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  1. see, its eating at Tom. Truth is getting him to think about it and continue the exchange to try and save some face

  2. John,

    The Faithful slave question, isn't a question at all,  as the whole story is a parable. It is not literal. It was snatched up by the gb to justify themselves. The jw's bought the story as if it were literal because of the way the material was presented and reiterated over and over to them. if you read the full chapter without pauses or breaks you'll see that it is a story/allegory/parable to have us act in a certain way, not to assign appointment over others. 

  3. you and I read the same things on the same boards. 


  4. I think it is very telling that there is almost no comments or rebuttals from jws on many of your posts. Keep up the good work and hopefully someone will start to research the facts.  

  5. instead of just down voting, why don't you contribute to these conversations? Its ok if you disagree, and its ok if you choose not to participate, but it makes no difference if you just down vote. it doesn't hurt anything and no one takes those seriously anyway.

  6. interesting you didn't respond, I just want you to know that I am not against you, but for you. I just want to give you information here and there that you can look up and make your own mind up about., Something you are not allowed to do under the wt thumb. 

  7. "Switched" equals new light? If something is true, then it should stay true. There is usually no scriptural support for a lot of things given by the WTS. There are no physical facts that fulfill the second coming, at least not yet. Interesting that the WT kept changing this but no one saw it. I mean this should be a major red flag to those who truly want to stick to the Bible. Didn't Jesus tell us that false Christs and false prophets would come and that they would say that Jesus would be out in the desert/wilderness or in the inner rooms? Does this not parallel the invisible proclamation of the WTS? If they said "He was in the wilderness" you could not see that from where they told you, like wise if "He is in the inner rooms", well again cannot be seen from where you were told.
  8. you are missing the point here. I have asked a question. please read it and answer. This is intended for Anke Adolphi.
  9. ask yourself this: Is Jesus a true God or a false God? Is Jesus a God like Moses or not? Is Jesus a God like Satan or not? Was Moses a real God? or like a god? Is Satan A real true God or not? What Is Jesus? A true God or not? If true then what do you make of Isaiah 43:10? According to WT belief John 1:1 , Jesus is a true God but not God Almighty. What then do you make of Isiah 43:10? NO OTHER GOD!
  10. I have a question then, If Jesus is another kind of God, then what do you make of Isaiah 43:10? "Before Me there was no God formed and there will be none after Me"

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