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  1. Oh yes, Indiana, I have and what i found was that Jesus ate with sinners and had compassion for ALL people. He even forgave the criminal who was on the cross next to Him, a criminal! Self professed criminal at that. Did Jesus avoid the adulteress? Nope. Hmmm, maybe we can look at what He said as well.....Matthew 7:1-2....or perhaps we can take a look at what Jesus did for another sinner at John 5:14? So why don't you tell me, Are the actions of shunning ANYONE on par with how Jesus treated others? but this was your implication when you said "On another note tonight I learned a lesson: before attending a wedding ask if they invited a disfellowshipped 🤭" With a smiley face at that. hogwash! EVERYONE attending the wedding would know that the grooms mother would be there, its his wedding.
  2. Does this statement mean anything to any of you/us? I'd like to hear your thoughts. I ran across it today and I wanted the opinion of this group. It reminds me of the scene in full metal jacket where private Joker refuses to reverse himself because he knows he will be beaten harder if he does. Have any of you made a mistake, or lied, and kept up with it even after you realized you were wrong?
  3. Bahahahahahaa See, I said you were funny. I'll help you out since common sense and logic escape you: One day you will come to realize the error in front of you that you cannot see at this time in your life, it will hurt your pride/ego/mind when you do realize it, but you will one day realize it. Why do you think everything is a personal attack against you? Is it because you are the one normally making such attacks and expect the same in return? Or is it because the wt told you that anyone who is not a jw will attack you? I forgot to add.....eeek, I'm scared.
  4. You're funny. I mean really. Didn't answer my question at all, just created more chatter to try and build yourself up. Oh BTK, one day you'll get it, it will hurt, but you'll get it.
  5. right! oh, wait......it is the wt who classified them as such.
  6. I wonder what that will do? Will the wt abide by the law? Will the wt appeal? Will Norway become a reproof only region?
  7. Why? Give me one good reason why one would NOT report it? I disagree. The law does not state that clergy is NOT allowed to report. That being said, if they report, they are not breaking the law. This is partially true, the clergy privilege is when something is confessed one on one, not in the group setting as in a judicial meeting. How would anyone else in the cong know if it was only confessed to the elders? They wouldn't, unless they were part of it This is why a private reproof is BS! again, you are thinking along the lines that secular authorities need to correct the wt, they will, just wait and see. Why is it that in the elders handbook that vandalism is reported immediately but child abuse is not? Does that seem right to you? I know it doesn't and that you don't think that way, but the wt does.
  8. I agree with you. Why can't the wt see this as well? Why does it take force to do the right thing? Why does it take secular laws to force the wt to be Christ-like?
  9. Court transcripts: In February 1994, Evelyn and Andrea reported Kendrick's July 1993 sexual abuse of Andrea to the Fremont Police Department ("Fremont Police") and to Child Protective Services---Conti-Watchtower_North_Freemont_Cong._appellate_brief.pdf $35 million in Montana Fessler settlement Conti Campos 16 cases handled by Love & Norris law firm and a pay out of over $13 million just to name a few and I am sure there will be plenty more to come. And again I ask: Did they (edlers/wt) act in a Christ like way in the way that they handled any of these cases? Of course you don't. It doesn't work that way. I am glad to hear you say these things. I think we all want this. if it helps others , I agree. I think some of what you said in this paragraph is a little extreme, but I get the gist of what you are saying. Restricting people shouldn't be the answer, reporting it to those who are trained to handle such cases is. I really want to know your opinion on this, Do YOU think it is right that elders are to contact the legal dept and not the police?
