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  1. Jesus is the “mediator” only for anointed Christians. *** w79 4/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***
  2. A good soldier always follows his regimental flag. The Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society is our flag. w 1917 p318
  3. Hey Eoin Joyce ... still this work? ... I had to go for a wile to make some money ... how much the WT pay you?
  4. C. J. Woodworth was very important for the WT, so Important that we see him in the photo with the governing body ... together with Rotherford in the book Proclaimers. So good brother he was that the WT chose him to write the 7th volume of the Studies of the Scriptures ... the Finished Mystery. But what is very interesting is that he was also under the influence of the demons ... he even admitted it in one convention and we have his words in writing - Thirteenth Souvenir Convention Report, page 274. While on the stand he also made advertisement of the books of the also demonic author (and wor
  5. I already told you... I ask many questions and some don't like this... and I know since the trials are in secret anything bad can happen to me even disfellowshipping for apostasy. Who will know the real facts behind closed doors? I don't trust the elders or the organization.... And your answers make me even more suspicious. in a previous question I gave you a fact and you all pretend you haven't saw. " In the Greek Watchtower of 1970 page 766 we read about a homosexual brother who disfellowshipped for 3 years in advance". So the Elders punish him unscripturally for three years in a
  6. We will know only if the big fellas (GB) decide to approve such announcements in the congregations. Now, with the current way we have only gossips
  7. Very nicely put... I don't understand why the Admins send your question here in the Parking Lot for Controversial Posts.
  8. 1.The Elders in my area are old and uneducated. (but I feel they don't like disagreements anyway) 2. I found disturbing cases on the Internet and I feel same rules will be applied to me too (if you question you will be disfellowshipped for apostasy). 3.I feel that I don't have rights. of course Ι will never go to the room alone only with elders. I see in the scriptures that it is my Christian right to ask for a public trial. please note that I don't ask the same for other cases - only for my case (maybe child molesters want secrecy so they can make it again in other congregations).
  9. I was hoping to hear your opinions based on the scriptures... In ancient Israel the congregation of Israel knew everything about everyone. In the Christian congregation the same. Jehovah's witnesses are Christians or not? Jehovah's witnesses follow the scriptures or not? I want to know before I disassociate my self from JW. the elders don't like my questions. can you help?
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