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  1. SciTechPress

    This Bike Was Built Like A Car To Handle Different Terrains

    Imagine how much gas we would all save.... accidents wouldn't kill people... we would all live much closer to work.... AND we all might get skinny in the process 😉
  2. , em vez de gastar milhões em marketing com jogadores de futebol, artistas, políticos, sem falar gastos com arte de gosto duvidável, o banco fez algo que jamais será esquecido pelos seus clientes. É Natal!Incrível !!! 1507940147251-drlcss.mp4
  3. SciTechPress

    Plastic Containers

  4. SciTechPress

    Aduction Humor

  5. SciTechPress

    Space is the future!

  6. My heart would be pounding scared.... hard to believe anyone would take a group in such a vehicle???
  7. SciTechPress

    What is the price of gas where you are?

    @devarajjh how much is that in USD? Just curious.
  8. SciTechPress

    What is the price of gas where you are?

    Since then it climbed to the high $3 range.... and now it is going lower again.... I saw this more recent post: The rumor is that the price will go even lower and then skyrocket. I love that answer.... Prices will go up and down. (so insightful! 😉
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    This ball will stop seasickness.


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