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  1. oh my......I seriously had to laugh at this comment. Thanks for the humor Colin.
  2. I've quoted literature from your jw.org, and it still says the same thing. They believe that only those who are part of their org will be alive after Armageddon. .
  3. This is pure semantics. The point is that the context of the wt literature speaks of only those who belong to their idea of "jehovah's org", you know this as well.
  4. I can follow you on this thought, but first we need to address the position of the wt/gb/jws. As stated in this book, as well as other's sited, it is the position of the gb/wt/jws that only jws will survive Armageddon. This has been shown to be true from not only my examples but also from other's opinion here, such as Gone Away and JW Insider. So it isn't something I made up. Now I understand your point about you don't have to fight and can stay inside if one wishes. My point is that these left are ONLY jws, as stated in the wt books/opinions of jws etc. So a very, VERY LARGE number of jws WILL be preparing for war against those who as you say "stay inside and wait for authorities", which as pointed out by the publications are also jws. So in a sense, jws will be preparing to go to war with other jws. If that's all that's left, then there is no other option.
  5. Well according to the article: "...and to support Christ’s brothers loyally." That's where.....
  6. "To survive the coming destruction, individuals need to prove their faith now. As we saw earlier, those who survived Jerusalem’s destruction in 607 B.C.E. demonstrated beforehand their heartfelt rejection of wickedness and their devotion to pure worship. It is similar today. Before the destruction comes, individuals need to be “sighing and groaning”—deeply grieved at heart—over the wickedness of this world. And rather than hide their feelings, they must demonstrate by words and actions their devotion to pure worship. How can they do so? They need to react favorably to the preaching work that is being done today, to continue putting on a Christlike personality, to get baptized in symbol of their dedication to Jehovah, and to support Christ’s brothers loyally. (Ezek. 9:4; Matt. 25:34-40; Eph. 4:22-24; 1 Pet. 3:21) Only those who pursue such a course now—and who enter the great tribulation as pure worshippers—will be in a position to be marked for survival." Also from the same book.
  7. "... As happened with the ancient city of Jerusalem, Jehovah will use secular forces to do the unthinkable —to attack all false religious organizations on earth... Just as Jerusalem’s destruction was “a unique calamity,” so the “great tribulation” with its war of Armageddon will be an event that “has not occurred” before... ... God’s Word indicates that individual supporters of false religion will survive the coming destruction of religious institutions. Fearful, these survivors will join other individuals of all ranks who will be searching for a hiding place... ... any hiding places into which the survivors of the attack on religion may run will not shield them from Jehovah’s sword. At Armageddon, they will be put to death, together with all other goatlike ones. ... The time left to “make disciples of people of all the nations” is limited. When the attack of “the rod” (the secular forces) against religion begins, we will no longer preach a message of salvation... As far as sharing good news is concerned, we will become “mute,” just as Ezekiel became mute, or stopped proclaiming his messages, during part of his ministry... True, after the destruction of false religion, people will, in a sense, desperately “seek a vision from a prophet,” but no lifesaving instructions will be given to them. The time to receive such instruction and to become a disciple of Christ will have passed... ... However, our work as preachers will not cease. Why not? During the great tribulation, we may well begin proclaiming a message of judgment that will be like a plague of hail. That message will clearly signal that the end of the wicked world is upon mankind... " The above is from the pure worship book. This makes it pretty clear that the wt/gb says that only jws will survive.
  8. What I really didn't get about that video was, what exactly is it teaching kids? Here are a few questions I had: Why did Sophia look all somber when she saw the poster of the girl with her diploma? That didn't fit anywhere in the story/ thought of knowing that God sees us all the time. Is this some sort of backhanded scowl at higher education? My next question is: When any of you were in school, and you were doing well and at the top of your class, did anyone try and GIVE you answers? Me personally, No. They were asking for the answers, not trying to give them to me. What is left out of the story line here is why did she not answer the question? From looking at the other questions on her test, it wasn't because she didn't know the answer or couldn't figure it out because the other question were harder, so why leave it blank? Totally unrealistic and fear mongering. So God is going to frown on you if you get a good score? What was bad about Caleb's classmates? Was it the shoot'em up games? We see the poster of the shooter game but not really that of the game consoles. Then the bully kid comes in, what was the point of him? To try and stir some sort of persecution complex because Caleb didn't want to play the game? Of course there are bullies in school who bully for no good reason, but why include it in the story if it had nothing to do with the story? Did David participate in war training? Did he go to war? Didn't he kill a bear and a lion with his "gun" ? This sort of "kids" videos are done deliberately to enforce the gb views, not Gods. It is truly shameful to hinder children from doing their best. It limits them in life and makes them a complete outcast as children AND as adults.
  9. we are getting off on a whole different topic.
  10. you are correct, to a point. The law was not abolished, it serves as a measuring stick to show us exactly where we fall short. We are not stoned to death any longer for serious sins, but it does not diminish the fact that serious sins are committed. Matthew 5:17&18 "“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished."
  11. quite true, but this is just an exercise for thought. It ultimately destroy's the logic of interpreting Romans 6:23 and 6:7 the way that jws do.
  12. And here is the top answer (Kris) in your link: "The answer to this question lies in understanding judgement day from the Jehovah's Witnesses point of view. We do not believe persons are resurrected and judged worthy of eternal life or eternal anihilation based on their imperfect previous existence. Rather those sins are blotted out as you state or paid for by death." So yes, the jw position IS that your sins are gone upon death as confirmed by Kris. So then there is the question I had asked. Logically speaking, based on this belief that all sins are gone, suicide would only be a sin for a twinkling. The reference to verse 7 is what we agreed on much earlier in this thread. Your death removes your ability to sin, the consequences of sin is death, and the standard in which sin is judged is the LAW of Moses.
  13. Gone away/Space Merchant , I agree with the both of you on your last posts. I have spoken to many jws before on this topic (death = sins acquitted) and very adamantly their response has been that those sins are gone, forgiven. I wondered if there were some here who hold that same view, that once you die all of your sins are gone. If that WAS someone's position, then they would have to settle the idea that suicide could not be a sin, well it would be for a second and gone the next. This topic is a stone in the shoe of those who believe this way.

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