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  1. Can you help me with my ministry ?

    Do you have a spare dollar or two?

    Please paypal to calvarystudy@gmail.com

    Currently i am desperate for a new toner cartridge to print Bible tracts for Christmas, but i cannot afford the $70 to get one.

    God bless.

  2. Thank you for following me. I am sure you are keen to keep an eye on me.

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    2. Jesus.defender


      So you are not in favor of the watchtower? Strange.

      Christianity is NOT a religion, though.

      I too hate red herrings.

    3. admin


      I try to stay neutral and allow for respectful debate.

      Notice I say TRY... because I really do not like personal attacks which religious debate often ends up in.


    4. Jesus.defender


      Oh, yes we all have emotions and can get carried away. 

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