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  1. There has been a change in the policy of Amazon and the Society is no longer on their list. Not sure of the complete reasons, but there was a change in the requirements for the charity to meet.
  2. John, it is still there under the original post. Here's the link to the actual file:
      Hello guest!
  3. Interesting tidbit I came across today. Did you know that this guy, "Vladimir Lukin" who was for many years the Ombusdman for the Russian Federation and has spoken out many times on behalf of Jehovah's Witnesses (and others) that are being railroaded in the country... will be at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY - tomorrow March 24th!
  4. Just think what we could do if we all shopped on smile.amazon.com and designated the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society as our charity. I did this over a year ago and, well, my purchases sent $73.45 to the society. But with others, we have contributed $21,439.23 to the society - that could build two kingdom halls in Africa!! Spread the word to use this feature and switch to smile.amazon.com
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