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  1. Do you have a recording in Spanish? For my study who could not come... Thanks
  2. Not weak! I love the poetry. Just my style. Maybe I will post some of mine some time.
  3. Thanks for the note. I could go on and on and on, ... well, you know what I mean, about the questions I have about the past. But I am sure that they will just have to wait, as we will have much to do to prepare for our future in the paradise! We can do much now to get ready for that day. Thanks again!
  4. Exactly! The ankh was simply an ideogram that meant 'life' in Egyptian writing. It's like a ❤️️ - a universal ideogram for 'love.' It doesn't mean Hezekiah attached any idolatrous significance to it. Dear Sisters, At the risk of starting another firestorm, (which is not my intention), I would like to include some information about the crux ansata in this discussion. rs p. 89- p.93 Cross Definition: The device on which Jesus Christ was executed is referred to by most of Christendom as a cross. The expression is drawn from the Latin crux. Why do
  5. It may be, but like I said before, we will just have to ask King Hezekiah when he is resurrected, provided WE are resurrected. I did not mean to offend any one with my comments. I only wanted to suggest caution when referring to outside information. The website of the OP Video has links that deal with the occult and other god-dishonoring subjects. That was my main concern when I joined the discussion. So my final comment on this will be, “Let us pursue the things making for peace.”—ROM. 14:19.
  6. Hello Ann, I was not there, so I can't say what happened for sure. I guess we will have to wait for the resurrection and then we can ask King Hezekiah himself. Right? In the meantime, we can only rely on the information that the governing body has provided for us. I cut and pasted directly from JW ONLINE LIBRARY. I did highlight some of the pertinent information. W 10 7/15 pp. 12-15 "'Rabshakeh told Hezekiah’s representatives: “This is what the great king, the king of Assyria, has said: ‘What is this confidence in which you have trusted? . . . Look! you have put your
  7. Dear Ann, Please check out this info on JW.org. It appears that Hezekiah did not make an alliance with Egypt. If you can find something else that confirms he did, please post it here. Thanks
      Hello guest!
      Hello guest!
  8. Queen Esther, I have one question. Why would King Hezekiah have a pagan symbol like the ank on his official seal? He was so firm for true religion, tearing down pagan religious idols on several occasions. Also, we just learned from our midweek meeting that he did not form an alliance with Egypt. The information in the video may not be correct. Might want to be careful what is posted here as others might take it for fact, when it may not be. Just a suggestion.... *** it-1 p. 1103 Hezekiah *** Hezekiah set the example by crushing to pieces the copper serpent that Moses had made, beca
  9. Hello All, I was just wondering if anyone knows what the demographics of Jehovah's Witnesses nationwide and worldwide are? Not how many JW's there are compared to non JW's. We have that on the website. I was thinking more like what is the ratio of adults to teenagers/children. Here in our Circuit in Southern California, we see very few children and/or teenagers at our assemblies and conventions. It seems that the average age of most of the brothers and sisters that we see is between 50 and 70. Is that true in other places in the US or in the world? I would think that the GB has all this i
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