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  1. So equating coming to Jesus to be blessed with baptism is how you justify this practice? Reread the scripture you quoted, it states NOTHING about baptizing. This is the classic example of where the wt has trained it's followers to use scripture out of context just as they do.
  2. lol, no offense ever taken over it. It is actually spelled with only one i at the end. I think somehow the forum made me add them. https://glosbe.com/zun/en/shiwi http://ashiwi-museum.org/
  3. I did. I have read not all of it but enough of it to formulate my opinion and make a good comment in good conscience. Tom, you have written with a passion and a poise from your true belief and heart. I cannot deny that fact. I commend you for the amount of what you put into words and can honestly say that it truly takes a writer to write as much as you have in this, and the other books you have written. You have given the reader a solid grasp of the topic you represent and that is something I struggle to see here in this forum at times. While I understand that everyone writes for different reasons, some want to provide facts while others want to present missed information and many more reasons. The only thing I can say about your book that is relevant to this topic on this forum, is that it is a opinion piece. There is nothing wrong with that, it just is what it is. I appreciate the fact that you let me read it, it gives me more understanding of who you are and where your thoughts reside. Thank you Tom.
  4. Tom, I read your introduction to you book. I'll reply tomorrow on it. I want to make a good statement, and have to think about it. Perhaps you can send me a digital copy and I'll read it and respond accordingly. Until then, I'll reply tomorrow.
  5. You know what is kinda funny Tom? Is that your sarcastic comments have underlying truth to it that you don't even know. It's almost like you do know, but can't say it frankly, so you have to resort to the sarcasm.
  6. I'm just curious about what people think when they hear that more kh's have been sold and folks sent to other kh's that had less people in it. This has come about with the recent announcement in Montreal of the dissolving of 16 cong's and closures of 3 kh's by April of this year. I think it is very interesting, mostly because this is the new trend. Selling of kh's as well as property in Brooklyn. What gets me thinking is the recent changes from the past few years. At one time the local people owned the kh's, took loans out and paid for everything mostly with local funds and labor. Then we had the provision that the wt would assume the loans and local cong's would just pay wt. This was an open-ended situation with no payoff date. Local cong's would just keep paying what they were prior and all would be good. Now, I am sure that there are plenty of situations that warrant wt's help in paying for the kh's, but all in all it looked like a nice steady income for wt. Now I am seeing the merge of cong's and kh's being sold. Who gets this money? oh well, we all know who......wt. Not the local cong who built it. To me this is interesting and something that I think will wake up a lot of folks as they look into it, but I'd like to hear some thoughts from the other side of the coin. Anyone care to answer?
  7. see, its eating at Tom. Truth is getting him to think about it and continue the exchange to try and save some face

  8. ok sure, answer this: Johnny boy is allowed to recycle his plastic, glass bottles and aluminum cans in the State of Arizona in California (in certain cities) Johnny boy is required to recycle his plastic, glass bottles and aluminum cans. Is this the same thing? Is the practice of recycling "fixed" in Arizona?
  9. I expect nothing less from those who defend the practices of wt/gb about CSA. on a good note though, truth has a way of planting a seed and It WILL grow, it will grow on their conscience in due time.
  10. Why do you dodge simple truth in order to divert the topic to something irrelevant for the sake of sarcasm when you could just answer straightforward?
  11. So why then does said practice have to be defined? Have they run out of material/spiritual food, kinda like tv shows sometimes? Is it going to be in the next wt that murder might be a disfellowshiping offence? They created more questions then the answer they gave. Silly really.
  12. regardless what I think about jws in general, there is a big difference from being allowed and requiring. Here, for your entertainment Tom: Johnny boy is allowed to recycle his plastic, glass bottles and aluminum cans in the State of Arizona in California (in certain cities) Johnny boy is required to recycle his plastic, glass bottles and aluminum cans. Is this the same thing? Is the practice of recycling "fixed" in Arizona?
  13. Hang on just a second Tom. Do you really think this is fixed? I mean, now it ALLOWS reporting without repercussion and not instructed to report. That is not quite the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see that they are now allowing it to be reported, but it isn't the fix.
  14. But it is their job right? They are trained professionals, right? Unlike any person called a wt elder.
  15. Sadly it has taken the secular courts in many countries to force this to happen. Not by the desire to protect, not the pleas of the victims, and not because of what is right, it is solely because of the loss of money.

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