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  1. does this make it right? oh my , holier than thou spoken here. Seriously, you are defending the org, because it has been this way for x amount of years? so it should continue? it should be tolerated? Do you not have compassion? sorrow for those who have to go thru this? but its ok that the org does it because it's been this way? What happened to standing up for what is right and just? Would Jesus say "well its been this way for so long and back in 1992 they did it this way.........." I hardly doubt it. If you want the org to succeed, then you are a part of making i
  2. Key words here are "suppose to", but we know that isn't the case when it comes to jw's so far in Australia, England, Russia, Germany, Italy, America and more.
  3. repentant to whom? Not the men on the GB nor the elders, because they mean NOTHING!
  4. Tom, I'm a little disappointed. I thought this was specifically designed for me..........only to find that you've given this gem to someone else in the thread "overlooked by the Religion news service-how can this be?". Can I request that you devise original insults and name calling when insinuating things about me. I think it's too hard to take you seriously when you send generic jabs and make them universal among your foes.
  5. Uuuummmmm, I thought that was the point?
  6. oh my, This is precisely what people expect from certain high control religious groups. Does any of this sound like a parallel to Waco TX? Jonestown? Heaven's Gate? I have no doubt that there are many who would subscribe to this same thinking, if they are privy to such talk. Realistically, the amount of infrastructure and resources needed to pull this type of thing off isn't that far fetched. I am positive that there would be countless people NOT involved in jws who would donate funds to make this happen.
  7. I disagree here. Take a look into the account of how Moses was brought forth. ALL first born males at that time were to be killed ( Exodus 1:16-22). This was to prevent the Israelite nation from overtaking the Egyptians. Moses was chosen long before he was a murderer, from before the womb. The same cannot be said of the past gb members, nor the current ones. So assimilating Moses to the gb is not only false, but wishful thinking on both the part of jws and the gb themselves. I agree here with what you have said, but it doesn't matter much because I do not assimilate Moses to t
  8. I can agree with you on this, but the underlying factor is that the social ostracism and banishment is directed by the gb, if you want to be right with God in their eyes. Which, I think is what you are saying here: And right here you hit the nail on the head! How does this make any sense to average jws?
  9. ok, but that is totally different then what 4jah2me was saying. Wasn't 4jah2me pointing out in Matt 12 that Jesus said we would save our sheep on the Sabbath, and then comparing that to how much more valuable a person is than a sheep? So just because it was the sabbath, we should still preserve ourselves the best we can? This hardly would apply to self killing because the gb said so. This is precisely what 4jah2me was saying. Stating that is ridiculous to die for what the gb has stated. the gb have positioned themselves AS God to jws, what they say goes.....and it matters not what the
  10. Are you seriously equating Jesus death (for all of the sins of mankind) to a person who chooses to deny life saving practices based on what the gb have interpreted? please explain this in more detail.
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