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  1. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    am I a number? lol I'm not Jewish and I am not from the mentioned tribes in Revelation 7:4-8............. I fail I'm also not a virgin, Revelation 14:4 ...........I fail I have lied before, Revelation 14:5............. I fail So, I do not qualify according to the standard God has placed in the Bible. I am male though, so I guess I qualify 1/5th of the requirements. ......I pass.....err......well just this part.
  2. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    Interesting. The opposite is no number. In Galatians chapter 4 starting at verse 21, we are told of Abraham's two sets of children. Children of the free woman (Sarah) and children of the bondwoman (Hagar). Specifically telling the reader that these two groups belong to two different camps, one from Jerusalem on Earth and the other from the Jerusalem from above. The Jerusalem from above are those who belong to the freewoman. Verse 27 quotes the OT Isiah 54:1 in which speaks of how the children of the barren woman (Sarah) will outnumber those of the "wife" (Hagar). So how does this line up with the 144k or does it? It can't. The reason why I say it can't, is because those of earthly Jerusalem (even at the time of the writing) were already greater than 144k. So then these from the Jerusalem from above must be greater than 144k, so those who belong to the Jerusalem from above cannot be one and the same as the 144k mentioned in Revelation. Revelation 21 talks also of this new Jerusalem coming from above and coming down to earth. If you look into all of the places where a new Jerusalem is written about you will not find ANY mention of 144k or any other definite number belonging to it, but rather a number greater than those of Jerusalem from the Earth, which leaves almost an open ended count. I don't disagree with your position on the already 3000 chosen, nor the "more firstfruits", I just do not see how this description in Galatians can be dismissed and replaced by the 144k mentioned in Revelation.
  3. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    So is this a number? Is it 144k? The reason why I ask is I don't see anywhere where in scripture where a number is correlated to this group. I see just the opposite actually.
  4. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    We agree that the new heaven and the new earth will be redeemed, weather that is by means of restoration or by replacement, none the less redeemed. I was just curious if you thought that the two would become one in a sense. Once God's dwelling place is with men, is that the combination, or do you feel that there will still be a separation between heaven and earth? This Heavenly Jerusalem consists of those called/chosen, do you subscribe to the same views as the jws on this? That this consists of only a select number of folks, say the 144k? This kind of addresses my first question in this response. Both groups become one under this Spiritual house, but is there still a separation of sorts? now that's funny. Sort of reminds me of Allen Smith.
  5. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    In your opinion is this "God's Kingdom" ? I mean the new heaven and the new earth? Logically speaking, I would say yes it is. However what I mean is, God's kingdom will and does consist of everything He has made, but more specifically will heaven and earth be a combination?
  6. you and I read the same things on the same boards. 


  7. Shiwiii

    Is it considered "passing the plate" ?

    This new wt sure looks like a "letter of solicitation" according to the definition. I wonder if this is the reason why the publication has been suspended (no more printed books and such). Is this a way the wt can still be correct according to their own statement????
  8. Shiwiii

    Is it considered "passing the plate" ?

    God’s Kingdom Rules! pages 195 & 196 Chapter 18: How Kingdom Activities Are Financed “It Will Never Beg nor Petition Men for Support” 7 Brother Russell and his associates refused to imitate the money-raising schemes so common in the churches of Christendom. In the second issue of the Watch Tower, under the heading “Do You Want ‘Zion’s Watch Tower’?” Russell stated: “‘Zion’s Watch Tower’ has, we believe, JEHOVAH for its backer, and while this is the case it will never beg nor petition men for support. When He who says: ‘All the gold and silver of the mountains are mine,’ fails to provide necessary funds, we will understand it to be time to suspend the publication.” (Hag. 2:7-9) Over 130 years later, The Watchtower and the organization that publishes it are still going strong! 8 Jehovah’s people do not beg for money. They do not pass collection plates or send out letters of solicitation. Neither do they use bingo, bazaars, or raffles to raise money. They hold to what the Watch Tower long ago said: “We have never considered it proper to solicit money for the Lord’s cause, after the common custom . . . It is our judgment that money raised by the various begging devices in the name of our Lord is offensive, unacceptable to him, and does not bring his blessing either upon the givers or the work accomplished.” [Footnote: The Watch Tower, August 1, 1899, page 201.]
  9. The back cover of Nov 2018 wt magazine has a full page asking "What gift can you give to Jehovah?" There are a few ways to give your "gift" and are explained. Using your web browser or jw library app, you can set up recurring donations. How is this not equivalent to passing the plate?
  10. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    In Galatians we read that in Ch 3 verse 29, those who belong to Christ are heirs according to promise. They are Abraham's descendants. So what about them? where do they belong? Heaven or Earth? Who belongs to Christ?
  11. When you come out with a statement clearly showing you can't understand why child abuse " is such a thorny matter.", it sets the tone of the remainder of your opinion.
  12. Here lies the problem of the matter. The people who don't see why it is an issue that children are abused. Thanks for telling us your position on the matter.
  13. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    who then is the meek?
  14. Shiwiii

    The Earth and the meek

    Sure could be. I would agree, and it wouldn't matter much if it were literal or figurative, it is still "new" Yes, we could. Again I would agree and it would matter not if it were literal or figurative. No problem here with me either. I do not think that it HAS to be new vs restored. What part I do take literal is the part of "New Jerusalem" coming down from Heaven. Just like you mention in 2 Corinthians. Which is also mentioned in Galatians 4:21-31. The account in Galatians is much more specific though as to whom is part of this "New Jerusalem" and the account in Revelation 21 ties in perfectly with our topic of discussion here.
  15. We are seeing more and more of this type of behavior both in and out of religious organizations. It is truly sad that there are people(animals) out there who prey upon children. What makes it even worse is those who turn a blind eye to it all. I'm sure some turn away because of fear, fear that they might be next or fear from their own past trauma. There are some who turn away based on what they are told they should do. I cannot see any reason why anyone would think that YHWH would approve of not seeking justice and prevention of this continuing. We are to govern our civilizations and from the top to the bottom we ALL are responsible to govern. We govern our own house first, it trickles upward to our schools then our community, state, country. What was done to those people who did this in the 1600's? (Yes, I am aware that marriage was done at a much younger age for women/girls back then.) If they were caught abusing children, most likely that was the last time they did that and probably the last time they did anything. I don't see it as wrong to eliminate these types of people, as well as those who allow this to happen over and over by not bringing it to light, from civilization, for obviously they are not civil.
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