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  1. Ja..wunderbaar Queenie :-) WOO kann man das denn editen...??? Unter "Optiions"...da hab ich nur "delete"...????
  2. "HIGH-TECH-PREACHING" in Slovenia: *WHERE now...Norway or Slovenia...??? *
      Hello guest!
  3. Sorry, Mr_VHC@WNF I did not knew that b4, that such things happens here. But WHAT do You say to, what ´s been said on EVERY Assembly & Convention: "NOT to UPLOAD Audio - or Video-files on Social Platforms"...???
  4. How can just ONE of us "Loyal ones" LIKE theeze uploadings :Talks & videos from the conventions...??? If we REALLY would be loyal, we would listen & obey, what ´s been said on EVERY Assembly & Convention: "NOT to UPLOAD Audio - or Video-files on Social Platforms" And EACH one of us knows, that everyone, who could not attend on any convention can get a DVD from their own congregation. * Sad to see this always each & every year HERE , on You Tube or on FB without *I*..... . (Listen , forget & get stressed...& than wonder why....) Thats a problem, yes. But for very sick JW its of sure a little blessing -- btw. I get always DVD's from all Congresses from a special brother and thats allowed, since many years ! So I can watch in rest all 3 days once more, in my own language, when I not work all 3 days. I enjoy that alot ;o)
  5. :-) YOUR joy is MY pleasure, dearest Queenie Beenie ;-) But why will a comment always being repeated, Dear...????
  6. What I found out about the measures of the Arc was: "If we conservatively assume that a cubit was 18 inches (U.S.), we can conclude that the ark was about 450 feet (U.S.) long, .75 feet (U.S.) wide, and 45 feet (U.S.) high. . The interesting thing about Noah's ark its construction, was on a 1:6 ratio. Naval architecture reveals that this is THE MOST STABLE RATIO for an ocean - going vessel. It could have easily survived even big ocean waves and would be next to impossible to capsize. . The total volume of Noah's Ark was roughly 1.5 million cubic feet, (not like on that pic:1.396,000 cubic feet), which is equal to the total capacity of more than 570 standard stock cars used on a typical railroad."
      Hello guest!
    . A few years ago we had a speaker from Hamburg here in Muensterdonia . In his younger years he was working for a Container-Ship Company in the construction bureau near the Harbour of Hamburg. He once asked an older drawer of these objects, why they always used that ratio of 1.6 in their drawings for the containers for the ships.The older man replied: ”It´s an old ratio..must be as old as Noah´s arc. It´s the “UNSINKABLE-factor”. . What JEHOVAH God had Noah make, would be nothing less than the BIGGEST ship of its kind for many, many years until man began to build even bigger ships in the late 1800's A.D.! . And as we know today, ships became bigger & bigger & more luxurious. And a lot of theeze "unsinkable Luxurious Liners" do not exist no more. WHY...??? They been build by engineers & high educated people. But The Arc was build by laymen... with JEHOVAH in their back But the engineers had forgotten one simple, natural formula ..the God-given 1: 6 ratio... You only know them from movies like "Titanic" and others. And their names no one remembers today. . But that simple but LIFE-SAVING ratio 1 : 6 and NOAH`s & JEHOVAH´s name ALWAYS will remain (Y) :-)
  7. Thank YOUU, Queenie Dear :-) :-) The rear view mirror is broken & illustrates the old system. . Mostly I use them in SirVice, if nou wunn is interested in our literature. A glossy postcard not ONE refused the last 16 years since I´m back in Germany :-) . Since 1999 I created nearly 500 different motives. For THIZZ one I was inspired by Bro. Sanderson who said this a fjoo month ago on JW-Broadcast. :-) * My first German theocratique picture postcard was THIZZ one below >>>>>>>>>>.. ( after a comment from a German Sissy in 2000 or so..where she said. "I soo do not like ironing... But listening to a talk or a drama...I get wings"... ;-) I put her wirds in a rhyme..& it looks like thizz now since than ;-) : .
  8. :-) A sweet Sissy said this 2 years ago in my English Congregation, Queenie . I immediately had to create this post-card :-) P.S.: The message : "You are only allowed to give 10 likes per day. You cannot give any more likes today." still remains this morning... :-( The may count that from a Youroppean server...
  9. Warum darf ich HIER
    eigentlich nur 10 mal liken pro Tag, Queenie...???
    HEUTE darf ich zum Bleistift NIIIE MEHR... :-(

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    2. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Gibt  noch  andere  komische  Regeln, hatte  auch  öfter  mal  einige  Fragen. Ja,  das  Leben  ist  manchmal  nicht  so  einfach...

    3. Uwe Rügenhagen
    4. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Haha...  jeder  hat  doch  einen  normalen  Namen  ;o)   Nun  DT........

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