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  1. ah I see! I wasn't sure what it was about   yes there are some cute pins.  I don't wear any simply because I'm too broke to buy any, lol!   Thanks for clarifying Queen Esther!
  2. "Let my people go!" Can't wait for the Great Day of Jehovah!!!
  3. hmmm... he followed Jehovah's standards and LIVED. Now he is complaining about that. What logic is that? it sounds like he was looking for an excuse to leave. I wonder what happened two years later that was the actual reason he left. 90% of the time it is fornication of some form.
  4. The book is someone's opinion, a wrong look at us, but still simply a person's opinion. Here's why: 1) Jehovah's Witnesses ARE Christians. A Christian is one who follows Christ TO his God, Jehovah. We do that. 2) Jehovah can use "anti-JW" opinions to draw the right hearted ones to Him. I became a witness because I was presented with a LOT of hate against them and said to myself "well I wonder why so many hate them? There must be something there since Jesus said the world would hate his followers" So I checked them out thoroughly and found: "Yes the world does hate them because th
  5. by researching each and every single story about them. The number is actually a lot lower but I'm giving ground for "unreported" so I doubled it.
  6. 1) there have NOT been "thousands" who have died from refusal of blood transfusions. There are less than 500 deaths recorded of jw's refusing blood, WORLD WIDE over the past 100 years. On the other hand, the CDC has data that shows over 3000 people die from receiving blood transfusions JUST in the USA every YEAR. I'd rather go with obedience to Jehovah and abstain from blood. This stand saved my son's life when he was 3 months old. 2) Vaccines and organ transplants were very dangerous during that time and MANY died from them. Again, more died from getting them than not. 3) abs
  7. funny how they assume it is "Christian" when in reality it could have been a pagan god form.
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