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  1. Yes this wT helps us to think about every area of our life. We need to take care to examine our lives in every area. Very good council.
  2. That's an interesting question It can be answered many. Ways. Only God can determine that. We will have to wait for the light to get brighter in time it will be come clear maybe humans look at things to much from different angles ?
  3. What an amazing picture. Thanks.  We can see how great our God is.  Amazing

  4. This is a complex scripture to understand but you gave agood explanation of it. We will have to wait and see it will come clear in the end. God has many things at his disposal that perhaps we do not no yet. Thanks very interesting what you described.
  5. Thank you for your research very helpful for everybody that wants truth
  6. We are joined together as one flesh we set agood example in doing things gods way and maybe we can win our partners over without a word. All things are possible with God
  7. Going to the mountains for cover reminds me of other scriptures interesting
  8. Nothing is hidden. History can point forward to the future

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