  10. It couldn't have been. Why you ask? because it would make "Jehovah" sad.......( It makes a huge difference as seen in the many many court cases going on right now against the wt. Lots of money is being taken from the wt because of their failure to report when they are aware of the abuse happening. Your prerogative, yes, however you've been trained not to because it would bring reproach on the name "Jehovah" aka. the wt. It didn't help Candice because the wt didn't warn the cong. Again, it is all because it would make "Jehovah" sad. She won, period. There is no law about letting the cong know, I get that, but I would hardly say that the elders were "protecting the flock". Let me ask you something: Did they (edlers/wt) act in a Christ like way in the way that they handled Kendrick and his potential to harm more children? Maybe, maybe not. But you know what she did get? Publicity! That right there opened the flood gates to give courage to others who were abused, to stand up and do something about it. it was the leak in the dam, and when the wt lost, others saw that it was possible to make the wt pay for their crimes! you can claim that she is a hater or a seeker of money, but that is what you have been told she is, but it doesn't make it so.
  11. No truer words spoken. It really isn't the rank and files fault either, they have been conditioned over the years to think that way by the way the publications are worded. If they say it subtly enough times, its bound to stick.
  12. You know it wasn't an elder who reported it, right ? Because it would have NEVER happened if it was left up to the elders to report. There in lies the crux of the problem and EXACTLY why Candice won. I do not feel that she was out for the money, but rather to stick it to the jw where it hurts them most.
  13. I get that, but to say that there is on one who can fire them, is not a true statement. I highly doubt that you throw your hat in with everything that they believe. Also, you did "fit in" Being a self professed cowboy, renegade, man of guns, you don't quite look the part with the suit and tie in those pictures you posted. I also doubt that you put that suit on each day regardless of whether or not you are headed to the kh. Just saying.
  14. I get it, it isn't real easy when that has been your whole life up to this point. The reality of it though is that it is quite that simple and easy. I'm sure you can relate if you put it in perspective. When you were a young child in school, I'm sure you noticed the different clic's, the group of rockers, the cowboys, the preppy kids, jocks etc. When figuring out your niche, you tried to fit into a group that you thought was "you", only to find out that it wasn't worth trying to please the group and become someone you just weren't. You left hat group and continued through life without much thought. You took with you some things you liked of the group and moved on and developed your own character. We all do it, have done it. This clic, the wt, is just like that. Take from it what you choose and drop the rest. You have the power and ability to control your own life, without excess baggage. Does this mean "leave Jehovah and make him sad" ? Quite the opposite, it means taking control of your own life and pressing into God with all of the knowledge you have gained thus far. I mean, the gb has already stated that they are not inspired and can very well screw up with what they force the rnf to accept. Why not allow the Bible alone to guide you WITH the knowledge you have taken from the clic? Unless you truly believe that by studying the Bible alone will lead you into darkness in a matter of months?
  15. I disagree. All of you who are a part of this org has that power. You just have to do it, fire them, stop giving them your mind and money. Then Poof, they no longer have that power over you.
  16. That's quite a stretch for Romans 6 to apply to smoking, don't you think? I mean who is obeying a cigarette? Again a quote taken out of context. If Obeying God means the removal of tobacco, then where does it stop? Is High fructose corn syrup going to keep you from obeying God? I mean it IS addicting as well. Are you showing love and respect for God if you are a stuntman? I mean you are breaking down your body physically with routine injury. Does the stuntman not love his neighbor because of his profession? Don't get me wrong here, smoking is not good for you, but all of the wt quotes are implying more to what is written than necessary to push their rules. put it this way: Will God condemn a man with a pure heart towards Him, one who strives to live according to Bible standards, because he smokes? The answer is your answer, and one in which you must live by. It is NOT buy the direction of men who sit in WT headquarters.
  17. oooh, please explain this blasphemy, is it against the gb or the wt as a whole?
  18. If it is rarely repeated and not talked about often, how then are they to know what to believe? The second point I guess about this question is, does the idea of a rapture only apply to the anointed? Is this why regular jws don't know that they are supposed to believe this? If yes is the answer to my above second question, then what is supposed to happen to the regular jw and his/her body once this "rapture" takes place? nothing?
  19. I don't understand, what doesn't? I mean a rapture where people will be taken up to heaven and not left here on Earth when Jesus comes back to take them.

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