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  1. After Jesus was arrested, the following morning, the Jews were looking forward to the Passover still as shown in John 18:28. Jesus would not have broken Jewish law by having Passover a night early with his Disciples for then he would not be perfect but a law breaker. The Feast of Unleavened Bread was started so that is why they were having unleavened bread.
  2. All you quoted from WT was that it could be a day or two off, but why was it a month early? Just a straight answer will do. It was way off from Passover and what you showed was why Passover is on different times.
  3. So seeing that! Why was the Jehovah's Witness Memorial a whole month before the passover? The Memorial was always near Passover because he had Passover with the Apostles before he was taken away. So why was the Memorial not near Passover as usual?
  4. I do see what everyone means. Someone asked what I meant about Passover not changing. What I was meaning was that the Passover was to always come after the spring equinox. Things are supposed to be a certain way for it to be counted.You all sure gave me more information than anyone else and I thank you all for that. Peace to you all!
  5. This is fine. I understand that. Yet the why the memorial is a MONTH before Passover leaves out the point that Jesus spent his last meal with the Apostles at Passover. So regardless of when spring equinox falls on whose calender, the Passover meal WAS part of the meal Jesus had withe them. Passover HAS to be when the crops are green, etc. because of this being a lunar calendar they went by. No matter how the GB chooses to do it, Passover will ALWAYS be figured correct. The memorial WAS at the wrong time. Not at Nissan 14, But Adar. You said what I knew, but have NOT answered the WHY Adar 2 i
  6. I called Headquarters and they wouldn't say why it was in Adar, and not Nissan. I am aware of how they have counted the times for eons. As a witness, I studied it also. But EVERY sorce I went to showed it was at the incorrect time for the Memorial. I just want an answer! Not a refference to another place in the publications that proves again, that it was on the wrong date.
  7. Nissan 15 falls on April 22 this year. So why was the memorial a month early this year?

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      I added an answer to your question here:


  8. Nissan 15 falls on April 22 this year. So why was the memorial a month early this year?
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