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  1. I loved the movie. Nice to see positive portrayal of us. Worth watching.
  2. Lovely seeing our dear friends. Miss our times there. Thank you Nicole @karliejw_ aussie
  3. hello all. Just wondering if anyone has been able to get a hold of the music for our beautiful original songs from the broadcasts ? Would really appreciate having them please.
  4. Hi...I'm sorry but it all comes down to " how or what do I do. ". Utube has had ALL the Regional Convetion there long before we were due to go to ours in Brisbane. Your choice, open or ignore. Another point too, on jw.org and jwlibrary, BOTH had the convention releases there....honour system, wait til we are directed each day of the regional. Did you peek before? I have serious health problems and I'm delighted to have at my disposal each day of this Regional Convetion to watch over and over AND OVER again. The choice again, open or not. I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch over and over. Through the congregation, yes, but you can't hold on to the download too long as it has to be passed around. Here.....thank you .... Ive watched Friday morning 4 times so far. ??
  5. Thank you for walking us through a moment in everyone's life. It's always the best way, Jehovah's way, to walk in His path with His steps guiding us. I know we follow Jesus and walk in his footsteps, but Jesus is walking in Jehovah's footsteps. How priveldged are we. ???
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