IBM Watson artificial intelligence. The AI Powered Equity ETF (NYSE: AIEQ) may help U.S. Equity investors enhance their ability to realize market appreciation and diversify their strategic alpha portfolio exposure.
  7. Just a quick update to the above article. I have since moved to holding ONLY RSP Equal Weighted S&P 500 index ETF. I figure this gives me more than enough exposure globally while ensuring that I'm in the larger boats should the tsunami drain soon. I would be interested to know how badly hurt this index will be compared to Cap Weighted indexes when the Federal Reserve actually begins to dump their holdings. What do you want to bet that they didn't invest their QE funds "equally weighted"?
  8. The phony assumptions that go into calculating public pension underfundings in the United States are a frequent topic for us. As our readers are aware, state pension administrators are given fairly wide leeway to simply pick a discount rate out of thin air. Of course, since pensions are nothing but a massive stream of future liabilities that stretch out into perpetuity, every 100 bps increase can substantially, and artificially, lower the fund's reported underfunded level. In fact, we estimated the impact of higher discount rates on underfunding levels in a post entitled "An Unsolvabl
  9. Before understanding the different types of mutual funds and ETFs, you need to understand market cap. Market capitalization is a quick way of determining how large a company is. To calculate market cap, take the share price and multiply it by the number of shares outstanding (meaning shares that anyone can buy). This will give you a dollar amount, which is the company’s market cap. Here are the most common names you’ll see, as well as their corresponding market caps: Large cap – $10-$100 billion Mid cap – $2-$10 billion Small cap – $250 million-$2 billion For exampl
  10. CNNMoney From $4.5 billion to $0: Forbes revalues Elizabeth Holmes' worth CNNMoney Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was once hailed by Forbes as America's richest self-made woman. That was just last year, when Forbes estimated that she was worth $4.5 billion. But oh how one year has changed things. Forbes said on Wednesday that ... Forbes just cut its estimate of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes's net worth from $4.5 billion to zeroQuartz Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes, Formerly Worth $4.5 Billion, Now Worth 'Nothing'Jezebel Forbes Downgrades Elizabeth Holmes' Net Wealth
  11. Los Angeles Times Starbucks bets on nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee Los Angeles Times Starbucks Corp. is doubling down on the iced coffee and cold brew market. The Seattle-based chain said Tuesday that it will add nitro cold brew to its lineup in its stores in Los Angeles and six other cities this summer. It had previously served the ... and more » Google
  12. New York Times Plant-Based, the Beyond Burger Aims to Stand Sturdy Among Meat New York Times Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat. The company will begin selling the Beyond Burger at a Whole Foods in Boulder, Colo. — alongside the case where beef, poultry, lamb and pork are sold. Credit Ángel Franco/The New York Times. For the handful of ... Beyond Meat's burger drips canola oil not bloodKCCI Des Moines all 3 news articles » Google
  13. Amazon's done it to books. And electronics. And clothing. Now it wants to rule the grocery aisles.
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    Gold is a good first subject. It is also one of my foundation investments. I think it is the one investment that can get you out of the central bankers game. It is also what the elite bankers and tycoons hoard and trade among themselves. The IMF has at it's core a gold foundation. Daily you hear reports of the price of gold going up or down. I tend to view the world differently. I feel that gold is always gold. The only TRUE money. The rest out there is "currency". The value of the currencies is what goes up and down and not gold. Some other quotes about gold that
  15. It's never what you earn. It's what you SAVE!

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  16. We are moving toward a carbon based economy. 

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