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  1. Anyway I can download this on my tablet. I love this so very much. 💟💟💟
  2. Assembly Hall in Germany

    So awesome
  3. Greetings from Catalonia, Spain and our JW Snowman

    Greetings from Riverdale CA. usa
  4. JW Child Labor for Jehovah

    It is very good for the young ones to get involved. shows that they are part of the congrgation
  5. 2 very young sisters enjoying their first exercise on the stage...

    Nice to see the young doing their part at the hall
  6. Uniform for Women

    Is That The New Style At The BRANCH or just sisters wanting to match? No bigger. Just wondering
  7. Salisbury, North Carolina, USA Assembly Hall

    awesome. So beautiful
  8. Wow! Beautiful. I never heard of this pink lake. Thanks for sharing
  9. Caleb

    That is very interesting