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  1. I mean no mail from the forum. Usually I get an email and is says. Date and sends diff topics everyday.
  2. I have not been receiving any mail from you in my mailbox. Wondering why. Carol torres
  3. Hubby gave public talk in Riverdale, CA USA Riverdale English Cong
  4. Sure is a sweet little brother. thank u for sharing. Keep up the good work??
  5. Yes even sometimes in the congregation. My ex husband was an active witness and a child predator. They are far and few between BUT be on the watch.
  6. Hello my beautiful brothers and sisters. Love you all so much carol Riverdale, CA USA Riverdale English Congregation
  7. I not going to hit the like button no more. I don't want to hit the wrong button anymore. I have poor eyesight and it was just to much for me. I felt like I was having to answer for a mistake I made by everyone.
  8. I changed it. I just hit wrong button by mistake everyone. IT'S BEEN CHANGED. I love the video and I love Jehovah.
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